Monday, October 02, 2006

my badass week

This is my week to be a badass.....and the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes ( mostly glasses), the laundry is piling up, my bed is all rumpled and unmade, I havent cooked anything since my Mother left Friday morning. I have played on the internet for many hours. I had company this afternoon and didnt worry about the newspaper being strewn all over the tv room floor, after my company left I went to visit one of my friends that I hadnt seen for a while. So now....I am sitting here....looking at the mess......and I think I am gonna clean it all up tonight! I dont think I can stand to get up tomorrow morning and look at it.

On Sundays I usually always cook a nice meal or Mom and I go out to eat. I missed that today, I didint go out to eat b/c I didnt want to get dressed. And now my tummy is growling.

My Mother called this evening....and you know what? I miss her.

So, I am off to clean and maybe fix a little something something to eat. I guess being a badass is just not as much fun as it used to be!


Cindra said...

You are definitely on a butt theme here...

That's sweet that you miss your mom. Pretty typical of a loving realation- ship. It's like when Tom and I don't have kids for a week-end or something, which is rare, and then we end up just missing them after the initial wahooo.

Breaks are good. Lets you exhale, and then go in with a fresh perspective. You are the baddest ass sweetheart I "know".

Catch said...

Thank You Cindra...I just got done scrubbing the kitchen Im takin a break here. It does seem like I am on a butt theme this week doesnt it??? lol

Cindra said...

Yeah, but you just remember, "CRACK KILLS", okay?

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh my gosh, these 2 butt pictures from today and yesterday crack me up! Where DO you find these pictures? :)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange post. I do appreciate it!

I hope you manage to come up with a recipe to participate with! :)

Catch said...

Overwhelmed ~ Im sure I can come up with something good.....they dont call me Betty Crocker for nothing! ; ))

Cindra ~ Just say no! \:0

TC said...

Oh, I see...I thought someone had split that poor man with an AXE!

QUASAR9 said...

It does show the human race alone has as much diversity as the whole of the animal kingdom put together.

Some have butts like elephants, no, no offence intended. Elephants are my favourite animal, but I don't encourage elephants to do circus acts and walk on two legs anymore, since animal rights declared it cruel.

Other humans are like gazelles. Yes, slender, sleek and graceful swift movements to avoid predators.

Then there are lions, and tigers well fed, or hungry, depending how they days Catch went.

Yet cheetahs always look skinny, no matter how good they are hunting, and how big the Catch, hyenas will steal their Catch away.

(1) which animal would you compare yourself too
(2) which animal to do you have an affinity (empathy) for
(3) which animal are you fond of, to pet - other than pets (catordog)

Tina Dray said...

Its no fun cooking for one Bazza used to work shifts and i could never bring myself to cook anything just used to snack.
Great Tat!

Chana said...

ahhh it's so sweet that you miss her.
i'm sure she is missing you too.

i get like that too, i think i'm gonna have so much fun and rest from the kids and within just a few hours i'm totally missing them big time..

and about the cleaning are so are officially a grown up...:)

about your son, kiss your heart better. he will soon realize how wrong he has been and he will be truly sorry. sometimes when we don't know why we hurt, we take it out on the ones that we feel safest with. it's kinda twisted but i have seen it happen often. he will someday sort it out. the fact that you love him so is all he needs when his eyes open. you are a good mom. you are a good heart. you did good, we all stayed too long but it was that way for we tried to make it work. it is what it is and there is always a purpose. no guilt my sweet. i love you so very much.

Remiman said...

Those BUTT photos CRACK me up ;-)
You really know how to put a smile on a guy's face and send him off to work whistling a happy tune!

I'm glad to hear that you miss you mom. A break away from habit can be rejuvenating. The comfort of predictability is nice to fall back to though.
Have a good day and a great week friend.

Catch said...

Q ~ I answered you on your blog. Wishing you a great day!!!

Tina ~ I love to cook, but you are right, its no fun to cook for one person.

Chana ~ you speak from your heart, thats what I love about you. You are the most understanding person I know.

Rel ~ Glad I could send you out the door with a smile Sweety! Thats more than I did for my husband at times...hahaha. You have a good day too!!!

Catch said...

TC ~ no but I do believe he is 2 axe handles WIshing you a wonderful day my good friend.

starbender said...

hahahaaaa, just isn't as much fun anymore??? I know what U mean. I try this, and it only makes more work 4 me....


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Catch, I thought you were the mating for life like wolves type.
They are also good at sharing the chores when out hunting or simply running around and having fun.

jafabrit said...

oh ha! ha! I love the bum pics, they are hilarious, especially the pumpkin one.

I know what you mean about missing your mum. I just got back from spending a month with my mum in the uk and I am feeling like you this week. I just want to cry thinking about it and don't want to do anything around the house, art, socializing, nothing.

