Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Day

Ive decided to steer away from the ugly butts today and share my day with you. At 6am this morning I went to my sons to babysit. At 9am I had the pleasure of this little princesses company! Look how wild her hair is! She is now almost 6 months old. and what a pleasant baby, she just smiles and tries to talk all day long.

And these two are my grandsons, the one in the red is the babys big brother, the one in the gray is my daughters son ( she had to work today too). These two got into quite a bit of mischeif today as they always do when they are together! At one point in the day they went outside ( without my knowing it) and when I went out after them I stepped in a big pile of dog do in my bare feet...and no, that wasnt a smile on my face!

They are 3 months apart, the one in the gray is the oldest. They are like having twins. One time I had them at the store and a lady said to me" are they twins?"..I said " do you really think they look alike?" lol

And this is my sons dog, who in my opinion is the best dog in the world. His name is Baxter. He is so patient with these kids. He watches over them like a mother hen. Whereever they are..he is.

Isnt this picture so adorable? She fell asleep in her little jumper seat. She is a thumb sucker and I think its so precious! My DIL is worried about how we will get her to quit sucking her thumb when she gets a little older. I say " If it makes her happy she can suck her thumb till she graduates."

That was my day! My DIL came home at 2:30 and when I came home I hit the couch for a couple hours. I have to do it all again tomorrow as my son has an in-service to go to. I love these kids, but Im draggin...Im gonna get a bath and go to bed as soon as I get off here. Ill make blog rounds tomorrow. Wishing you all a great Wednesday !!!


Crashtest Comic said...

Beautiful family...

Mimi said...

She is so very precious! I can't get over that beautiful head of hair. It seems like she was just born!

Sorry about the doggie doo. I hate when that happens. The only thing worse is stepping on a slug in your bare feet. Which I have done! ICK!

Phats said...

Your grandsons are adorable, and the dog is cute!

My dog is named Baxter, but he is an english bulldog

Michelle said...

oh how precious and adorable! Lucky you to get to spend the day with that darling little baby!

Bluepaintred said...

thats some sweet looking grand babies you gots there. love the babies hair. my kids were, and some still are, bald

Bluepaintred said...

i fed shadow a puppy bone. he looked hungry

my cats name is shadow

Tina Dray said...

Your grand children are beautiful. Children can be so tiring but in a good way hope you got a good rest to prepare you for another day of mayhem lol!

Remiman said...

You have plenty to be proud of!
I'll quess that those kids just love their Grandma.

QUASAR9 said...

Cute grandkids
Now tell me do they make you feel older, or do they bring life and and make you feel alive & younger ...

which is the joy of grandchildren
laters ta ta toot toot toorooloo

TC said...

They are cute, but I'm glad mine's grown up now!

Kimberley said...

Beautifil beautiful grandbabies The little one has such a wonderful hrad of hair! The photo of her sucking her thumb is past adorable reminds me of my daughter.. She's fifteen now and still sucks her thumb!

Dr.John said...

Now this is a much higher class of pictures than what you have been posting. I can see why you love them. My two sons who were about a
year apart used to always get into trouble together.

boneman said...

Wow, gal! What a day YOU had!
Thought likewise that the Princess's hair was a wild girl's hair. Maybe she needs a hat like her doll?
Who cares, eh? Cute is cute no matter the hair style. Heck, just look in the mirror at yer mornin' self, eh? Nice no matter what.
And the two boys...dang!
Mischief? Ha! It would probably be news if they weren
t up t'something. I know. My brother and I were a year and a half apart, and we were terrible.

Thank GOD you had Baxter t'help.
...or, wait. Where DID the dog poop come from? Surely not....

Well, fun days do end sometimes, but, I can only say this.
I didn't miss the ugly butt one bit.

Truth be told, that photo y'all have attached to yer comments is so pleasant t'see. When I see the big ol' butts you post, well, I just try to imagine the jeans picture.

Catch said...

CC ~ thank you Sweety!

Mimi ~ she is growing so fast and has the sweetest way about her...she is really a good baby. I watched them again today and Gaige and Zack cut a big hole in the sliding screen door!!!! with plastic scissors!!!! I cant take my eyes off of those two!!!

