Thursday, August 16, 2007

weekend approaching

The little girl has gone home with Mommy and Daddy and I am having a touch of empty nest syndrome! I had so much fun with her. Everynight at 8 pm I laid her down in her crib and she would sleep all through the night. And what an appetite, she eats like a little truck driver! I truly enjoyed having her. They had a good time at the beach but they missed the baby. When they first got here today she would have nothing to do with had bought her a swing and hooked it up on my deck and she was swinging away....and she didnt want to be disturbed. lol. Then when they tried to get her out of the swing she wanted They werent laughing, but I was....I told them, shes just mad b/c you left Eventually she came around.

Tonight I am going to work midnight just to get away! My best friend and I are staying at one of the ladies I take care of all night. We never get to talk or just chill together and since she works for Elva too ( the 96 yr old I take care of) we are both going tonight and having a pj party with Elva! She will stay up with us till 1:30 or 2:00 and we will order pizza and just gab. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening to me. I havent seen Elva for a couple months so it will be nice to spend some time with her. When Elva goes to bed Janice and I will go out on the porch and gab half the night.Then in the morning I am meeting another good friend for breakfast.

I hope you all have a fun weekend....hard to believe summer is almost over isnt it? It went by so quickly! As much as I look forward to Fall I hate to see summer end. Flip flops and shorts are so much easier to deal with than all the coats and boots.

For all of you who wonder what my Ex husband was thinking, I am still giggling about it. I cant imagine what in the world he is thinking! A couple of you asked me if I had any feelings about be perfectly honest, no I have no feelings about it other than I sincerely wish him well. Men are different than women. Not all men, but most men need someone, someone to kind of cater to them and someone to take care of them. ( Dont get upset with me guys.....I mean no harm) Women are different, we have always taken care of things so its nothing new to us. We tend to make a life with our families and children and friends. I enjoy the time with family and friends but I also enjoy solitude. They always say a woman is looking for a husband, but I do believe times have changed, women are much more independant today, they dont really need someone to look after them or support them. I dont feel less of a woman without a husband. I feel very free for the first time in many many years, I like making my own decisions and being responsible for me. I think if you ask most women if they would remarry if something happened to their husband most of them would say no. My Ex always talked about how lonely he was, but he really didnt do anything to make it better. I have never felt the lonliness ( sp) that he talks about, probably because I am a much more outgoing person than him, I tend to take friendships seriously and I think to have a friend you must also be a friend and there may be times you do have to put yourself out for someone else, just as you may have to put yourself out for your family once in a while. Anyone else have an opinion on this besides me?? Id love to hear it!

I will visit all your blogs this weekend. :))......take care.


Tug said...

Friendship is, most definitely, a two-way street. I've found that you give what you get for the most part...and I am truly blessed friend-wise. ;-)

Have a very nice weekend Chase!

Michelle said...

glad to hear you had a nice time with your grandbaby! I'm sure she enjoyed getting spoiled by grandma too :) Sounds like you have a fun evening planned and to top it all off with breakfast!

Christine said...

That is so cute, that your grandbaby wanted to stay with you. I remember one visit with my mom, Marissa cried for her grandma halfway home on an hour airplane flight.
How fun to get together with your friends for some FUN girl time.
I totally agree with you about friendship, one must be a friend, to make friends.

Have a great time Catch!

Ol' Lady said...

You sound just like Baby (15) and Ralphie (15) when they are talkin about sleep overs and what they do for 1/2 of the night...hope you have a blast with your sleep over.

Shelli said...

I have my little peanut with me and she is sick, so who better to take care of her than her grandma, right?

~Deb said...

Anytime my mother watches my niece for a few days or so, she gets depressed when she leaves to go home. It's kinda cute, because during my niece's stay, she constantly complains....and complains....and complains....until she leaves...then she gets depressed.

As far as men being different than women-------totally true. Testosterone and estrogen are two chemicals that are like day and night.

I hope you enjoy yourself this weekend!


Akelamalu said...

It's such fun having your grandbabies to stay, and of course they don't want to go home because we spoil them!

You are so right about friendship - true friends put themselves out and never expect anything in return.

Cindy said...

Wow- haven't been by in a while and you've changed your look again! Hope you have a great time with your "sleepover"!

Dr.John said...

Hope your sleep over went well. From what I've seen of life each person is unique. There are men that do fine alone and there are men who fold up. There are women who don't need men and woman who fold up. The age hasn't changed that.
What the age has done is let the strong woman have the freedom to live alone.

:P fuzzbox said...

One wonders what she is thinking.

Kat said...

I know I will never remarry if Pap and I either actually stay seperated or he passes. Its really hard to even fit him in now days between friends, family and the things I put off doing until the children had grown up.

Pixie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend planned!

Remiman said...

I wish our grand kids lived closer so that we could spoil them! I think it helps if a child can escape to grans house for a reprieve of their parents expectations.

I think friendship is truly the real fountain of youth.

Dave said...

Time with the grandchildren is a stay in paradise. They have a way of soothing our need to be part of the whole. They give us the opportunity to tap into unconditonal love once more. We become them as we watch them become us. As far a men wanting to be alone; it me over 40 years to realize that solitude is the only place to find yourself. Going inside is the only way outside. Most of the women I know, know this already and when you stop to go into yourself then you feel the things in this world.

bettygram said...

It is so nice to have the grandchildren visit.
Hope you have a fun sleepover.