Thursday, March 15, 2007

This was in our newspaper today. It was written by Beth Norman Harris. After I had a good cry I thought I would share it with you and you could have one I had already given my dogs ( both of them) baths today. After I read this I felt like loading them into the car and taking them to the Dairy Queen for ice cream. I know there are a lot of animals that dont get proper care and enough to eat. It breaks my heart. Please if you have an animal that is outside in the extreme cold, bring them them some love, treat them as you would treat a good friend, because they are the best kind of friend you will ever have.

A Dogs Plea
Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart
in all the world is more greatful for kindness
than the loving heart of me.
Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I might
lick your hand between blows,
your patience and understanding will more
quickly teach me the things
you would have me learn.
Speak to me often, for your voice
is the worlds sweetest music, as you
must know by the fierce wagging
of my tail when the sound
of your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.
Please take me inside when its cold
and wet, for I am a domesticated
animal, no longer accustomed to the
elements. I ask no greater glory
than the privilege of sitting at your
feet beside the hearth.
Keep my pan filled with fresh
water, for I cannot tell you when
I suffer thirst.
Feed me clean food that I
might stay well, to romp and play
and do your bidding, to walk by your side
and stand ready, willing and able
to protect you with my life,
should your life be in danger.
And, my friend, when I am very old,
and I no longer enjoy good health,
hearing and sight, do not make heroic efforts
to keep me going.
I am not having any fun.
Please see that my trusting life
is taken gently.
I shall leave this earth
knowing with the last breath
I draw that my fate was always
safest in your hands.


jan said...

I love this. I'm sure my dogs would have many more requests than this, but my dogs are somewhat spoiled. But very good dogs, nevertheless.

Bluepaintred said...

while i do not have a dog, we do have a cat. i live her as if she was my child as well.

mistreating animals falls under the same catagory as mistreating babies and children in my opinion.

loveing the new bubbly template. pixi is a talented woman!

Cindy said...

ooohhh- I love your new look! It looks like Spring has sprung- all over your blog!!

Dr.John said...

I read the poem and now I wish I had a dog.

Remiman said...

To abuse a pet, or any animal, is to turn your back on the concept of love.

Catch said...

hi guys

this template is not new...Pixie made it for me last year. But it is nice and Springy looking , huh? Dr John...I am going to work tonight midnight on the same job where I got my last dog.....who knows...there may be another one running around.;))

Catch said...

Oh Rel...very well said...I do so agree!

Ol' Lady said...

perky spring really suits you :)
I couldn't imagine life without my dogs...
I think if someone abuses an animal then that person or persons should endure the exact treatment that they imposed on the animal.

EZ said...

you were right catch, it was touching. I agree with remiman!

Dave said...

What a wonderful post. I have had many dogs in my life and each one was there for me and my family. They were great examples of unconditional love. They were teachers and your post brought in a whole wave of emotions. Thank you

~Deb said...

First of all, love the new template (or old one)... It does give a spring-like feel to your blog! GAWD mine is so boring!!!!

Animals are great---they're not judgmental, they love you regardless of what you are, who you are and what you do... They just want love.

HOWEVER...there are animals who are the one in the video on my blog. (mua ha ha)

Cute post Catch!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Michelle said...

I had tears in my eyes reading that too!

Nea said...

Lou could have written this......he is this kind of dog....asks for nothing more than to hear my voice and lick my hand. Well he does like a pork chop bone, once in awhile.

Dogs are the best pet a child can have. They teach them loyaly and respect.

I watch animal planet all the time and it amazes me what a dog will suffer, and with just a little love, food and kindness, return to being a sweet, affectionate and loving pet. They seem to have the ability to forgive and forget much more effectively than us humans.

Pendullum said...

Thank you Catch....
That was so beautiful...
And now, I am off to cuddle Elvis... My cute wee Cockapoo who I rescur=ed from a pound two years ago...
It is his birthday tomorrow and all the kids in the neighbourhood are planning a party for him...

Betty said...

I have had some wonderful dogs. My son has Spanky and he is a wonderful dog

Carmen said...

That made me cry. When I was little, my mom cut that poem out of a newspaper & saved it & we buried it with our family dog. Then, 20 some years later, I had to put down my faithful husky. As I was out shopping for a wood box with a lock on it for his ashes, I came strangely across it. So it is in the box along with his favorite things. I work at an animal shelter & I wish I could send everyone home with this little poem!

Kat said...

Thanks for sharing this Catch.

Dan said...

These photos are adorable. Like you!

Tina Dray said...

very moving catch and great pic's

MarmiteToasty said...

Lovely photos and words, fanks for the tears LOL

You will not believe the story I have from last evening about a stray cat that hopefully I have saved and which cost me $200 of which I didnt really have, and who is now recovering sitting next to me and a pile of meds and stuff to help him live........

Why oh why do all bloody strays and needy animals land on my doorstep LOL

I might blob about him next week :)