Monday, July 02, 2007

this and that

I took my Mother to get her cast off and the pin out today...horayyyyyy! I have to do some physical therapy with her but all in all it seems like the wrist has healed well. Its hard to believe it was 8 weeks ago when she fell.

I have been awarded another award by my friend Akelamalu!! It is the Thinking Bloggers Award! Thank you very much for your kind words about my blog and I will do this one after the holidays. I need a little time to think on it. Choosing only 5 out of my blogroll is a tough job. But I will give it my best! It always makes you happy to know that someone appreciates your blog......thank you again Akelamalu!!!

Is everyone ready for the 4th of July? I felt like it was the 4th over the weekend with the fireworks. I guess summer is half over now....that sure went fast didnt it? Seems like I waited forever for it to get here and now its just flying by. Did you ever notice how fast time goes when you get a little older??? I mean, how can it actually go any faster???? It can't....but it sure feels like it. When your young you wait for Christmas, your birthday and special occasions that seem to take forever to get here. Now those birthdays just come one right after another!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer...its a great time to kick back in shorts and sandels and relax. I dont even notice the heat anymore. It truly has not been that hot here....last night as we were watching the fireworks I needed a jacket! Mornings and evenings have been cool and through out the day there seems to be a breeze stirring. I kinda like it that way.

My ex husband told me that our winter wasnt cold enough to kill off some of the bugs. So he says this summer we are going to have all sorts of bugs, ( he knows I hate bugs) I have not seen any evidence of this yet...have you? And I have not actually seen a snake for years...maybe b/c I live right in the middle of town...but I wonder....where are the snakes? Not that I want to see them......I just am curious as to where they are. I saw 2 deer laying dead on the side of the highway today....they dont seem to dispose of them anymore.....whats up with that? They just let them lay there and rot. And they stink! I just think it would be so much better if they disposed of them. It always makes me feel bad when I see them hit on the side of the road. They are just so big to be laying there. And you remember last year how I wiped the muffler system out of my car running over a dead one. The poor bugger was right in the middle of the road. There I was driving up the highway about 60 mph, drinking a coke, smoking a cigarette and listening to the radio and WHOMP...sure woke me up!

Im reading Dean Koontz's book " The Husband". I can hardly put it down it is so good. If you like Dean Koontz you'll love the book.

ok Kids.....good night!
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fatty said...

hooray for mom!!

i thought i saw on tv once where they actually have a crew that goes out and cleans up the dead animals on the road.. and well.. it's on tv so it has to be true right? besides.. i don't want to look at them on the road when i can just go to marmy's blog and see them up close and personal.. :o)~

Bluepaintred said...

i read the husband Saturday night and LOVED him. today i read the good guy.

have you read the Odd Thomas set? (three books) i read the first and the last but cant find the middle one, forever odd anywhere!

RUTH said...

Popped in from Akelamulas...congrats for your award!...having skimmed through your blog I can see why she nominated you. Have just finished The Husband myself!

Akelamalu said...

Great news about your Mom Catch. :)

You deserve the award, I look forward to seeing your choices too.

It's so effing wet here I've almost got trench foot!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

The Husband? I'll check it out!

bazza27 said...

Good news about your mum. Is something happening on July 4th?

Jill said...

Glad your mother is doing well. Congrats on your honor! It looks like the 4th here in Houston may be wet. It has been raining a lot lately. There is supposed to be "the nations's largest land based fireworks display" at a park here.They had to move it to another location due to the wet grounds. Montgomery Gentry (I'm not really familiar with them) will sing as well as some others. But it should be raining. Glad I'm not going- it's on tv. Have a good one!

~Deb said...

I heard that bees are missing----there seems to be a huge decrease in honey bees. It's been cooler than usual for July, and I have not had a problem with bees this year- because I always do. I think the cooler temps make for less bugs. I could be wrong though!

Hope your 4th goes great! :)

Tug said...

YAY for mom!! 102 here yesterday...we have hit 108. And I'm in COLORADO. I hate the heat. And yeah, bugs & snakes here, too. Do you have an extra room?? ;-)

Catch said...

Deb ~ I found the bees my backyard! lol

Tug ~ Comeon over..always room for one more. Wear a name tag so I will know your a guest and not just one of my

Dan said...

It's stupid that the 4th of July is in the middle of the damned work week. So I have to work Mon and Tue, then I have ONE day off, and then I go back Thu and Fri.

How silly is that? They should always celebrate Independence on a Friday.

Remiman said...

Hey there thinking blogger (well deserved I might add)glad your enjoying a great, if cool summer without snakes. If You want to see some I'll catch a couple and send them over to ya. They're good for rodent control you know.
Glad mom has healed up without too much complication.
I'm on call tonight so I'll miss the fireworks at home...the 4th is the big holiday in our town. I will make it home in the morning though for the parade and the field day, with the chicken bbq, hot sausage on a bun with oinions and peppers sauted lightly, a ice cold pepsi cola and maybe even a cotton candy. Then if it gets hot and sunny a dip in the river.
Have a great day Catch!

Shelli said...

In our state, they leave the dead deer at the side of the road, but they cover them with something that helps them decompose easier/prettier/less smelly.

No matter how you look at it, the summer is NOT half over. LOL I am going to do a post on this very topic I think because I hate when people say that. lol

Christine said...

I know what you mean, the kids have been out of school for 6 wks now. Their Summer Vacation is half over, and I don't know where the time went,it flew by so fast.

YAY for your mom's wrist and for your awards. I LOVE the way you think!! :)

Hey, My mom is in Dayton this week, how far is that from where you live??

Hope you have a fabulous 4th!

Kat said...

Time is just flying by. I'm hoping this cool start we've had for summer means that it will stay warm through October or November. I don't notice the heat, but I sure notice the cold.

MarmiteToasty said...

Wow Catch - 8 weeks, blimey thats flown, glad to hear mum is healing well....

*cough* we aint even started our summer yet and its halfway through, we have had the worst june and so far july on living record....... the ark is almost built in me garden........ maybe when schools close in 2 1/2 weeks it will be time to fly to the states ;)

Oh...... happy 4th of July..... aint ya glad we let ya win that one ;) xx


Michelle said...

I'm so glad your mom got her cast off - what a relief!

Happy 4th to you!

Yes I read The Husband and couldn't put it down either - great book!

noelle said...

glad to hear your mom is doing well!
I read The Husband last week. It was a good one. I can never put his books down, they're such a quick and fun read.
I am so sick of hearing fireworks till midnight! Huge loud explosions where you know someone's now missing a finger or two! Can't they all just go to bed and hush up now???? Bah humbug. ;)

Ol' Lady said...

I'm happy to hear that your mom's wrist has healed o.k.
Another award? If anyone deserves awards it is you for sure :)