Thursday, April 05, 2007

Been a couch potato

Look at this poor little guy......hiding his face and wondering how he is going to be delivering all those Easter baskets in this cold weather and snow! Tuesday we had windows open, beautiful sunshine and this morning we had snow and cold! Hope it doesnt last long.

I havent felt real good the past couple days so I have been staying in my jammies, watching tv, and napping on the couch. Maybe its just the weather.

My brother and I went to the Mall and I bought a new lawnmower. It sat in the livingroom for 2 days, then I finally moved it to the deck. The backyard needs cut, my neighbor does the front yard when he does his but I have a privacy fence around the back with the gates locked so I do the back.

Everyone getting ready for Easter? I have to buy groceries yet, I just keep putting it off. I dont know what I am having for Easter dinner but I am not having ham, we just had it last week. I usually have an Easter egg hunt in the backyard for the little ones. ( weather permitting). Zack( my 3 yr old grandson), who was enjoying the lovely weather and riding his bike on Tuesday somehow fell off his bike and broke his ankle! Now he has a cast from his knee down! So Grammy had to go visit him with a big bag of popsicles and a box of Twinkies.

Anyone have any Easter plans?
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Big Pissy said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling sick :(

and snow? Crazy!

Hope y'all get to have an outdoor egg hunt. :)

We're leaving for Atlanta in the morning to spend Easter with my daughters. :)

Bluepaintred said...

man thats one of my big fears with my boys is broken limbs.

it sucks that you are not feeling well, but you need to stop by my blog. if you do it soon, the post for you is at the top, its called I thought and now I have a headache.

if you do it in the next few days you will ahve to scroll down

pee ess: have a turkey. or pizza.. or hot dogs, it doesnt matter whats ont he table, it just matters who is around it!

Remiman said...

That bunny is so adorable. Tortunately he wears snowshoes. ;-0 He's seen snow on Easter before.
I'm glad you're takeing care of yourself with plenty of rest and fluids!

Hope you feel well soon.
Popsicles and twinkies! Yup, that's just the right thing for a broken arm.

D. leaves today with 2 girl friends for two weeks in Spain, so I think I'll have a pb&jelly sandwhich for Easter dinner.

Akelamalu said...

What an adorable bunny!

Snow? We have had snow in June here but thankfully not today.

~Deb said...

Awe, I hope you feel better and sorry about your grandson breaking his little ankle! But, hopefully you'll have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones!

Wait---you had your new lawnmower in the house? *scratches head* :)


Dr.John said...

The whole family is coming minus three grandsons whho will be with their mother. We will go out to eat because we are such an odd family wityh so many food dislikes. They are impossible to cook for.Sorry about the broken ankle. Maybee nice weather isn't such a good thing.

Tug said...

Poor he loving the attention from the cast?

I'm heading out today (sleet & ice & ick) to see the kids...we'll probably have the Egg hunt indoors.

Enjoy your family!!

ginny said...

My family is having dinner at my mothers. 16 kids; ages 4 to 17. We will have an Easter Egg hunt compliments of my brother. I think all these "kids" will be hunting eggs until they are 25 if he has anything to do with it!

Gingers Mom said...

Normal plans for Easter. Church and a family dinner. Mmmm...
What a sad thing, a 3 year old with a broken ankle. Poor baby!!

Carmen said...

I hear ya on the snow thing! I was out woring in my yard in almost 80 degrees 3 days ago & now there a few inches on the ground! I live a few miles from Jacobs field, and I cannot imagine all those people going to the home opener today! Tooooo cold!

Poor little guy! I hope he milks it for all it's worth!!!

Christine said...

Oh no! That's NO fun, a broken ankle. But Grammy's there to make it better! :)
We went to a Good Friday play at my Mom's church yesterday, and we'll have brunch at my SIL's on Sunday, and do an Easter Egg Hunt.

Lori's Minute said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well....hope you have a nice weekend.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson's broken ankle! Ouch! Hope he's doing ok! and I hope you're not coming down with anything!

We're getting together with 3 other families for Easter. Should be a chaotic and crazy time LOL!
Happy Easter!

Orhan Kahn said...

That picture is so cute!

Ol' Lady said...

hope your little grandson is feeling better...that's the hard way to get extra popsicles and twinkies.