Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lets take first things first this morning..this is Peggy ( shes hiding). Last night I worked with Peggy. When I first met Peggy she could barely walk. Im happy to say we got in truck last night and she rode to Circuit City with me to buy a camera. Peggy and I have lots of fun no matter what we do. She is a sweetheart and I am very proud of all the progress she has made.
This is Mom ( she has curlers in her hair) We were supposed to go shopping this morning to the Amish country, but Mom says she is unable to I shall take pictures anyway! ( I rushed to buy the camera to take pictures at the Amish country.)


This is Gaige( grandson)...he stayed overnight ...we watched movies and fell asleep on the couch. Look how he has that arm turned...looks like he is double jointed!


And this little gal is Gidget! The new puppy! She is camera shy. Isnt she precious! I still havent told you all the story about how I got her....hopefully this week I will.

Happy Birthday to my friend Robin!! ( She is Peggys daughter and she reads my blog)

So what do you think of the pics? The camera is a sony and its so easy to use...Im very happy with it.
I have been calling Puppy "Gidget", but if any of you have an ideas of a cuter name for her, Im open to suggestions. Shes just so cute and spunky thats the first thing I thought of. And her and Gabby ( the other dog) are still not getting along, I have to keep them separated. But they may be warming least Gabby isnt always trying to bite her now. I can not let them fight it out..Im afraid they would hurt each other...and besides that, I know I would get bit when I get between them to break it up! Posted by Picasa


Chana said...

nice to meet you Peggy. i'm happy as well that she has come so far. with you aiding her i can see her doing a marathon soon. you are kinda like the best medicine in the world..

your mom is so nice to let you take a pic of her in curlers..she is so cute! i'm totally in love with her bed looks like she is laying on/in a, she looks mega comfy!!!

your grandson is just precious. he is soooo cute. how nice that you had a night date with's these things that will stay with him forever..

your pup is sweet. oh he looks so cuddly. what a nice addition! but i did click on the pic to make it that your beautiful hand on him? because of course i noticed that incredible, big! nice ;p

(thank you oh so much for the comment. ahhh, you all made me feel like the warmest hug feel and the sweetest cuddle..i love you all so very much and i knew it was safe to post it..that is precious to me you know, knowing i'm loved and cared and i'm safe..your wisdom is so much appreciated my love..thank you for caring and for showing it..God bless).

bazza27 said...

Great photos Catch, the camera's obviously good, but you need an eye as well.

Tug said...

Isn't it amazing how kids can sleep not matter how they're body's contorted? Cute...

Gidget & Gabby - I like!!

Remiman said...

Glad to see you using that new camera right off. Delightful pics letting us share your joys visually.

Good job on helping Peggy!
Your mom is a gem to let you photograph her in bed mode. ;-)
You'll be taking more pics than ever before!
Gidget and Gabby are good.


Jackie said...

You took such great pictures with your new camera, of such restful humans and one itty bitty puppy. I'm glad your hand is there - gives me an idea of how small that little dog is. Gidget sounds great with 'Gabby'. And 'Gaige', too! (He looks like a little angel).

Dr.John said...

Great pictures. Glad you got the camera. If dogs can't get along what hope is there for people?

Gary said...

Nice camera. Can I borrow it?

Michelle said...

I think your camera takes great pics! How wonderful that you are able to help Peggy like you are! Hope you had fun shopping at Amish country even if your mom didn't go! and wow that looks uncomfortable sleeping like that. Sorry the dogs still aren't getting along!

Nea said...

I think the new camera takes great pictures, keep em coming. I love pictures.

Cindy said...

looks like you are having fun with that new camera even without going to the Amish country to take pictures. and it looks like the new camera takes good pictures as well. I noticed your Grandson's arm- our Grandson is the same way with both arms. He broke them on the same slide less than six months apart. One they had to put pins in. Ever since being broken, his arms bend that same way.

christine said...

I love the pics and the name "Gidget"! Aren't digital cameras fun! You can shoot pics all day, and you can see your pics as soon as you take them.