Monday, January 01, 2007


Now I have to remember to put 2007 on my checks! It seems like I just got the hang of 2006. So did everyone have a great New Years Eve? I worked till 10:30pm and then came home. Had I not been working I might have went out. But this way I will not have a headache or a hangover!! I spent a very pleasant evening with Peggy.

The weather was unusually warm today with rain this evening. Last night my son called me about midnight. He said " go outside and look at the moon". Mom and I did and there was a big ring around the moon. It must have been there for an hour...then it faded away. Did anyone else see this? I cant imagine what it was and Mom said she had never seen anything like it before. I tried to get a picture of it but the ring would not show up in the picture.

What do you have to eat on New Years Day? We are having saurkraut with dumplings, roast pork , mashed potatoes and corn. Thats what we have every year on New Years. I know in the South they have black eyed peas....or maybe its in the of those places. Whats your menu?

We hardly got any snow at all last year. I am wondering if we will get any this year. It doesnt seem like it. We have not had any "cold" weather yet at all. I find this all very strange. Just like the mudslides we had on State Route 7 last year. Why after all these years did that mud start sliding? Its been up there for years and years and last year it decided to come down on the road. What are we doing? Trading weather and mudslides with California? I like all 4 seasons. I like the snow and I miss it.

I have another question...Im full of them tonight! Does anyone have a dyson vacuum cleaner? I just ordered one. They say they are the best. I am very hard on sweepers. I have about 6 sweepers out in my warehouse ( garage) 2 of them are Orecks...which they said was the best. I cant throw them away, I always think Ill get them fixed someday. Then Ill have a fleet of sweepers. ;-)) My Ex said I needed a vacuum with an engine out of a jet plane in it. ( he might be right on that one.) I run the sweeper everyday..I have wine colored carpet that picks up everything but men and money. I have 2 friends who swear by the dyson. We will see.

Have a great day!!!!


Lori's Minute said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!

No, we did not see the moon because it was raining here but I wish I could have seen it.

We have fondue every New Year's....with steak usually. We are alsoh aving a choclate one this year.

I do not have a dyson so I am waiting to see what ou think.

Blogarita said...

Oh, wow! Sounds like3 you saw a moondog! I've only seen one or two of them. They are cool!

As for vacuums, I only know one person who has a Dyson. She likes it, but she broke it somehow (not the motor, but something on the handle). I have a big 'ol Kirby, which is probably going to last us forever.

Happy New Year, Catch!

Dan said...

I don't have a Dyson, but I'd like to sweep the floor with you! :) Happy New Year! With lots of love, Dan

EZ said...

Hey catch
ham and cabbage is suppose to bring you luck, but we usually have porkroast,dressing and taters and carrots all in one of those oven baggies. Old fart hates cooked cabbage, so we have cole slaw and hot ham and cheese melts right after midnight-haha we is pigs!
I have yet to find a sweeper to withstand the likes of me. Have never had the Dyson, can you ride on it? ha
have a great day!

Michelle said...

I didn't see that moon, but I bet it sure was pretty neat to look at!

Growing up we never had any traditional, or specific dinner on New Year's Day so I never even knew there was a "traditional" dinner to eat on that day! I've heard black-eyed peas in the south.

We don't have one, but my inlaws have the one that is made specifically for pets and they said they love theirs and that it picks everything up. Hope you like yours!

Blogarita said...

Forgot to mention in my first comment that yeah, we are having the black-eyed peas and cooked greens today. I'm fixing pork chops with gravy and mashed potatoes as well. Down-home southern cooking.

But your sauerkraut and pork roast sounds good to me, too.

Shelli said...

The ring around the room is caused by ice crystals or something like that. That's what our weather man has said in the past when we have had that by us.

It finally snowed here last night. A real snow. Several inches. I have been waiting for ev er!

We never do anything special or have anything special to eat on New Year's Day. We just sort of lay around and be lazy.

I don't know about the Dyson. A lot of people swear by it, but I have no idea. I say that you shouldn't vacuum every day. It is hard on your carpet.

Catch said...

Lori...a fondue with steak sounds good. Ill let you know about the dyson.

