Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hello there....

Hey!! Remember me??? I dont blame you if you dont! I dont know why I havent been blogging lately....just cant get in the mood. Im going to try to do better.

Ashley and Gaige moved back in here with Mom and I. So we have been trying to get things rearranged. 4 generations under the same roof...lol. Gaige started school the 4th and he was so happy to go back to school! Ash is supposed to be looking for a bigger apartment...wonder how long that will take??? lol. I think she is enjoying it here with her Grandmother and I. What Ashley brought with her was her mother cat and 2 kitties! They are on the deck. They are precious. Last night Mom said she was going out to check on the kitties. I told her not to, it was dark and they were fine.....I was on the phone....pretty soon I heard a big thump...sure enough she (Mom) had fell!. I ran out on the deck and I couldnt even see her! I said " Where are you???" She said.."Under the swing"...lol...we both got to giggling and almost peed our pants. There she was laying underneath the swing....dont even ask me how she got under there! The important thing is she didnt hurt anything! We got quite a laugh out of it. It wouldnt have been too funny if she had did something to that wrist she just broke last Spring.

The weather is feeling Fallish and I am loving it! Its so nice to sit on the porch and there is actually a breeze! And all the halloween stuff in the stores! Not to mention all the Christmas stuff out already!

I have a few questions to ask everyone.....humor me ok? lol.

1. If you thought no one was looking...would you pick your nose?

2. If you discovered you were not in love with your mate anymore...would you stay or leave?

3. Do you smile...everyday?

Also I have decided to try to answer all comments so check back.....please.


Queenie said...

Yes to all three, but don't tell anyone about number one!!
So glad your mum didn't hurt herself, tell her to take more water with it...

Catch said...

Queenie....my lips are sealed! lol

teebopop said...

1. Sometimes it just HAS to be done. And if it can't wait until I am alone, I get a kleenex, apologize first, then take care of business.

2. I ask myself that question every single day.

3. Yes. But for all the wrong reasons.

eZ said...

good morning catch!
I wonder if your mom has ataxia(sp)
I am glad she wasn't hurt! I can just picture you guys out there laughin, you have such a great outlook on life.
For your questions
1. I do! just don't ask what I do with the pickens-haha
2. Not sure, I can't imagine not loving my oldfart.
3. heck yes, that is how I survive!
take care catch
and have a great day

buffalodickdy said...

Yes, to all three...

Tug said...

1. ewwww. no.
2. Leave - I did.
3. Yes!

Glad your mom is OK...enjoy your time with the kids!

LauraJ said...


i'm glad your mama is okay and how wonderful for some family time! you might change that tune in a month.

Akelamalu said...

My heart was in my mouth when you said you heard a thud - Mom's broke here wrist again I thought! Thank goodness we were both wrong.

Yes to all three questions but I'd hate anyone to see me do #1. :)

Catch said...

teebeboop ~ I prefer a kleenex too...lol. You laugh for all the wrong reasons?? Now I am curious.

EZ ~ Hey kid! I want to know what you do with the pickens!!! LoL. Im glad you laugh everyday...and Im glad you are in love with the Old Fart...you are very lucky!

buffalodickydy ~ welcome aboard...nice to have you!

Tug ~ Aw come on now Tug! You have never picked your nose???? You can tell us....we all have! lol

LauraJ ~ oh yes, Im sure my tune will change from day to day, but I am trying to tolerate this little house with 4 people in it and Ash is trying to not be a slob! lol

Akelamalu ~ Thats exactly what I thought....shes broke something again!!! Was so relieved that she hadnt.

Dave said...




Remiman said...

Ya gotta live life...blogging is only a part of it. I don't talk to my up-close-and-personnal friends every day, or every week for that matter.
Glad your mom is alright and that you have an opportunity to grandma-spoil Gaige.



Michelle said...

Nice to see a post from you again! LOL I'm sure it was a bit of adjustment to have 2 more moving in with you :)

Big Pissy said...

1. probably LOL
2. yes
3. yes! :)

glad your mom didn't get hurt!

Catch said...

Dave ~ nice to see 3 yes's there!

Rel ~ nice to see a big yes there!! Gaige is Grammys boy and I do so enjoy having him here!!

