Monday, May 14, 2007


No Show and Tell Today :((...I have been busy and forgot about it. On the upside Mom is doing great. She even went with my brother to his daughters for Mothers Day dinner yesterday. I was invited out for dinner by my daughter and my other brother invited me over to eat dinner, but I just wanted to stay home by myself! I cleaned around here and fixed myself a big porterhouse steak and watched a movie while I ate it.I am never alone anymore, with Mom living here and everyone dropping in so it was quite a treat to just be alone.,If it had just been warm enough to take a dip in the pool the day would have been perfect!

Moms arm is in a sling and she has pins in it. She broke it in 4 places. They gave her meds for pain so its not as bad as I was afraid it would be. The meds seem to control it. So she is doing better than I expected. I thank God for that. Thank all of you for your well wishes!

The weather has been great! The evenings have been a little chilly, but summer is on its way. We got the pool cleaned and just waiting for the water to heat up. I got some hanging baskets for Mothers Day gifts and they are beautiful. The yard is looking good!

What did you do for Mothers Day? Most people go out for dinner. I remember when going out for dinner was a special it seems like we do it once or twice a week. So it is no longer something special. I liked it better when it was something special. I am going to attempt to make Bananas Foster today. I had them in Youngstown a couple weeks ago at this resturant and they were delicious. So I looked up a recipe online. The only thing is they call for a little rum and all I have is vodka. I am thinking of using the vodka. I will let you know how they turned out! Have a great day!!!
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Russell said...

Glad that you enjoyed your mothers day.

I thought you already had hanging baskets?

Queenie said...

So pleased your mums doing well, she's a brave lady.
Mothering Sunday is in March here in the UK, glad you enjoyed yours.
Let me know how the Bananas Foster goes, rum, vodka, brandy, there all alcohol, so I'm sure it will be fine.

eZ said...

ahhhh.... alone in the house!
Enjoy Catch
have a great day

Bluepaintred said...

my mothers day was great. I woke up to fresh coffee, drawings from my kids and most important, a clean house.

when we went to bed saturday night the house was horrible, so i know the husband and the kids had put a lot of effort into making my dayd special.

It was SO nice.

Im glad you got some alone time, it is really important to have time to yourself, even though you love the people you are with, you have to love yourself just as much!

I am super glad your mom is feeling better, but ouch on the pins!

Tug said...

Glad to hear your Mom is doing all right, & you had a very nice Mother's Day!

Mine was fantastic - I cleaned & organized & built shelves...such a good feeling to have it done.

Michelle said...

I wish I could have spent a few hours alone yesterday LOL Joe made breakfast (as usual) and I went off to church then we didn't really do much of anything. He grilled out for dinner so that was nice. I don't usually like going out to dinner on "designated holidays" because the restaurants are too crowded!

fatty said...

glad to hear your mom is doing so well.. when i read that all i can do is say ouch!
and alone time is fantastic! i ask for that as a gift alot. :o)~

and i say.. take a bite of the banana then drink the vodka.. :o)~

Dr.John said...

Glad your mother is doing well. It was good too that another part of the family invited her out for Mother's Day. Good for you and for her. Now if it would only get warm enough to use that pool.

Lorna said...

I spent the day with my mom, my sister and brother and their spouses. It was the first time since Christmas that we were all together and it was great! I spend so much time alone, that it was great to spend the day with them all.
How did the Bananas Foster turn out?
:-) hugssssssssssssssssssss

Ol' Lady said...

finally gettin round to catch up...dam I'm funny.
nice to hear that your mother is doing o.k.
all nice

Shelli said...

Baking you can fudge a little on (no pun...), I think. Sounds like you had a nice peaceful day. Good for you!

Big Pissy said...

So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day and also glad to hear your Mom is doing so well!

How's Gidget?

Christine said...

Glad to hear your Mom is on the mend. Let me know when the Bananas Foster is ready, and I'll be over to help you taste test it.
Good for you, I know what you mean about wanting some peace and quiet. I'm glad you had yourself a really nice Mother's Day.

Carmen said...

Happy Mother's Day! I'm glad your mama is doing better!
I spent the day couch shopping for myself "from the dogs" for Mother's Day. I am a dog mom!

Nea said...

I had to go back several post Catch to find out what happened to your Mom.....WOW she really did a job on her wrist, didn't she. Did she get tangle up in the dog leash....I know that Lou just about pulled me down several times when I would take him for a walk, he would get tangled in my legs. And then take off, I had to be really careful, he would trip me, not on purpose, but it happens. The injury to her chin doesn't look so bad, but four breaks in her wrist, that is a lot breaks, she must have really come down hard. We don't mend as quickly when we are older...hope she isn't in to much discomfort....Thank goodness for pain pills, that musta really hurt.