Friday, December 26, 2008

Is it really over?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I was so tired when I went to bed Christmas Eve(at 11pm) after cooking all that food that I didnt get up on Christmas till noon!!! I was totally exhausted! But Christmas was great, we went to all the kids houses and my brothers and we came home as stuffed as little pork sausages! You remember I had 4 wrapped gifts from Larry...I was beside myself till I opened them! Just like a little kid!

One of them was a bottle of Curve Crush perfume....I love it.. and Larry likes it wonder he bought it! ; ))

This is a magic bullet...I have seen them advertise it on late night tv...I watch them use this thing and I am amazed. I was telling Larry about it..and what makes him so special is..that he remembered it! So I am anxious to see what I can do with this thing. I did take some fruit punch and ice tonight and made a smoothie!

Now these I really needed. Larry always helps me move furniture, and I do it often. We always had to borrow my sisterinlaws sliders. Now I have my own set! In case you have never used these, they really make moving furniture much easier.

When I opened this I could have cried. They are so beautiful. We were at the jewelers last week getting a prong on one of my rings repaired, we were looking at earrings......the next day he went back alone and got these for me. They are very sparkly diamonds. It doesnt really do them justice on here...they are really gorgeous. I wore them all day Christmas day.
So it was a wonderful Christmas.....exhausting, we ate too much, we laughed a lot , we spent too much..but hey! We had fun!! It was a blessed day , we were all here and that was truly a gift!


Akelamalu said...

How thoughtful is Larry taking on board all the things you said you would like for Christmas? And the earrings! What a keeper Larry is!

So good to read you had a great Christmas honey. xx

pure evyl said...

I'm glad to see that you had a great Christmas.

Dr.John said...

That is one special guy. He listens to you and then goes out of his way to make you happy.

Eel Wind said...

yup! we always got too tired on days before christmas because of the plannings. in the end, we didn't really enjoy christmas but ending up in washing dishes all day long...LOL

Remiman said...

Sounds like Larry is a keeper. ;-)

LauraJ said...

I'm almost sad it's over too. Almost. :) I'm happy you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Big Pissy said...

Larry really IS a special guy!

I think you two are both really lucky to have found each other.

and your Christmas sounds wonderful too! :)

eZ said...

hey, I have a Magic Bullet too!!
I love it, I bought it for my son's Thickenup, but it makes a great Margarita.
I love the earrings, you really must have been on the nice list this year!
take care