Sunday, October 22, 2006

Its Monday Funday!

Hope ya all had a good weekend! Its a little nipply here in Ohio. But the leaves are turning and falling, it is beautiful...I saw a beautiful tree today, of course I never have my camera with me...but it was so pretty it could have been on a postcard.

Could somebody please explain to me what all this buzz is about a beta blog???? Or word press? I dont understand it all.....duh!

OK just sayin hi! Have a great day!!! Enjoy the joke.


Phats said...

Hi catch!
Cold here too, calling for flurries monday isn't it too early for this?! I hate this weather.

I have no clue either or i'd explain it to ya

Miss 1999 said...

It's gettin' kinda cold down here in Tennessee, too! The high tomorrow is only 47! At least we had good weather this weekend for our Halloween party :0)

As for the beta blog- DON'T do it!!!! People have had more problems with it than it's worth!

starbender said...

catch--U R in Ohio? So am I---
I'm in the Greater Cleveland Area--
Where are U???
It is cold here!!!!
; ]

Bluepaintred said...

i dunno. new things scare me. like beta. so i dunno what its all about. its nipply here too, bout minus15. Sigh

summer is soon

Remiman said...

Cold Brrrrr. here all wkend...low to mid 30's and rain, snow, & sleet,
at times during wkend. That's as bad as packin' fudge.
It's 45 today and overcast.

If you find out anything about beta-blog or word press, let us know.

Two dresses huh? You're a wiley one aren't you? ;-)

Dr.John said...

It's like this Blogger decided that the blog you working with didn't fail often enough or cause enough trouble so they started a new version which is still in a trial phase hence it is called a Beta blog. One of its charming features is that it made it hard for people with the old style to comment on the new. Blogger is lawys there for us. Improvin g, improving, improving.

gunngirl said...

Haha on that caption. I don't know what a Beta Blog is. I have to update myself on all the new web stuff. Let me know when you find out what it is.

Gary said...

Don' know nuthin about Beta.

Why don't you go back and take a picture of that tree? I'll bet it's still there.

Kat Campbell said...

Starbender, Catch and Kat - all in Ohio, how has the state managed to prevent spontaneously combusting???

Snow flurries here today, how about you guys?

Christine said...

Kinda makes me feel good to be living in AZ, it's supposed to be 81F today, that's getting cold here!LOL!
I like Wordpress, it has some different things that Blogger doesn't have, but I see the Beta Blogger has it now, being able to put your post into categories, so you don't have to go through your archives. I don't know about Beta Blogger, but it's supposed to make Blogger better,we shall see. Oh, and Wordpress doesn't have word verification to post a comment, which is nice. I don't know about posting pics if WordPress woul be better, I've been having just as many problems posting pics on both.

Chana said...

i so don't get the Beta thing..i just wake up one day and hope that all the info i need to learn has magically appear in my today and nope, not yet..:)

fun joke but your always are.

hope you have been well.

Cindy said...

I haven't heard anything good about beta blogger which makes me think I will quite contentedly stick with regular blogger.

Kayla said...

I can't stress that enough!

Pat Paulk said...

Haven't heard anything good about beta. Whatever that means. I did, hope you did too!!

Gingers Mom said...

I have considered switching to Wordpress. It seems to have some cool features and works more smoothly than Blogger. The beta blogger from whay I have heard is crap.
It is hot and dry here. Ick. I wanna see some of those pretty leaves. Remember your camera next time!!

Michelle said...

It's been cool here in the mornings, but warm during the day. I have to dress Kayla warmly while we wait for the bus in the morning, but she almost needs shorts on by the time she gets home LOL

Tina Dray said...

Quite nice in the uk at the mo but there is a chill in the air!

love the joke catch!

jafabrit said...

cold in this part of Ohio too, with flurries yesterday. some of the colours on the trees are just gorgeous.

I don't get the beta thing either :( I think I will stick with blogger.

:P fuzzbox said...

At least he is packing and not getting packed.

Mimi said...

I think Wordpress is just another "brand" of blogging. I think those who have it like it a lot better. I know nothing about Beta though.

That picture is a riot!