Friday, December 08, 2006

Yesterday Gaige and I put the Christmas decorations on the tree. This tree is up year round. It usually has angels on I just call it an angel tree.....brilliant of me huh? At Christmas I put the finery on it. Im not sure but I think the reason it stays up all the time is because I am too lazy to take it down. The pics are a little blurry.
This pic below is a little ceramic dog with his leg if he is peeing on the tree. I think its funny so I always set him up there at the base of the tree. :))

The third pic is a picture of one of the floats in the Christmas parade last Saturday. The parade goes past my house so we are always out there to watch it. It was a good parade, it had lots of units in it. Small town parades are the best. I feel like one of the Waltons when I watch it! lol

This is my tv room. My computer is right there in the corner. This is usually where we are. Thats Gaige, he had the dogs leash and was jumping around with it. The little table in front of the couch is what Gaige plays on and I use it for when we eat dinner in there ( about every My girlfriends husband made has slate in the middle of it. Doesnt really match anything but serves the purpose.

This is the tree again. The room is a little messy since Gaige and I had decorations out. We never use this room. Theres no tv in it. But it usually isnt messy!


Tina Dray said...

Lovely photo catch your home is looking very festive!
the dog looks cute lol

Blogarita said...

Your tree is very pretty! Love your house, too!

Bluepaintred said...

i love the tree, and that up lifted leg dog is the perfect thing for my FIL.where can I get one of those? He would love that!

my camera will not let me take a blurry picture. It turns green if the picture is ok, and I can push the button. or it turns red adn the button is really really hard to push. sometiems i am in a hurry and take the blurred one, but at least I know it is going to be blurry LOL

Pixie said...

Gaige looks like he is about to fall over on that pic- were you both at the brandy ?LOL

Chana said...

thank you friend for the prayers and thoughts. i feel calmer today, i slept last night, she slept well and is off to school against my hopes but it's good to see her willingness.

i love the tree, it looks so professionally done like they are in the malls and things. it is so beautiful! i love the peeing dog, that is funny.

thanks for sharing all the pics. i love feeling a part of your life.

God bless. XO

Kat said...

Beautiful Catch! I love seeing where people live, somehow it gives more a sense of who they are than even seeing a picture of them.

EZ said...

hey catch-your home has that warm feel, beautiful tree, I love the angel idea, the dog takin a leak is so funny- and the grandchild is precious, hey catch your cup runnith over, you are a great gal!
I hope Santa gets you that Indian Chief! And something to keep mama busy while you play with the chief.

~Deb said...

You are so in the Christmas spirit!!! That's awesome. The angel tree looks beautiful! Watch out- you might find me outside your door singing Christmas carols. (That's not a good thing either...)

Enjoy your weekend!

starbender said...

What a great idea leaving the tree up! I luv the doggie. Adorable! Have a great week-end.
: )

bazza27 said...

lovely pictures Catch, have a nice weekend.

Steven Novak said...

I like the dog.

I want one.

Maybe I'll steal yours ;)


Lori's Minute said...

I like the tree and the dog statue and the table!

Nice pics, I have trouble with blurry pictures too but now we have a digital with auto focus.

Dr.John said...

Those wern't bad pictures . You should see some we've taken they are more than a little blurry. So despite the blurry I enjoyed the pictures and the explanations.

Gary said...

Thank goodness that it's your camera. I thought it was my eyes. LOL

:P fuzzbox said...

Cool Christmas Parade pic. I hope their lips didn't stick to the instruments like a weird version of The Christmas Story.

Christine said...

I enjoyed all your pictures. Love your tree and the leg-lifting peeing dog is hilarious.
This is too funny, we have the same black computer chair.

Have a great weekend Catch!

Remiman said...

Thanks for inviting us in and giving us a tour. Nice digs!

Blurry? Not the wine? Oh good...Hold still, smile ;-)
Have a good weekend.

Cindy said...

Hey Catch! I want one of those dogs for my Dad!

I was reading your post about your Uncle- had a smile on my face the whole way through because I have not only one of those, but several. Wouldn't trade them for more "conventional normals" for anything in the world!

Shelli said...

I don't think it looks messy. I don't get what you are talking about. It all looks very beautiful.

Michelle said...

that ceramic dog looks so life-like! I bet it really throws people off when they come to visit! :)

Big Pissy said...

LOVE the pictures!

Your house doesn't look messy at all~it looks lovely. :)

Your tree looks so pretty!

That ceramic dog is hilarious...and I want that super comfy looking chair at your computer desk. ;-)