Monday, April 30, 2007


I love shoes..........this is my collection of little shoes. I especially like the pink mules with the fur!

See the black boots in the back with the red??? Those are my favorites too.

These are a little bigger than the other ones......they are little girl shoes. Arent they precious?

These are 2 of my favorites too........( the women) I keep them in this curio because I dont want them to get broken. As you can see they are jammed in here with many other things that mean something to me.

And no, we have not found Gidget yet. Someone, somewhere has her, and if I just knew it was someone who would love her and take good care of her I would feel so much better. If she comes back I will let you guys know right away, and thanks for all your good wishes.
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Sandy G. said...

I love your shoe collection. Sorry Gidget hasn't come back yet.

The food situation is really scary. I hope something gets figured out soon. It's starting to feel like Russian Roulette every time you eat something.

~Sandy G.

Dave said...

AH!!! a shoe collection. That gives us a little more insight into your personality.

Thanks for the peek

Queenie said...

I so love shoes, great collection.
The boots are to die for,love em. All your bits and bobs say so much about you.

LauraJ said...

Godspeed little Gidget!!
Bless you Catch! Keep the faith.

Big Pissy said...

Poor little Gidget!

I too hope someone, somewhere has her and is giving her a good home....

Ol' Lady said...

wow! what a neat you ever wear any of them?
the black boots with the red are awesome...they are 'hot' lookin!
over here in hill billie land we would call them 'come fuck me boots' I think they are so cool if I owned them I would wear them!

fatty said...

the boots are my favorite too..
i'm a recovering shoe addict myself.. :o)
and the ladies are beautiful!

so sorry about gidget. the not knowing is the hardest isn't it? you and gidget are in my thoughts!

Remiman said...

I have 3 pair of shoes.

Hope Gidget is safe and happy!

Akelamalu said...

Oooh I love shoes too. I love those black ones with the red insole. I'm just wondering if I will ever be able to wear heels again?! :(

Hope Gidget comes back soon, safe and well. ((hug))

Shelli said...

Are they miniatures? It's hard to tell from the picture if they are real size or miniatures.

Christine said...

What fun shoes. The black and red ones are really cool.

I hope Gidget comes back soon!

Anthony said...

A wonderful visit to an interesting blog on a beautiful day. This, I think, is what blogging is supposed to be about. :o)

I think I've found the inspiration to do a post of my own. It's much easier when you've had good company in the blogosphere.

Have a great week...

eZ said...

cool shoes, I like the little women, and I love that lamp from last time!!

Carmen said...

I love those shoes, I used to work for Hallmark & sold them. I actually have a limited edition here they gave all the store managers if you want it. My favorite was always the pink fuzzy mule -and you have it! The ballet slipper she makes is cute too, it stands upright like a foot is in it!

I'm praying for Gidget!!!