Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello ! Hello ! Hello!

Beleieve it or not.... I have thought about you guys and missed you. I have just been extremely busy running around....tee hee. But!!! I am going to try to do better! I promise!

Is everybody ready for Spring? I am so looking forward to some nice weather. I need to get out and walk, walk, walk. I am happy to tell you all that I have not smoked since October 20. Yea!!! I go back to the cardiologist in May. I am feeling good.....I try to exercise...on nice days Larry and I walk 2 miles.
I am still dating Larry.....he is wonderful to me. On Valentines day I got a box of candy, a dozen roses and a diamond necklace!!! Isnt love grand? He and I have so much fun together.
So please let me know whats going on with you in the comments....and I will try to do better. What are you looking forward to this summer? Im looking forward to cooking out and swimming! And getting the coats and boots put away!


eZ said...

hey catch
thank God you are ok! Congrats on the no smoking, you go girl!!!
I cannot wait for cook outs and summer fun with family.
I am happy for you that you have a friend to share walks with.
Things are ok here, holding our own, more good days than bad, for that I am grateful
take care and keep in touch
are you at the same email?

Pendullum said...

I figured you were high on love...
and that is what kept you away...
and this thought made me happy indeed!
Though I missed you...

LauraJ said...

Hello Cat!! I missed you!! I'm happy to hear you are doing well and in love!! Diamonds?? You are way too spoiled!! :D
What am I up to?? Nothing much, making pretty eyes at MY neighbour! This whole fall in love with your neighbour thing you got going is rubbing off on me! :D

Akelamalu said...

Great to see you back Catch! Well done you on giving up smoking and I'm so happy for you and Larry. Hope the app with the cardiologist goes well. Roll on Spring! x

Bluepaintred said...

Oh its So good to see you again! I will admit that i worry, I think that it is the "mom" in me.

I'm am So ready for spring. right now it is like mother nature is teasing us with out temperatures, we are SO close to spring temperatures and then BAM - 10 and 15 again. The other day it actually had the nerve to SNOW!

Love is grand and I am excited that you get to experience it again! Tell Larry that the interwebs say hi!

Tug said...

LOVE the new picture! Congrats on you & Larry still going strong, I'm so happy for you! Diamond necklace? YAY Larry! Congrats also on the no smoking, that is just awesome, seriously.

Nothing new here...can't wait for spring, and working on getting a life maybe? The apartment across from me is one to flirt with. suckage. ;-)

Michelle said...

Glad to see you posting again! How nice to hear that you are still dating Larry - so happy for you! and kudos to you for still not smoking!! :)

Nea said...

It sounds as if you are doing great. So glad that you and Larry are having a good time together. It is nice to have companionship isn't it.

We are heading into spring, everything is in full bloom, we had a couple nights when frost threatened, but nothing froze, and it looks good for some time ahead now.

The kids are looking forward to getting out of school, all of my kids are expected to show up for ana's graduation so I will have a house full of people. But that will be fun.

good to see you again.

Remiman said...

Hi goodlookin'! Glad life has dealt you a hand full of aces this deal. No smoking...awsome girl (makes the sex better, not that I think you'd do anything like that. ;))
Although candy, DIAMONDS, and romantic walks hint at hanky panky.
Good to hear from you.
btw, D. has a T-shirt she bought in Nantucket that says: I married the man from Nantucket!
Just sayin' ;)
Come on Spring!!!!!!!
That's the season when love blooms isn't it?

Mimi said...

Glad you are back and okay. I was starting to wonder about you.

I was just fighting with all the damn coats on my coat rack so I am certainly looking forward to putting them back in the closet!

I am just looking forward to getting outside and doing the summer carnivals n stuff.

Nice to read your still dating Larry! A hot grandma like you could not stay single forever! ;-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Hi Catch! Welcome back, I figured you had things keeping you busy. Glad to hear things with Larry are going well!

Happy Spring!

Big Pissy said...

Hi, Catch!

I figured you were busy with Larry~good for you both! I think it's AWESOME and am so happy for you! :)

MarmiteToasty said...

((((Catch Larry)))) I LOVE Larry for bringing a huge smile to your face and for the fun and laugher and 'other things' he brings into your life.....

Does he have a single brother LMFAO


:P fuzzbox said...

It's good to see you back. I'm back as well. When I have more time, I will be back and catch up. Heheheh.