Friday, July 20, 2007

I am happy to say my inner ear infection is better! Today is probably the best I have felt since I got it last Sunday. Im hardly dizzy at all. Just every once in a while.

Last night I babysit while my son and his wife went to Jamboree, then Ashley and her boyfriend Zane went to Pittsburgh for the night so I had Gaige too. So there I was with 3 little kids all night! All 4 of us were in bed at 8 pm! I fixed them supper, took them outside for a little while, then off to bed we went. It wasnt even dark yet. They must have been tired because they went right to sleep. ( and so did I).

The latest on my girlfriend, Janice is that Ed is out of the hospital, but he is at his Mothers. Janice tried to have him committed and his people got really upset with her. SO she has not seen or talked to Ed since last week ( I think Thursday) and her credit cards are shut off and all of Eds mail is going to his Mothers. They want his new jeep, his rolex and the rest of his jewelry, but she wont give it to them. Ed is not able to come and get them himself ( he is recuperating from cancer surgery), his sister has threatened to come get them with the police. It is quite a mess. I just listen to her but am careful not to give any advice. I know you all think I should but she is an adult, and if this all blows up in her face. she will blame me. I just listen and keep my opinions to myself. I know Ed lied to her....but he has been very good to her. And Janice has lied about things before to Ed too. He bought her a very nice home when she had NOTHING. She ran up one of his credit cards to 5000 bucks ( unknown to him till he got the statement) and he forgave her. So there are 2 sides to every story. If I have learned anything in 59 years, I have learned to keep my mouth shut. I think they both need counceling(sp).

The weekend is here and the sun is shining! I am going back to my sons at 4 pm today to babysit again. They have their camper at the Jamboree so they spend the night in it, then they come home in the morning. Im going to make sloppy joes for supper, let the kids play a little outside, then we will be in bed again at 8 pm tonight. At least I am getting lots of rest!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! I hope to get caught up on my blogging over the weekend. I miss reading you guys blogs. Ill have to see what everyone has been up to. Take care...have a great weekend!


Dr.John said...

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a friend is just to listen.
I hope you keep getting plenty of rest. ear infections are not to be toyed with.

Tug said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Keep resting & taking care of yourself...and I agree with you & Dr. John - just listening is good. ;-)

MarmiteToasty said...

((((catch))) sorry I aint been around, just life shit :)....

A great friend is all about huge dumbo listening ears..... Ive learnt to not give advice but to just be there for maties...... and it sounds like both your maties needs to suss and sort out themselves before they go slagging the other off :)....... now if that aint ADVICE I dont know what is LOL

Sorry about your ear infection thingie......... Ive had this chest cold with huge snots for 2 months now, maybe time to get to the doctors now that I have no hearing in me left ear lol what? pardon? sorry I cant hear you :)...


Michelle said...

thank goodness you're feeling better - especially having 3 little ones to watch!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Inner ear infections are so strange the way they make you dizzy and all. Glad you are on the mend! Enjoy the weekend!

Cindy said...

That's quite an accomplishment- enjoying your grandkids and getting lots of rest...glad to hear you are feeling better.

tkkerouac said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend...sounds as if you have some drama friends, the ones that need councelling are sometimes the most interesting ones!

Dan said...

Catch, I just got back from vacation late yesterday. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been well, but I'm glad you're better. Hugs!

Big Pissy said...

wow! I've been missing out on some drama! *L*

Sorry you've been sick, but I'm so glad to hear you're doing better. :)

Ol' Lady said...

Nice to hear...that your feelin better :)
Just listening is the better thing to do.
Hope you had a good weekend.

eZ said...

glad your feelin better, you take care of yourself. As far a Janice-

When troubles come your soul to try,
You love the friend who just stands by.
Perhaps there's nothing she can do,
The thing is strictly up to you.
For there are troubles all your own,
And paths the soul must tread alone.
Times when love can't smooth the road,
Nor friendship lift the heavy load.
But just to feel you have a friend,
Who will stand by until the end.
Whose sympathy through all endures,
Whose warm hand clasp is always yours.
It helps somehow to pull you through,
Although there's nothing she can do.
And so with fervent heart we cry,
God Bless the friend who just stands by.
I love this poem, sorry for the long comment!

boneman said...

check for minear's diease. It runs along the same lines as an ear infection, only the effects get drastically worse over time.