Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Saturday

This is the EX! I thought it would be nice for you guys to at least know what he looks like. He and I are the same age even though he looks so much older than Everybody my age has aged but me! I still look like I did when I graduated ;))

This is what I did all day today. These are candy buckeyes. They are filled with peanut butter. They are delicious!

This is a plate of the cookies I baked tonight. I made chocolate chips, pineapple drop cookies, and buckeyes. I have date nut cookies in the refrigerator to do tomorrow. Im am so sick of cookies at this point I could just throw up.

These are my pineapple drops with glaze. I put nuts in every cookie I make because I like nuts. Cookies without nuts are like a person with no personality. You can quote me on that! lol

So I have all my shopping done, my gifts are wrapped and now I am done baking! I am so impressed with ME this year! Last year I didnt bake anything....I paid my grand daughter to wrap my I was just not into it.

Oh, the reason I put the picture of the Ex on here is because he is here tonight. He must have smelled the cookies. He gave me my Christmas gift tonight. I had been talking about ordering this doll from Franklin Mint ( I collect dolls). He bought it for me. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. Its so cute. It looks like a real baby. I love it.

Im sure all of you are getting ready for the big will be here before we know it. All the planning, wrapping, baking and shopping...and poof! In one day its all over with. Its kind of a let down when its all over with. People go back to being crabby, some people get depressed. I wish we could carry the feelings of cheer and love in our hearts all year long. Wouldnt that be great?


Bluepaintred said...

ohhh the ex is kinda hot. got any pictures of him in his prime. PLUS its amazing that you guys exchange gifts over the holidays. shows how mature you two are. Aside fromt he truck LOL LOL

butterflies said...

Yummy looking cookies..I wish I could be bothered..or even if I had a granddaughter I could pay to do it! LOL

Catch said...

Blue: I do believe your hitting on my He is much nicer now...I was always nice.. well, most of the time. He is good dont think I would have married a dog do ya? lol

Butterflies: Thank You....and as I said..after all that baking I am ready to puke!lol

Blogarita said...

Looks yummy! The cookies I mean...LOL!

Tina Dray said...

the buck eyes look really yummy you'll have to post the receipe

Catch said...

Blogerita: thank you. They were yummy (the cookies) lol

Tina...will do. If you like peanut butter you will love buckeyes!

Michelle said...

That was so nice of your ex to get you the doll from Franklin Mint that you've been wanting!

Wow you sure have been busy baking! Can I have your recipes for the pineapple drop cookies and the buckeyes?! Pretty please?

Remiman said...

I glad to hear that you're really into it this year. + it's good for your immune system. Being up, not the cookies. But they taste good, why not?
I agree, all the hullabaloo and then in 1 day poof...all-gone.
As far as good cheer all year long... We can.
Have a great week.
Can't wait to see your new baby,

Dr.John said...

Seeing all those cookies reminded me of all the parties we threw for the parish while I was Pastor. We had a Christmas party every year and served a huge variety of cookies. For many years theyw ere made by Betty's mother. Yours look great.

boneman said...

So there is peace between you and the ex, but, is it too personal to ask.....


Reason isn't perv-man replacing boneman, but rather, I've been seeing my ex....
er....lovely former wife, as she likes to be refered as....
and the touchy subject has come up, but, it just seems so anti-forward to "mess around" as it were.

'Course, even as trhe words are coming off the fingertips to the keyboard I'm thinking maybe everybody's different and I should judge fer m'self about , er, "things", eh?
One thing fer sure, though....
I ain't gettin' married again!

Anonymous said...

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Catch said...

Michelle.....I will email you the recipes.

Re....hullabaloo...what a good word for it!

Dr John: ...thank you...Im exhausted today from making all of them. The old gray mare aint what she used to be!

Boneman.....I think the reason why I have such a successful relationship with my X is b/c I look at him as a friend ONLY. I am not interested in a romantic relationship with him anymore. We have the kids and grandkids and its much easier this way. Actually I look at him as I do my brothers. I guess it depends on what you want from your ex..when the gloves come off do you think you still love her?

Anonymous: Thank you..Im glad you stopped!

Big Pissy said...


I love Buckeyes!

All those cookies look so tasty! :)

You and your ex must really great along great. Good for you. :)

Lori's Minute said...

I am proud of you, too!

Cookies look very good!

Phats said...

HAHA i love that comment about your ex looking older.

Man I am now hungry after visting your blog, you better have made some buckeyes for me I love those!

Gingers Mom said...

Wow...he is pretty handsome. I think it is nice that you get along now. Even if you are SO NOT interested in getting back together. That must be nice for your kids.
Mmmm..your cookies look yummy. You should post the recipes! I DO like cookies without nuts. Nuts taint the cookie. Sorry.

Christine said...

Seems I came at the right time for a midnite snack. Those buckeyes and piniapple drops look really yummy!
I wish it were Christmas 365 days a year too. Maybe the world would be a better place if the Christmas spirit didn't *poof* and disappear the day after!
That's great your EX got you a Franklin Mint doll. They are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing a pic. of her. :)

Christine said...

Seems I came at the right time for a midnite snack. Those buckeyes and piniapple drops look really yummy!
I wish it were Christmas 365 days a year too. Maybe the world would be a better place if the Christmas spirit didn't *poof* and disappear the day after!
That's great your EX got you a Franklin Mint doll. They are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing a pic. of her. :)

starbender said...

How great U get along with U'r X--Wish I could, but he is such a jerk! Sounds like U are done and ready 4 Christmas. Good 4 you! I have hardly started. I can't bake early, cuz everyone here will eat all the cookies before Santa even has his day!
' ]

Catch said...

Pissy: Actually the Ex has been here for 2 days and I am ready for him to go home today! lol. I am only good for 2 days with him...then I need a break! lol.

Lori: thank you Sweety and I wish you could stop in and have some cookies!

Phats: I got your buckeyes right here babe!

Gingers Mom: A lot of people dont like nuts....I just love them. And it is nice for the kids that Ex and I get along so well now....its the way it should have been when we were younger.

Christine: I love all babydolls but those Franklin mint dolls all look so real. When Pacey gets older I will let her play with my babydolls....everybody says then they wont be worth anything... I dont care about that. She will love them.

Star: believe me Star... I have been through my days of the Ex being a jerk too...he hasnt always been thhis way. My SIL made cookies one year and her kids had them all gone by Christmas day! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Catch
I love the weeks leading up to Christmas- The planning, the shopping, all the baking- the decorating- Doing something special for family and friends- For me this makes the Holidays great. This turns it into more than just one day for me.
Diane (REL)

Catch said...

Hello Diane

I love all the planning too, even though it exhaust me sometimes....its such a special time of the year. Its so nice to hear from you!!

I am meeting a gf at Applebees for happy hour today.....I may not be good for much for the rest of the day! lol

Kat Campbell said...

MMMMMmmmmm....buckeyes, Princess makes them and eat them as fast as does. My baking begins tomorrow!

:P fuzzbox said...

Dang this was a tasty looking post!!!