Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thank You Akelamalu!

My good friend and fellow blogger has awarded me an awesome blogger award! It can be for male or female but since it has awesome DUDE blogger Im going to give credit to all the male bloggers in my life! So Rel, Doctor John Linna, Bazaa, Mr Fab, Dave, my boy Dan, and Fuzz ( wherever you may be), this one is for you guys!!! Please check them out on my sidebar, Im way to lazy to put the links in, but they are all awesome dude bloggers!!! Otherwise I wouldnt be reading them! Guys theres a big party after the Awards ceremony with food and drinks on me! In my book you all are top shelf!
Thank you again Akelamalu for the award!! You are a very special person! I am very greatful that you enjoy my blog so much!!! It makes me smile :)). Thank You


Akelamalu said...

You deserve it honey but you picked up the wrong one!

There's one with Dude crossed out for the girlies.

You can pay them both forward though - hope that makes sense. x

Mr. Fabulous said...

Sweet! Thank you darlin'!

Ol' Lady said...

congrats :)
you are awesome :)

Phils Phun said...

G'day from down under
Ihave been reading your blog for sometime and think its great
Isee by your profile that you are 59yo
Another great 48'er
Good to hear you are on the mend
Take care
Teddy Bear

Dave said...

Your blog is wonderful and I love to visit your space often. You honor me by mentioning my name in your post.

Thank you and Congratulations.

Remiman said...

Thanks for the award girl, your too kind.
I'll bring the wine!

bazza27 said...

Cheers Catch, top shelf eh, up there with Playboy and Hustler (not that I know what those magazines are of course!)

~Deb said...

Funny, meaningful, light-hearted, or serious- your blog rocks Catch!


Dr.John said...

Wow! I am honored to be part of your honor.

Big Pissy said...


Love your new header, btw! ;-)

Mimi said...

Ah, I remember when you just started blogging....and now you are always a winning blog awards. Congrats!

Kat said...

Congratulations Catch! That new header rocks and rolls, cute!