Thursday, May 31, 2007

I got into some hot water yesterday over the image on my blog banner. Someone named Charlotte says its her picture. Well, I always knew it was someones picture! Most of them are. I liked it because it has a touch of pink in it and I think it gives my blog just the right amount of color. I certainly never meant to steal it though! Thank you Dr John, Pissy and Tug for defending me. I had never heard of Charlotte before yesterday, but Charlotte and I have got it all straightened out.

On to more important things. A boy from around here who graduated with my daughter had spent 2 years in prison after he graduated. If I am not mistaken I think he beat someone up very bad and thats why he was put in prison. He was just released about 6 months ago. Tonight he is back in jail. It seems he broke into someones garage to steal their ATV ( Isnt that an awful big thing to steal?) He also stole a chain saw. The people had a beagle puppy in the was on a chain, they had a nice little area for showed it on the news tonight. This boy went into that garage and beat that little beagle to death with a pipe! The dog was no threat to him, it was a puppy and it was on a chain! Then his 17 year old girlfriend, who was with him, went to school and bragged about beating the puppy to death. They are both in the pokey. I can not handle what they did to that puppy! What the hell is wrong with these kids????? I seriously believe if you can do that to an innocent can do it to a person. I have just been sick about this all day. To think of the pain they inflicted on that puppy! I hope he goes back to prison for 50 more years. He is not fit to be on the outside. And what kind of a girl would watch her boyfriend beat a puppy?

Sometimes when I watch the news, I wish I hadnt. Some of the things you hear on there just make you sick. These things never happened when I was a kid. People werent so mean spirited as they are now. Maybe a few were, but its local anymore. And I live in a small town. I can imagine what its like in a bigger city.

We are getting the pool ready....but the water is cloudy! I have been in it twice and keep treating it but ....I dont know that much about it. My pool boy ( my son) is coming tomorrow to work on it. He will get it all crystal clear! All I know how to do is pour the shock in it...and it doesnt seem to be helping. Gaige and Zack are amazed that the water only comes up to their shoulders this year! Last year they could barely touch. We had the baby in it, she has a crab to float around She is not real impressed yet. We are having some real warm weather. I love it! No complaining about the heat from me. ( At least not yet!


Blogarita said...

You know how I feel about some dogs lately, but there was absolutely no reason for them to do that to the puppy. And yes, I think it's been documented that animal abuse and human abuse often go hand in hand.

I almost never watch the news anymore, for exactly the reason you stated. I'm better off not having so much negativity in my life.

~Deb said...

Hmm, I'd be honored if someone took one of my photos, but people are weird about copyrights and stuff. I never understood it myself. Ah well, not like you're making this HUGE profit off it or something. Strange, right?

Oh, ATV's being stolen? My friend from high school stole my 4 wheeler motorcycle where I had it parked in my garage. Now I was stupid, because I left the garage door open and the KEY in it, thinking, "Who would steal such a big thing???" This kid is someone I grew up with, who unfortunately had developed a drug problem. He literally rolled it out of the garage, in neutral and cruised it down the road. The stupid part was, he left his piece of crap dirt bike behind. Umm, sort of obvious!!!

Hope you're doing great!

Pendullum said...

That is just plain sad... How can you die inside and not feel anything... He beat a puppy to death... and t will escalate... He is in prison now... But will not get much time for this brutality...

Bluepaintred said...

that is disgusting. that poor pup. IMP the girlfriend should be held at much fault for watching and doing nothing as the man who beat the dog.

he needs to be locked away and the key thrown away!

if they let him out he will move on to people next.

fatty said...

i hate the news for exactly the same reason... so sad :o(

however! you have some amazing things to watch.. what with gaige and zack growing out of the water!
my kids are amazed that their fingernails miraculously seem to grow when they are in the pool.

Queenie said...

Here in the UK, we have had rain for over a week. Please can I come and swim in your warm pool, also please can I beat that boy with a pipe, please let me!!!
50yrs isn't long enough, the thought of what he did makes me feel sick.
I really thought the photo was you Catch, suits you anyway and whats a bit of pink between friends..

Charlie said...

