Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cell Phone

Reasons Why I dont Have a Cell Phone.


Me: Hello?
Ash: Mom, where are you?
Me: On my way home.
Ash: You coming straight home?
Me: No, I have 2 stops to make.
Ash : where?
Me:Pegs and Gerts
Ash: Ok, call me when you get home
Me: Ok, bye


Me: Hello?
Mom: where are you???????
Me: On my way home
Mom: from where?
Me: work last night
Mom: where is the cat food?
Me: I have no clue Mom, you feed the cats
Mom: I cant find it
Me: Ok, Ill stop and get some
Mom: ok, bye
Me: bye


Me: Hello
Ash: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Ash: Nanna says she cant find you.
Me: I just talked to her.
Ash: oh, ok.

about 10 minutes later


Me: ~ sigh ~ Hello
Mom: where have you been?
Me: I just got done working, remember I worked last night?
Mom: Thats right!!!! I forgot
Me: Ill be home soon, just a couple stops to make.
Mom: Ok, see you then
Me: bye
Mom: bye


Me: hello!
Ash: Mom, Nanna is all stressed out because she doesnt know where you are!
Me: I just talked to her again.
Ash: When are you coming home?
Me: on my way
Ash: ok , bye
Me: bye


Mom: what are you screaming for?
Me: Mom, Im trying to get home and you and Ash have called me about every 2 seconds.
Mom: I didnt call you!
Me: ok Mom....
Mom: You better stop and get some cat food...........


See how much quieter it is without a cell phone? All That could have waited till I got home!


Bluepaintred said...

my dad gace us a cell phone. but we never got it hooked up to any plan. I dont see a need for us to have a cell phone. there are still payphones in stores and malls, and whatever else can wait until I go home!

Remiman said...

I only turn mine on when I have a call to make!

EZ said...

hey catch-you poor thing- you have to answer it, it is your mother calling!
I carry a virgin and top up for $5 a month, only use it if I have to, it is very handy to have one.
take care

jan said...

haha. I love it. I would have two people calling me in two rooms of my house. That's why I switched to outgoing calls only.

Tug said...

I totally agree with you...there are times I want to throw mine out the window - & it's a WORK cell!

Blogarita said...

For us, cell phones are a convenience, but nothing more. SG calls every day on his way home to see if I need for him to pick anything up on his way home (saving me a trip out). And we each call our parents (long distance) every weekend.

Otherwise, we almost never use our cell phones, except for emergencies. I'm not sure if that means we're careful with our minutes or that we just don't have any friends...LOL!

Gary said...

Yeah, but what if you had forgotten the catfood?

Michelle said...

I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but I couldn't help but laugh at each of your phone calls as you were trying to get home!

Akelamalu said...

That is soooo funny because it's soooo true!

Carmen said...

I have yet to cave in & get one. I am always at work or home, and I have an answering machine. But I constantly get flack about not having one. But yet no one calls me at why would they suddenly call a cell phone? Hmm...

strauss said...

I SO agree!!!!
I think I would have felt inclined to throw the darn thing out the window as I were driving home.

Pixie said...

LOL- At least you are popular ;)

Dr.John said...

Thta's why I don't have a cell phone.

smileymamaT said...

Rinnnggggg! Are you home? where are you? Did you get the cat food? WOW I think we may be on the same calling plan...Annoyances Unlimited I think it's called. Do you ever get five seconds without somebody calling you?? That was SOOOO funny!!!!

Miss 1999 said...

*LOL* I feel your pain! That sounds like my Momma and Aunt, between the two of them, they drive me insane on my cell phone! *hugs*

Ol' Lady said...

when I worked I HAD to have a cell phone and it rang all the time if I wasn't in the office, once when I was having a bad day I actually did throw it out the window while driving down the highway!!!
I still have one but it rarely rings now...which I like :)

:P fuzzbox said...

I hate cell phones. Driving is the one quiet time that I have. I don't want it spoiled.