Thursday, May 10, 2007

DR John and Bazaa did this meme and I thought it was so I tried it just put your name in as...YOUR NAME and needs, example- Sharon needs..then google it, and see what you get! Very funny. Here are the other words you google after,likes,wants,gets,says,does, and eats.
I used Sharon ( my name) because I didnt think Catch would work well.

Sharon NEEDS to be told to stop shooting and start talking! ( This I just dont get...I have never started shooting and I have never stopped talking! Although I did have a great idea when I got mugged and he stole my purse. If I had had a 357 in there and pulled it out and pointed it at him I bet that sucker would have let go of my purse.I would have loved to have been able to say..." Make my day". I seriously think it would cut down on purse snatchings.)

America must see that Sharon IS the problem! (Comeon....give me a break! I am the problem??? I dont think so...I may be part of the solution but I am not the problem, I have a lot of good ideas for this hear me ??????)
Good idea #1...stop paying politicians so much money
#2 more paying for body guards( Unless your the president),if you need one pay for it yourself. illegal aliens will collect welfare or social security in this country unless they have earned it like the rest of us.

#4...You cant speak English? You must not belong here. Out you go. If you are gonna stay you better learn it!

#5...If you want to redicule our country, you will be out of here on a plane the same day the words come out
of your mouth. You dont get to redicule us AND live here to.

#6..No more directions in any other language but the one we speak...English.
#7..There will be Prayer in all schools starting tomorrow. If there is ever a time this country needs prayer its now. You dont want to hear it? Plug your ears....I want to hear it!

Sharon LIKES to read,and listen to music.( well yes I do...I also like to drink and tell dirty jokes on occasion)

Sharon WANTS U.S. action against Syria. ( I do? All I know is I want our troops to come home....NOW)

Kathleen Christison: What Sharon wants, Sharon GETS. ( all righty now!! I like this one real well...and Kathleen have I got a list for you! I am assuming you are buying!)

Sharon SAYS barrier will stay despite Bush plea.( thats right Mr Bush...I know you are a married man and you can beg me to go out with you till the cows come home...the answer is NO)

According to the Miami Herald Everything Sharon DOES is good. ( Finally...some recognition! I dont know how the Miami Herald got wind of it, but hey...Im not looking a gift horse in the mouth!)

Naked Sharon EATS babies. ( Now this one is just a big lie.....I would never eat a baby! I would eat a baby ruth...or some sugar babies...I might even eat one of them naked...that way the chocolate wont stain my clothes.)

This was a fun meme.....try it!!!


Miss 1999 said...

I am CRACKING UP!!! *LOL* Those are great!!! I've so gotta go do this! *hugs*

Shelli said...

I am totally doing this one. I love it. That was hilarious.

bazza27 said...

How easily amused we all are!

Akelamalu said...

Funneeeee! :)

tkkerouac said...

This should be fun, Lets see if it works!

~Deb said...

OMG you're going to force me to do this, aren't you? hahaa! This was hysterical!


~Deb said...

P.S. Can you imagine what it will say regardine, "Debbie Does"?

Does Dallas come to mind?

~Deb said...

Okay, I HAD to....

Debbie wants to go far away far away from home, no rules to break Debbie wants to know how the angels fly.

Debbie needs a break. UN—HUH!!!!

Debbie loves Bike Boulevards! HUH?

Debbie eats raw organic fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, and seeds. HELL NO! GIVE ME A STEAK AND A BEER!

Debbie Gets Juicy is not a greasy cream, but a crisp and clean super lubricant gel, with the libido enhancing extract Maca. HMMMMMMM.

Debbie hates dusts over Dickie's shirt. I HAVE NO CLUE!

Debbie confessed that she didn’t condone or supply alcohol, but she felt she did the right thing by checking on the kids every hour. HMM SOUNDS LIKE ME THOUGH, HUH?

Queenie said...

Well 'Clint', how do you fancy coming here and running for priminister??

Queenie said...

Me again, forgot to say you have my vote

Kayla said...

I would definitely eat chocolate and sugar babies naked!
Cute meme

Michelle said...

It is pretty funny! I did this one someone's blog last month - but it was all "needs" not the other words you also have, will have to try those too. These were my first 10 for "Michelle needs to..."
1. just shut up
2. come out and be our studio manager
3. come over to my house, make me some tacos & burritos, fetch me a beer and
4. move on with someone else since Tony’s no longer around
5. do everything better than everyone else
6. look for ways to increase her income
7. Formulate a plan for making more money
8. take photography and graphics classes to decide if
9. exercise her right to shut the **** up
10. get the 2004 candidate names to Jeff so that the election may proceed

fatty said...

those are great! i love it...

Big Pissy said...

Naked Sharon EATS babies?!?!?


eZ said...

hey catch- I like the way you think,I agree with all 7 of your "good ideas", I think eating anything naked is erotic. There is a book titled "Eating Naked"-that just makes this old fartette giggle
take care

Christine said...

Amen to the praying in schools and bringing our boys home.

I haven't done this one yet, but reading yours I couldn't stop laughing. I'll have to do this.

Have a fantastic weekend and Happy Mother's Day, both to you, your mom, and your daughter.

Bluepaintred said...

gah! my blogline feeds fo you arent working!

hope you are having a great weekend!

Mimi said...

That is a fun one! I got that in a myspace post. Maybe I will do it on my blog. have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

geez, not having made the "neighborhood rounds" these last few days, I've missed a lot! I agree with your "if you're gonna be here..." speech 100%. So glad to hear you got Gidget back, too. And your poor Mom! She looks like a good sport about it all, though. Hope she heals up fast!