Dr.John said...

You just have to stop posting such bum pictures.

smileymamaT said...

Hi! It sounds like you had a good time doing favorite indoor sport....unfortunately, it's only fun until you can't find a clean fork!!!!
Funny photos!!! The pumpkin, oh my! I'll never look at pumpkins the same way again! Haaa! ----T

Joe & Karen said...

Good Morning Catch, I hear you, I'm 31, and being a bad ass isn't fun anymore! although I do still let the dishes pile up in the sink!
Thank You. What you wrote, about Jack saying "thats my Momma" really motivated me to get up and keep going, and smile. Your friendship is such a gift, I am very blessed.
May love and light be with you

Gingers Mom said...

Wow. My eyes are scarred after seeing all these bums. Whew. Hee hee. I am glad you are having fun. Sometimes it is nice just to do nothing and be on your own schedule. Even if you do end up missing them.

Bluepaintred said...

you find the BEST pictures

maybe the saying " absence makes the heart grow fonder" is ture after all!

boneman said...

ginger's mom is right. Sometimes ya just have t'say "piss off. It's my life and I wanna be lazy fer a moment!"

Anyway, you evedently don't know about the bachelor's secret food group.

Easy, hardly any mess at all, just rinse the bowl cause in an hour or so yer gonna want another bowl.

:P fuzzbox said...

It's good to be a badass but it is tough when you have to clean up your shit.

Christine said...

That's sweet you miss your mom. I'm sure she misses you just as much.
That pumpkin-butt pic is too funny!
LOL!I'll be LMAO at the Pumpkin Patch, because all the pumpkins will remind me of this one.

Glad you're having fun. Enjoy yourself!There's a song that says Everyone needs a little time away!

In my dreams, the kids are grown and gone, and my husband's off on a hunting or fishing trip with the guys, and I'm home, all ALONE. Just so I can have a lazy day too,but you know I'd really miss them too if they were gone!:P
Have a great day, Catch!

Mommy off the Record said...

Please tell me that is not YOUR bad ass picture there.

beadinggalinMS said...

have fun being a bad ass!!!!! LOL :)

Cindy said...

Catch, just don't submit any pumpkin recipes for that exchange group, especially if you have to submit a sample as well. You won't even be able to use the excuse, "Butt, it was canned pumpkin." without cracking a smile.

Lori's Minute said...

Isn't something how we miss someone when they are not around? That picture is something else!

Nea said...

haha Oh....ain't it the put a smile on my face........

Catch said...

Beady ~ somehow being a badass at this age isnt the same as being a badass at 25!!! LoL

Cindy ~ my blog theme for this week is look out, Ive got some funny butts lined up for you guys!!! lol I promise not to submit any pumpkin recipes.

Mommy~ Oh please! mine looks much better than that! I think that is a mans butt!

Christine ~ my kids all live in this if I want to be totally alone I have to pretend like I am not home! lol

Fuzz ~ you are so right Fuzz! You always tell it like it is! Thats what I like about you.

Boneman ~ ugh, I am not a cereal lover....I never eat it, I guess if I was close to starving I would though! lol Id probably eat a granola bar before I ate cereal.

Blue ~ you have no idea how hard I search for pictures to keep my blog family entertained! ; ))

Gingers Mom ~ I just like having the house to myself for a few days, I can play my music really loud and I do enjoy that. That would drive my Mother nuts.

Karen ~ I did the dishes last night, I scrubbed the kitchen floor, today I cleaned and changed around the front living room...the only thing I havent done is make my bed.......Im glad I motivated you and you are doing a good job, just keep smiling!

Smiley Mama ~ Fortunately I have a lot of forks!!!! lol

Dr JOhn ~ Its the theme of the week! lol

Jabarit ~ I talked to them on the phone today, she is having a great time and that makes me feel good, and tomorrow I am going shopping....and the next day

Q ~ well you know I am divorced so so much for mating for life, but I am always up for a little runnung around and having fun!!! 2 out of 3 aint bad!

Star ~ I have worked all day around here ! I know what you mean.

Catch said...

Lori ~ yes it certainly is and just wait till you see the rest of the ones I have lined up for this week! lol

Nea ~ glad I made you smile!!! :))

Mimi said...

Catch I love you but you got a hairy crack! ;) hee hee

Being bad ass is like vactation, love to leave but love coming home too. I am glad you enjoyed yourself!

Big Pissy said...

Sounds like you've been really bad! ;-)

Hope you're having a fun time on this vacation from being good! :)

Michelle said...

I was not expecting that picture LOL

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself, but also know that you will be happy to have mom back home! :)

Catch said...

Mimi ~ I was hoping nobody would

Pissy ~ I think I forgot how to be bad :((

Michelle ~ the picture is a little startling isnt it? lol