Saturday, September 27, 2008

better late than never......

I just remembered Akelamalu tagged me for a meme about what you have in your purse. So I took some pics of my purse and the junk in it. Im sorry I am so late with this Akela and there is nothing really interesting in my purse...but here goes..

my nail file, compact. tweezers, nail polish and pill pod. my checkbook, wallet and date book

my purse!

this is everything jumbled up..the curve perfume I use when Im in a hurry and in the car. I love the smell of it.
this is where I keep my reciepts and maybe an important message if I have
and this is my lone pack of spearmint gum and a few odd cents!

And that my good friends is how exciting my purse is! The bigger my purse it seems like the more I carry in it so Ive been buying smaller purses lately.


Akelamalu said...

I love your purse Catch!

An interesting array of contents. I've never heard of Curve perfume, is Curve the make or the scent?

Thanks for playing. x

eZ said...

I also like your purse, and I have never heard of Curve.
I carry tweezers too, seems like the wild ones only come out in the sunlight and the car. How did I get hair there?
If I showed you what was in my purse(bag) I would have to kill you-hehe

take it EZ

MarmiteToasty said...

Aint you doodles strange..... and purse here is what ya keep ya money you....... what you call a purse is what we proper people call a handbag LOL

I have so much rubbish in my handbag is unbelieveable, and all mostly kid related.... dam I need a life LOL


Dr.John said...

Somehow I lost sight of your blog.
Glad to see your still blogging.
Your purse is interesting but you need a bit more change.