Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Funday Monday

Today was the day that my friend Carol and I decided we were going to do happy hour at Applebees. We have been trying to get together for weeks! She came after me because I was not going to drive if we were going to drink anything. She said she was only having a couple drinks so she could still drive.
We got to Applebees about 4:30. We ordered a veggie patch pizza and she ordered wine and I got a daquiari (SP) We ate our pizza and talked...then we both ordered another daquiri..we ended up drinking 6 or 8 daquiaris apiece. We were talking and laughing...and just having a great time.
Pretty soon Carol said she didnt feel so good. So we paid our bill and went out to her car. She got into the backseat and laid down...lol. I got into the passenger side on the front. We were going to have to call her husband to come and get us! Neither of us could drive. Then I noticed a man standing outside of the car...I rolled down the window...He said " Are you two ok?" We started laughing. I said "yes, why?" he said "well I noticed you were drinking and I just dont want either of you two to drive!" I said we were not driving. Then Carol and I just howled....you know how everything is funny when your drinking. So we called Carols hubby on the cell phone to come and get us...while we were waiting another woman and I guess her husband came and knocked on the window....she said " Are you two ok?"..I said..." what? did we fall out of Applebees or what?" She started laughing and she said..." no, you were fine..and I was having a great time watching you two have such a good time , but I dont want you to drive". I explained again that Carols husband was on his way. When she left we were hysterically laughing. I said " how stupid do you think we look with you laying in the back and me sitting in the passenger seat of this car?"...then another lady stopped......( can you believe it?)...while I was talking to her, I said " you look familiar" she told me she worked at the bank in the next town from mine.....I said....." Your name isnt Paula is it?"( I just got a new job with a lady in that bank named Paula and I have talked to her on the phone but never met her yet in person b/c her Mom is still in the hospital) I will start working there after Christmas. She said " No, but I work with Paula! By then Im cracking up...I said well dont tell her you seen me at Applebees! Im just out celebrating and got a little too much to drink. Im not usually like this. LOL. I mean...geeze...Carol and I must have been the most popular people in Applebees..lol. And how kind is it of all those people not to want us to drive? My only guess is they must have noticed us b/c we were laughing so much. I dont think we were doing anything else stupid.
Carols hubby finally showed up, bless him. They brought me home and he took Carol home. She was still laying in the backseat of the car when I got out...lol.
But you know what? I needed a day like this. It was great fun, people were kind, and the drinks were superb! And now its 12:30 am and I am completely sober. But I needed a day out with a good friend, a couple ( or so) drinks and lots of laughs! It was a great day!


Blogarita said...

Glad you had such a good time!! It's necessary now and then. Thanks for calling Carol's husband...we wouldn't want you or anyone else getting hurt.

Kat said...

Too much fun...now I need to go to Applebee's for nachos...

Christine said...

Glad you had yourselves a real nice time. You do need to unwind and let yourself go now and then.
Carol sounds like a real special friend, and her husband a sweetheart for picking you two up!
I'm amazed at how the other people stopped to make sure you two weren't driving. That's wonderful that people are taking the time to care about what goes on and make sure everything is all right!

Remiman said...

That's a good story.
Sounds like a day full of friendship all around.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Man, I never had that much fun at Applebees LOL

What a great day!

Tina Dray said...

sounds like you had a great time catch wish i could of joinned you

Autumn said...

I'm so glad you were both smart enough not to drive, or be in the car with someone who was driving drunk. I only wish my step-son had been when he got in the car with a guy on a high who crashed them both into a tree and killed my step son. I'm glad your evening turned out well.

Bluepaintred said...

right on for having a great time, right on for waking up with out a hang over and whats a hairpie?

Catch said...

Blue....Who said I dont have a hangover today? lol

Autumn...what a sad story...I am so sorry. Most people are so aware of not driving while drinking anymore...I
would not even attempt it.

Tina....hon, you would have had a ball!

Fab...fun was the order of the day!

Rel....it truly was a great day!!! However, I have a slight headache this am, but I think its sinus...lol

Christine....I cant believe 3 different people came out and ask us if we had a way home.....Im still tryiing to
figure that one out.

Kat...I have never had the nachos...but the veggie patch pizza is excellant!

Blogerita....Carols husband is such a gem!

Pixie said...

mmm veggie patch pizza is great!
If that would have been me I would have had a hangover for the next 2 days...sigh.

~Deb said...

....and.....you didn't invite me. I'm hurt. :)

Sounds like a terrific time!!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had just the day you needed! and don't we all need days like that every once in awhile? Good food, good friend, good drinks, good laughter and good conversation! Despite how many drinks each of you had I'm glad you both realized you could not drive in that condition though! and how sweet that all of those people stopped to make sure you weren't driving!

Catch said...

Pixie- I have been on the couch all day! lol

Deb- You would have been more than welcome and you would have had a great time!

Michelle- Beleive me Michelle..I needed it! lol

Big Pissy said...

sounds like soooooooooo much fun!

Good for you! *LOL*

Lori's Minute said...

I am so glad those people asked if you were ok.....I am also glad you called and got a ride and you had a good time. that's what friends are for....

Dr.John said...

I don't know about the drinks but everyb ody needs a fun day now and then. I'm glad yours was so good. I am not suprised that there were that many nice people concerned about your driving.

starbender said...

That's a great way 2 kick off the Holidays!
...Maybe I should head down 2 Applebees!

' ]