Just to set the record straight once and for all (as I cant bear people thinking badly of me!) I am indeed flattered that my pic has been used (was one in a series) I just didnt understand there were other sites out there that post your blogs/pics etc so couldnt understand how it had got 'here' without me knowing! As Catch said, all straightened out.But just wanted to clear up for everyone else thinking i might be a primadonna! When you get to my age, i'll take al lthe flattery i can get ;) And as for the news..Ive been in antigua where they've stoned puppies to death. The world holds some awful people.

tkkerouac said...

Glad you and Charlie straightened that one out.
You are both great ladies.
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.
I think once we get noticed on google, our pictures are out there and not much we can do about it.

eZ said...

hey catch- am glad you and charlie are ok, you are such a sweetheart who could not love you.
It is a cruel sick world, with crime up, cops doing their part, but the judges and lawyers wheel and deal, for less. We should not have plea bargains, if you kill someone it is murder, no crying mental illness."I drown my children, but I was sick-give me a bleepin break. Drop the beach in the dunk tank and be done with it.
Have a good weekend in the pool!
hey....I have to do the word verifications at least twice every time-maybe it's time to get the eyes checked-ha

Lori said...

I was looking at pools the other day and I thought about you and was wondering if you had yours ready yet.

Christine said...

I was just talking to someone the other day about how desensitized (sp?) how unfeeling or uncaring, people (kids) are now adays.
That just makes me sick to think anyone could be so cruel.

LOL! I can just picture the baby sitting on her crabby floatie!I bet she looks adorable on it, or in it. :)
Have a great night Catch!

Tug said...

Glad also that things are worked out. NICE PIC Charlie!! ;-) love it.

The puppy story? OH SO very's times like this I totally believe in "an eye for an eye"...poor puppy.

I only watch the news for the weather in the morning, just in case it's changed from what my computer said the night before. TOO depressing.

Ol' Lady said...

if the rules every change...and we are allowed to do the same to the one that abused the animal then I think there might be less animal abuse...hell it might work for people abuse

Nea said...

Oh how terribly upsetting. I used to have a little beagle, they are such sweet dogs. i can't imagine anyone being cruel to any animal......but to beat a dog to death. That is one sick boy, and the girl must be just as bad. My kids love animals so much, nick cried and cried when his hamster died, and people said, doesn't it bother you that he can get so upset over JUST a hamster. My answer, NO it would upset me more if he wasn't.

You are right, the news offers little in the way of happiness. I do not listen to it at all anymore. I have stress related health issues and if I watch it I go to bed and can't sleep. If everyone was like me, the news stations would have to go off the air. And maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Remiman said...

Your post proves two very important points>
Communication between people usually is a good thing!
There are truly evil people among us.

I so wanted that pic to be of you. ;-)
On the other hand maybe yours would be great too!!!!
Have a great weekend pooling.
The river temp is 45 degrees F. Brrrrr.

Akelamalu said...

It's so easy to pick up photos etc without even thinking about it, glad you got it sorted.

I have to say violence seems to be the norm these days and I know it's a well used cliche but violence on television and in films doesn't help matters.

I want to come and live with you in the sun and swim in your pool. Pretty Please. xxxxxxxxx

Kat said...

They say that all serial killers start by killing animals. I hope that kid sits in jail as Bubba's favorite toy for many years too. I'm loving this weather too, even without a pool!

MarmiteToasty said...

You nick my picture and I will beat you to death with a pipe...... shit, better not of said that incase that happens and Im held responsible for it lol

Yep sick sick muvvers..... its like people that hit old people when robbing their homes, I mean, just lock them in the cellar or the loo........

Just give me 5 minutes in a room with them, well me and queenie would sort em out........


Dr.John said...

I have to tell you people haven't gotten worse. What has changed is the reporting. Yearts ago we didn't have an instant report on every cruel evil thing that the press can discover. But I know in Crystal Falls that years ago a number of lumber jacks died along the railroad tracks with their head crushed on payday. People were some times arrested for beating a horse. They ignored what you did to your own animals. It was not better . It was just hidden.

:P fuzzbox said...

Maybe the douchebag will be locked up with a 7' tall animal lover and have the shit beat out of him.