HI Michelle! Yes it is an adjustment....everyday is an adjustment..not only for me but for Mom. But we are doing ok...you do what you have to do for your kids.

Catch said...

Big Pissy ~ Im sure your smiling a lot more since Sweet Man is ok!!! Actually I smiled when I read your post about him I was so happy!

bazza27 said...

1. I'd pick my nose in front of an audience.
2. I left
3. Oh yes, there's so much to smile about.

Catch said...

bazaa ~ I am cracking up.....lol

~Deb said...

4 generations under one roof? Wow! You're fortunate!

I also seen the fall Halloweenish stuff being put out for display. I went to the grocery store and saw pumpkins! Next---we're going to see the holiday stuff plastered EVERYWHERE! That just reminds me of all the money I'm gonna be spending, the money I don't have...mind you! ;)

Enjoy your day- and......for your questions.

1. Hmm, I'd do it to humor people.

2. Can't lie to myself or her.

3. I try to...it's usually when I'm doing something wrong though. Does that count?

Dan said...

Welcome back you slacker!!

I pick my nose even when people are looking. If I no longer loved my mate ... I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. I smile almost constantly -- especially when I'm picking my nose.

Catch said...

Deb ~ I have already got a start on my Christmas shopping!! Now to keep track of it till Christmas!!! I always smile when I am doing something wrong...lol..for some reason its a good time to smile.

Dan ! You old nose picker you! Are you one of those guys at the red light who has his arm buried in his nose up to his elbow???? lol

Nea said...

Hi Catch, I had been checking with you every other day or so, and noticed you were taking a break, but I figured it was because school had started and you are watching Gaige and just didn't find the time.

I kind of enjoyed it when my son and his wife and baby moved back in......but they stayed three years, haha, it was okay, though.

I wondered when you said you Mom fell, if she got hurt, I was glad to read that she didn't, that is all she needed was to break a hip or something.

As to you questions...

I pick my nose if it needs picking, I come from a long line of nose pickers....

I moved back in with my husband because of the kids. Not to say that I don't love him in a way, but it isn't the way you need to love someone you feel passionite about, so we haven't shared a bed since Nick was five. He is now 12. That is along time to go without cuddling or sex. sigh

And what was that last question, oh, do I smile everyday, yes I do, even if it kills me......

tkkerouac said...

You could make a "sitcom" called "Fun at the Catch House"

Yes, I would pick my nose if no one was watching

If I wasn't in love with my significant other,
I would always be on a quest to find one I could love and be loved back

I try to smile everyday, because a day without laughter is a day wasted,
don't you think?

great post!

Cindy said...

Leave it to you! I'm glad your Mom didn't get hurt.

noelle said...

Catch! Glad to hear from you. I loved it when my daughter and grandson moved home for a while. Then I loved it when they moved back out! ;)


No. This is my 3rd marriage. i'm finally learning that love is a decision. I decide to love him and to re-commit sp? myself to him. I decide to move forward in life with him. I can't do another divorce.

Yes. Today, you helped me smile!

Christine said...

Happy Friday Catch!
I swore I left a comment.

I'm glad your mom is allright, that would scare the hell out of me.

To answer your questions, Yes to all 3.
With #1, and the kids, if you can't beat them join them. Lindsay is actually the only one who will run to get some tissue to blow her nose. The rest of them dig for gold.

Take care Catch!

Dr.John said...

I thought in light of your mother's fall that " the weather is feeling Fallish" was a pun. But I guess not.
THe questions. 1.I'm so old I pick my nose when they are looking.
2. Who would take care of my oxygen if I fell out of love?
3.Certainly doesn't everybody?

Mimi said...

Wow, you have a full house! As soon as you mentioned your mom checking on the cats and you telling her not too, I knew she was gonna fall! I am SO glad she was okay this time. I can picture you two laughing about to pee yourselves! That is the best kind of laughter!

1. I never pick my nose unless I have a tissue to do it with. I can't stand the feeling of my fingernails in there.

2. I would likely stay.

3. With Binker it is impossible not too!

:P fuzzbox said...

I smile pretty much all the time. Sometimes my smile is more deadly than my scowl.