Thursday, December 21, 2006

What do you think?

I havent read anything about "the Donald" pardoning the wayward Miss America in Blogland yet. But I really would like to hear your opinions on this. I have listened to "the Donald" blast Rosie all over the tv this morning. Wow, he really let her have it. Now I am no big fan of "the Donald", nor am I a big fan of Rosie...

First, my opinion of Miss America.....I dont feel she deserves a second chance. She had a title to uphold and she did a miserable job of it. We have enough partying going on in this world with our kids and she needs to be someone who can be a role model. She is clearly not. And if it was one of my kids who were crowned Miss America and this happened to her I would have to say to her.."You brought this on yourself."

But what I really want to know is.....who in the hell is Donald Trump? ( Aside from owning the Miss America pageant) Just because he is supposed to be so wealthy he can pardon Miss America??? The man clearly has no morals. He just traded his second wife in on a younger model after trading his first wife and Mother to his children in on a younger model. Next he is going to be eyeing up the 12 year olds. Im sorry, but I dont believe his wealth gives him any special privileges. Of course he is going to pardon her..she's beautiful....and Donald Trump collects beautiful women for his trophy wives. (How they can deal with that hairdo of his is beyond me.) But no matter how overbearing he is...people seem to hang on his words. I wonder how many young women would be interested in him if he was broke!

Im sorry, but I think this is bullshit. And Rosie just got out of a skirmish with Kelly this will be on every tv station about her and the Donald. I wish he and her both would just retire from tv land.

So I am really interested in what you guys think of this. Would you have gave her another chance? And what about Donald???? Do you really think he was the right person to decide???? Wouldnt it have been better to have a panel of people decide?? Of course then he could always take his Pageant and go home if they didnt agree with him. And yes I know..everyone deserves a second chance...and I believe that. This gal screwed up majorly though. And she is going to get away with it. Because Donnie baby owns the whole damn Pageant! I knew there was a reason why I quit watching it.


Bluepaintred said...

DT is an Ass

Miss U needs her ass kicked

Rosie is and Ass and so is Ripa.

Am i an ass? LOL

Catch said...

Blue~ Actually Sweety...I think you summed up the situation pretty good!!!!

Remiman said...

I watch little if any tv. This is just a recent example of why I don't. It's ALL "entertainment" even the news shows. Not my kinda of entertainment mind you.
D.T. is a turd or is that terd? Oh well, he's probably both. The girl got caught and thinks she sould be able to titty wink her way out of it. Doesn't anybody teach responsibility for actions anymore. (Geo. Bush..are you paying attention here?!) Rosie...huh don't get me started. Get a life rosie, and don't include me.
So, you asked, and that's how I feel. ;-)

Dr.John said...

I don't like Donald and I don't like Rosie but I am in favor of second chances even for people who shouldn't have made the mistake in the firtst place.

:P fuzzbox said...

I guess it takes nude lesbian pics to get a pageant queen canned. My blogfriend Pure Evyl did a post on this a couple of days ago and that was his angle.

FANCY said...

Hey Catch!
I dont know anything of this persons, on the other hand you just want a guy opinion of it...*LOL*...
I do like howe you describe your self.
I just cant stop smiling, who would not have your life. Please dont change to Beta version Everyone I have been into have problems. Stay in alpha version. Many have had there blogs destroyed.
We call the beta for "immature beetroot"...*LOL*...
It was Peppylady who show me the way to your site. I have to thank her ;-)


EZ said...

hey catch
opinions are like.... belly buttons, everybody has one.
I personally think the whole thing is a bunch of horse manure.
I could give a rats azz about Donald or Rosie. just another horse and pony show.
The girl should have to give up her crown. Heck Catch, I will flip ya for it. Loser buys Applebees-ha

Mommy off the Record said...

I have only just skimmed the headlines on this story and hadn't heard anything about how Rosie was involved. Did she ask for the crown or something? LOL

If I had to give an opinion, I guess I'd say that she should have the crown taken from her. And I agree that it's preposterous that Donald is the decisionmaker here, given his immoral past, but when you have the bucks I guess you get to do a lot of things that you wouldn't normally get to do.

Happy Holidays to you and your family, Catch!

Chana said...

With much love i'm here to wish you and yours Merry Christmas. God Bless, be back soon.

starbender said...

Controversy, controversy---yadayadayada....
Ha! I feel they are BOTH WRONG! She does have a title to protect, and it is probably in her contract to 'live her life a certain way'....
He just has toooooooo much damn Money!
But, all in all, I agree with dr.john-- Everybody deserves a second chance!

Remember-We will be Judged by how we judge others!

Anyhow, I just drop'd by sweetie 2 again wish U a Super-dooper Christmas and an Even Better New Year!
U keep U'rself safe!

: )

Catch said...

Thank you for the well wishes Star.....I wish you a happy holiday too. I agree..everyone deserves a second chance...and Im sure she was warned before...she didnt just party once or twice and get in all this trouble. Your right...the Donald has way too much money...

Chana ~ Marry Christmas to you to Sweety! You havent been around much lately....I do hope you and Keka are doing ok. Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

MOTR~ I cracked up when I read your comment about Rosie asking for the Merry Christmas to you and your family too!!! Have a happy and safe holiday! Huggs!

EZ ~ you described it perfectly...another horse and pony show...we will get Santa to buy at Applebees ;))

Fancy~ Hi and thanks for stopping by!!! Im not switching to beta.. I am staying right where I am....for as long as I can. You come back and visit again!!!

Fuzz ~ You know I think you might be correct!! I am sure this gal played up to the Donald...and you know he cant resist a good lookin woman. The man looks like he is wearing a yorkshire terrior on the top of his smart can he be?

Dr John ~ I agree wholeheartedly with you Dr John..and Im sure this gal had many warnings to settle down.

Rel ~ thank you for your opinion! I love your use of words....titty wink..I like that! lol. And DT is a turd/ Rosie would be as welcome at my house as a hair on a biscuit...shes just a pompous ass.

Kat said...

Miss USA should have been canned, those girls are well briefed on whats required of them, morals and standards. It should have been done quietly though, never in this media circus. Merry Christmas Catch! How exciting to hear you live close to me.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the sad aspects to this is that many of have become so suspicious of so many things -- sometimes it's really hard to believe what people say and do anymore. If nothing else, maybe this does send a "people deserve a secnd chance" message, and I for one would appreciate that kind of philosophy -- I have a few ghosts...
Dr. Bill Emener

Catch said...

Kat ~ maybe we can get together sometime in the New Year!

Bill ~ dont we all!

Lori's Minute said...

I have mixed feelings on this. If I were Miss USA, I would have resigned (would not have screwed up in the first place, but).

I have watched Donald a lot over the years abd what he has said about his current wife I have never heard him say about his former wives. With this one, he says, 'She lets me be me and that is why I love her so much. My other wives were always trying to change me." So, I think this marriage will last, believe it or not.

The guy owns Miss USA which has a certain image and he can fire her which he said he had intended to do when they had the meeting but after they talked, he decided to give her a second chance. You can bet if she screws up again, she is gone.

I used to like Rosie when she first had her talk show, but now I think she thinks her opinions are law and everyone should abide by them.

It is simple, if you do not like Miss USA, DON"T WATCH!

I will be watching because it is something I have done since I was little and I like the evening gowns (I wanted to be a fashion designer).

It is interesting all the opinions people have, isn't it?

Cindy said...

I agree with the first poster here- they summed it up quite well indeed.

Kat said...

Catch, I'd love to get together for lunch or something! Lets clear the holidays and then make a plan!

Kat said...

Woops, Merry Christmas!