Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was looking at Akelas meme...and I thought of looking for some new ones....so I googled memes and got a few short ones that I thought were kind of cute. Your welcome to take any one or all of them....I just think memes are fun!

Those Summer Nights
1. What song will always remind you of this past summer? hmmmm...thats a toughie....Im not really sure I associate any song with this summer, but I always did when I was younger!!!
2. If you had unlimited cash where would you like to get away to spend your summer and what sort of things would you do there?I would like to buy one of those big glassy roomed beach houses. I would have all of my family there and we would lay on the beach all summer and at night we would have bonfires on the beach.
3. If you were stuck on a beach for the summer, how many days would it take you to get sick of swimming? Probably not many...lol...and of course whenever I do go away anywhere..Im only good for 4 days.....then Im ready to go home.
4. What materials would you use to construct a crude shelter? I would use bamboo from the bamboo tree...and pond froms......( is that what they are called?)
5. What random celebrity would you want to randomly show up there? Another toughie.....I dont know which I want to come more....Pearce Brosnon ( b/c he reminds me of my heart surgeon Dr Bailey, who was soooooo HOT!) or my all time bf Antonio Bandaras.....umm, I love his accent.....and of course I wouldnt throw Richard Gere out of the tent either! Maybe I could just pick one for everyday of the week?
6. Did you suffer any heat stroke or sunburns this summer? No if I am out in the heat I am usually in a pool! I did get some sunburn this year....
5.Are you looking forward to anything in the fall? I am looking forward to the crisp leaves, the cooler temps, the colors of the trees changing. the smell of Fall.......yes it has a good smell to it!

Random Joy

1. What colour is your shower curtain? dont have one...have glass doors
2. When swimming, if you really need to pee, how likely are you to just go where you are? Now that depends.....if I am in a lake..and I have to go real bad......I probably would pee in the water. If I am in a pool, no way! Dont ask me why...at least a pool would have lots of clorine in it, but I cant pee where my grandchildren are playing!!! And I havent been in a lake for years.
3. Have you ever tampered with someone's food? No I dont think so...except one time I was extremely pissed at my Ex and I was cooking pork chops and I dropped one on the floor so I was sure to put it on his plate!!!!! Honest!!!lol
4. Which of your friends would you consider to be the most stylish? hmmmm......I think Carol D. would be the one, shes short and cute and she always looks nice.
5. When was the last time you were on a plane? About 6 years ago, I flew to Florida for a 4th of July party at the Marriot. It was in Palm Beach and we had a blast.

Feeling Under the Weather

1. When was the last time you were sick? I had 3 surgeries last year!!!! LOL. I count that time that you have to lay around and recuperate as being sick. And believe me..I did plenty of that too! I thank the good Lord that all of the surgeries were successful.
2. Do you make an effort to try to avoid germs in places like public washrooms? Yes I do....I hate to even touch the door with my hands after I have washed them. I always have sanitary wipes with me. I always use them in a restaurant before eating.
3. What's the longest time you've been away from work/school due to illness? I would say a week.
4. What's your favourite comfort food for when you're not feeling well? I can remember when I was in school my Mom used to make us tea and toast if we were sick, didnt matter if I was 17 years old, she still made it...lol. My Grandmother used to bring me a German dish that she made, it had fried bacon, spinach and boiled potatoes cut up in it....I loved that when I was sick. It kinda resembled dog vomit, but it tasted so good. Now if Im sick and have to fix something myself....Id have to just have a coke if I was too sick to make something. But you know, even though Mom is 80 and I am 60, if I was sick, I know she would make me some toast!!!! ;))
5. Are there any foods that you can't eat anymore, due to past experience with food poisoning? One time I fixed one of those frozen pizzas and I must have been getting sick b/c I threw up and I couldnt eat a frozen pizza for years!!!! I rarely even eat them now.

Fall Time

1. Have you ever fallen for someone who turned out to be nothing like they seemed? Oh yes....lol..my Ex!! We went together all through high school andwe went to all the dances and he walked me to school and all that ....then he went to Viet Nam while I was finishing my senior year of high school. When he came home, we got married..I didnt have a chance to see how much he had changed. I always wonder if I would have married him anyway....I was so in love with him when we were young. When I could see how much he changed....I couldnt understand it. I was the same girl he had left behind..but he was no longer the same boy.
2. When was the last time you had an embarrassing fall? the only one I can think of is when I was going to tai bo class a few years ago...my gf stopped out front to pick me up and I went flying out of the house and fell on the sidewalk...my gf said she seen me coming off the porch and the next time she looked up I was gone!..lol..I was on the sidewalk with a knot on my leg that looked like I broke it! But I got in the car and we cracked up about it anyway!!! lol
And did you injure yourself? Yes, I really hurt my leg. But thankfully it wasnt broke
3. Do you enjoy the music of Fall Out Boy? never heard of him
4. For you,what is the best part of the fall season? , cool temps, trees changing colors.crisp leaves, bonfires
5. Have you ever had a falling out with someone over something that was completely insignificant? yes
6.If so,what was it over? I dont know. It was one of my very best friends....she lives in Michigan. Her and I were always close, everytime she came home we stayed up real late everynight and talked, we called each other every month. We were best friends all through high school. She had some major problems.....her husband was unfaithful, she developed breast cancer. When her husband was unfaithful. she came home and we talked
about it for hours...on what she was going to do ( she stayed with him) and I thought she was handling it pretty good considering. The when she was hit with the cancer not long after she didnt tell anyone, she just stopped communicating. She went through all that chemo and surgery by herself, she didnt call any of us. Her 2 sisters live here and I am very close to them, she now has nothing to do with any of us. It is the strangest thing....but I have accepted it. It hurt for a lot of years because we were so close...but now I figure its her choice. And her 2 sisters dont understand it any more than I do, but like me, they have accepted it to. She doesnt come home anymore. Its funny though, when I had my open heart surgery she was in town for a funeral, her older sisters husband had suddenly passed away. She came home for it for 1 day, but on her way out of town, her and her husband stopped to see me. They said they had heard that I had surgery and they wanted to see me. Since then..I have heard nothing from her! Neither have her sisters. Its very sad. I always thought we would be friends!

Last But Not Least

1. What would you choose as your last meal?
Well if it was my last meal I guess I wouldnt be worrying about cholestral or anything...lol. I would have a big porterhouse steak, medium rare with lots of A-1 sauce. I would have a tossed vegetable salad ( with no onions). I would have a baked potato loaded with butter ( and salt..what the heck, its my LAST meal!) I would have a dish of crisp buttered corn. And for desert I would have a piece of homeade apple pie with ice cream. And since it is my last meal.....after all of it...a cigarette!!!! LOL. By the way kids, its been a year October 19th since I have had a cigarette!!!!!
2. When was the last time you had a haircut? A couple months ago
3. How long do you think you would last in a horror movie? I love horrer movies!!! ( unless Im home by myself!)
4. Were you the kid who always got picked last? no actually I was not.I had lots of friends in high school and had a great time!
5. Where were you last night? right here, behaving myself! ;))


Remiman said...

Good for you being cig free X 1 year: YAHOO!
Also glad to here a Ohioian root for Palin. Remember to vote.
Love ya,

Queenie said...

I'm still licking my lips after that last meal, yummy.......
You put me to shame with your non-smoking, I'm so proud of you.

Akelamalu said...

I really enjoyed reading all that information about you Catch!

1 whole year without a cigarette?? Wahay well done you!:)

Dr.John said...

I enjoyed every one of them and may borrow a few for next Monday.

Big Pissy said...

Good for you on the no ciggies!

I know that's a tough one! :)