Blogerita...Thats exactly what it looked like!!!! Thank You! And those Kirbys do last Mom had one.

Dan..Is that a proposal? lol know....I guess Im not the only one who has thought of a riding sweeper! I think its a great idea...kinda like a riding mower! Glad to hear Im not the only one hard on sweepers.

Michelle..the moon did look pretty, we just didnt know what the ring was. Ive had my dinner and Im stuffed! was very tasty!

Shelli.. You got snow!!! We barely needed a jacket today! I have to sweep everyday....I cant stand my carpet to have stuff on it. I usually sweep once inthe am and once in the that nuts or what?

JavaJabber said...

Shelli sent me over. She said you might know why pork and sauerkraut is a New Year's Day traditional meal (we had it today ... because we found out it was traditional here in Dutch Country PA).

Wikipedia had no info on it.

Glad she sent me over. I'll probably be reading you a lot from now on! nice blog!

Big Pissy said...

It's hot as ...well....Hell here. *LOL*

We were at a brunch this morning where blackeyed peas were served.

I held out and ate a pecan waffle at the Waffle House later on.

Guess I won't have good luck this year! ;-)

~Deb said...

It's so weird, New York is having strange weather! I went outside with no coat today and it was all foggy and unseasonably warm outside. I like it, don't get me wrong, but it would be nice to see some snow out there....just a bit you know?

Happy new year!!!

Catch said...

Java... I left you a comment on your post......but I have no idea

Pissy....a pecan waffle? sounds delicious! But I wish you good luck!

Deb... I miss the snow....we had hardly any last warming my ass.....I knew if they kept sending those spaceships up sooner or later it would screw up the weather!

Tina Dray said...

Dysons are fab catch i have had one for the last 4 years and it has been put through hell bazza has vac rubble and all sorts with it and it still keeps going i have just bought another vac for upstairs another make its rubbish i am taking it back and exchangin for another dyson!

the moon thing sounds grat wish i'd seen it!

Dr.John said...

We ate at Lori's and the fondue was great. we also had a chocolate fountaijn which got a lot of use. I was going to see what kind of vacumn we have but I can't find it. My mother-in law had a Kirby and it went on an on for years.
I know we wen t through several Hoovers.

Pixie said...

I used to have a purple dyson in England and it was great.

Have a great 2007 Catch :)

TC said...

Roast lamb with mint sauce, mashed and roast potatoes, leeks and carrots with mutton gravy...and that was just for starters!

Yes we have a Dyson...and yes, I've actually used it. (Wonder of wonders, hey - a man who's used a vacuum cleaner!). And I've never managed to break it.

*slumps away with the shame of it all*

Christine said...

It's a good thing you didn't go out, there were some really crazy drivers on the way home, but we made it back home safely.

On our way home we saw the moon out at around 5:30, until it disappeared behind some clouds.

Before we put tile through the whole house, I used a Hepafilter vaccuum, and it picked up everything.

BTW-Someone mentioned they were having a hard time leaving comments because of me switching to Beta, I'm moving soon to Wordpress, which I really like so much better.

Glad you had a great time New Years!

Miss 1999 said...

You know, I didn't see it-- it was all rainy here, and so cloudy that tonight is the first night I've seen the moon. I would've like to have seen the ring. I don't have a Dyson, but I've heard those things are the Rolls Royce of vacuums-- so apparently, you got a good thing! Happy New Years! *hugs*

Mimi said...

Happy New Year!

My mom always makes pork, sour crap (thats what I called it as a kid), mashed potatoes, and black eyed peas on New Years Day. I think I remember her tellling me that my great grandmother had the tradition of putting pennies in the windowsills on New years too.

My best friends have a Dyson. They say it is noce but does not seem to do that much more than a regular vaccum. But they are very clean people with one dog. For someone like my mom with a zoo it might be a gift from GOD! LOL!

My neighbor pointed out a ring around the moon to me, not the same night. He told me it is a sign of snow.

We have not yet had snow here which is weird. Makes me kinda scared cause of the whole global warming issue.

Gary said...

You wouldn't have to talk me into picking up money, but there is no way I would ever pick up men! :)