Phats ~ thank you...I want to see your Baxter! I love English bulldogs.

Michelle ~ she is adorable and I just love her!!!

Blue ~ all of my kids and most of my grandkids had a ton of hair.

Tina ~ amen Tina!

Rel ~ yes they love me, they call me Grammy!!

Q ~ they dont make me feel older, sometimes they make me feel tireder...lol..but ....I love taking care of them...

TC ~ I hear ya buddy!

Kimberly ~ thank you and that will be Pacey...15 still on the thumb! lol

Dr JOhn ~ Read my comment to Mimi to see what they did today! lol

Boneman ~ mischeif is those two's middle names!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Aw man, what a bunch of cuties!

You are a lucky grandma!

Lori's Minute said...

Cuuuuuteeeee! I know my mom gets really tired watching the kids too but now they are getting older so it is not so bad.

Have a good one tomorrow!!!!!

~Macarena~ said...

The boys could be fraternal twins.

She looks like an angel baby painting. No pacifier?

gunngirl said...

Lovely! That dog looks squished on the couch. hee.

Minxxeee's Mayhem said...

Firstly thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such a lovely comment. You helped put a smile on my tired face.
Secondly I am glad you had such a wonderful day with your adorable grandchildren. They look like little angels but I am sure they too have their not-so-angelic moments.
will definitely be stopping by again to say hi.
Have a MARVELOUS day.


Catch said...

Fab ~ Thank you so much, they all look like me...lol

Lori ~ we do get tired, but its a good tired.

Macarena ~ No pacifier because she has her thumb! When she starts playing with her hair and sucking her thumb we know she is tired.

GG ~ That dog insists on being with those 2 boys,,,lol

Minx ~ Thank you for visiting and yes they do have a few un angelic moments...lol

Overwhelmed! said...

Love the family pictures you've shared. The kids are so cute! :)

Nea said...

How sweet......they are precious. But I know what you mean, those two boys I bet can be a handful. I used to babysit for my son. He has a son that is one year younger than Nick, so it was almost like having twins. Now they are 11 and 10, and Andrew spent the summer here. But now they are at the age where all they do is eat......haha

Chana said...

my darling Catch i came to thank you and fell in love...again...with your grandchildren..wow..are they adorable..oh, you know i have 5 and let me tell you if it would have been up to me the number would be so different..i can't say no to those eyes..those smiles...those faces..their mischief or 'talks'...you are so lucky to have them so close to you. they are so darn lucky to have such a young, fun and cute grandma. you must mean the world to them. what a beautiful family.

we have been friends for lifetimes Catch. so it's really been a matter of months but my heart feels like it's been many million yrs longer. you have been a doll to me. i feel your love hold me in the darkest moments and in the happiest ones too. your friendship is worth more than i could say. thank you, oh so much thanks.

your words are my comfort. i never did read that post of your father. but i am so glad that you had him with you at home. he must have felt so safe. i'm glad you were able to witness his heart turn to God and be there when his soul then followed..you are a wonderful mom. a wonderful daughter to your mom and i can just imagine with how much love you looked after him. thank you for that. for too many people don't care as you have experienced in your own profession.

i'm glad to be part of your world. i congratulate you on your family and on being the person that you are.

your dad looks down at you with a smile and proudly tells all that is my girl.

i'm sorry i have been absent lately. your post have been missed. even those head shaking butt pics..lol..i don't ever want you to think for a second that your post don't matter to me, or that your life isn't important..i will hopefully get back on the blog wagon for i miss love and miss you all. God Bless.

QUASAR9 said...

and the top of the morning to you hon

oldfartswife said...

Catch- your cup run-ith over girl! What a great family you have-and I know you are the best granny ever to those luck kiddos. Very nice looking boys, and that baby is the cutest ever, what a head of hair!

Viamarie said...

Grandchildren ...they are really adorable.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Will visit more often.


Christine said...

OMG Catch! Your grandchildren are so beautiful. Love the boys smiles, and your granddaughter what a cutiepie! I agree,let her suck her thumb as long as she wants. She'll stop when she's ready! So cute!Glad you had a great day!

Big Pissy said...

What beautiful children!

Just gorgeous! :)