Monday, November 17, 2008

this and that

We have snowflakes today!! It makes me cold just to see them swirling about!

Mom came home after being over at my brothers for a few days. They take her every once in a while to give me a break. She was taking a bath over there and she fell, didnt hurt herself bad but she is sore today.

The above joke is just because I think its funny!

Anyone finished with Christmas shopping yet? I have a good start on mine....almost done! Last year I didnt buy a thing since I was recovering from open heart surgery. I love to buy for the little ones and then watch them open it.

I have a little joke to share...its kinda old but I love it. This guy went to the shrink b/c he had a saran wrap fetish. When he got in the shrinks office he pulled his trousers down and showed him he had underwear on fashioned out of saran wrap....the shrink said " I can clearly see your nuts! " just cracks me up....dont take much anymore!...
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Dr.John said...

Haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. But I'm thinking.
Sorry mom fell.

Eel Wind said...

haha, i wonder what's the new definition for 'calls' instead of something else!

Christmas..yeah...wonder if i still get any presents from my parents. hehe

Queenie said...

Whats with you and spherical object's today. Did alot of my shopping before I went in hospital, just hubbie & sons to get...

Remiman said...

If she just hold 'em and doesn't squeeze she can come for a visit. As long as she doesn't mind cavorting with nuts.

Christmas shopping? Darn it girl it's only November!

Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear your Mom had a fall Catch, I hope she recovers completely.

My Christmas shopping is DONE!!!

Loved the jokes honey. :)

Ginny said...

What is it with the nuts today?!! Cute jokes!

bettygram said...

Laughed at the jokes.
Hope mom is ok soon.
Christmas shopping I have been looking but not buying. I am waiting for the grandkids and parents list of things wanted.

eZ said...
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eZ said...

funny jokes,
some Christmas shopping done, watching the dollars.
I love the holidays!
Hope your mom does ok, glad to see you getting a break once in a while.
Don't forget about Wedgie free Wednesday!lmao
take it ez

Jill said...

Christmas shopping? Bah humbug! LOL I loved the jokes.