Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Whopper

Have any of you ever noticed on all the romance books how they have a man of adventure capturing a woman and riding off with her on a horse? Or maybe he has a patch on one eye and he is a pirate? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be captured by some of these guys?

I imagine being captured by an Indian Chief ( he would have to be the chief). I would be somewhere picking flowers and he would come thundering passed on his horse. And then he would see me, the woman of his dreams! He would dismount, come over to me and grab my wrist. He would have one of those loinclothes on and he would be so powerfully built, he would have those markings on his face that I find so mysterious. He would pull me towards him, but of course me being me, I would protest ( a little), then he would just pick me up and put me on his horse. I would threaten him with the local sheriff and the FBI and my 2 brothers. he doesnt listen. We ride off.

He takes me to his camp. Everyone remarks about the "paleface", even though I tell them I have been swimming all summer and I am actually quite tan. he pulls me from the horse and takes me to his tent. A wonderful tent with a hot tub inside and all the conveniences of home. Then he leaves.....and posts 2 young bucks outside of the tent so I cant leave. As I oogle the young bucks, I find I have nothing to do but contemplate my fate. But alas, I find a couple People magazines, so I busy myself catching up on the latest Hollywood news.

Evening comes....a maiden brings me in something to eat, something in a wooden bowl. I dont know what it is, but by then I am famished. Lo and behold its barbequed ribs!!! I eat them all because they are sooo delicious.

Night time approaches rapidly. I hear a horse thundering into the camp. He comes into the tent, he is bigger than life. I casually look up from my magazine as if to say " what took you so long?". Hes not sure of me, we dont speak the same language. He tells me " I am his squaw"..I tell him he is "my fantasy".....he says " I keep you captive"...I say.."maybe for a couple weeks". He touches my face...he is fascinated with my pale skin. I am fascinated with his beautiful face. he wants to kiss me, but I protest ( a little)...( very little)...he kisses me.....I am lost in his kisses. Desire is building..... I am thinking to myself " I wonder what it will be like to be a squaw?" We spend the whole night making wild passionate love, in the morning we wake up wrapped in each others arm.....we hear a ruckus outside the tent. As we look out I see the local Sheriff, the FBI and my 2 brothers. They have come to ruin my fantasy. I must leave. As I gaze at him with wanting in my eyes I tell him " I will never forget you." He slips a ring on my finger, a ring I still wear to this day.I have never seen him since that day. But I look for him everywhere....I hear his horse thundering past my bedroom window at night, but I am never quick enough to get to it. (It could be the local Power Plant , I am just not sure) All I know is when I read my People magazines...I am back in his tent, waiting for him And looking so forward to some more of those barbque ribs!


Bluepaintred said...

creating fantasys is the BEST way to pass the time!

LauraJ said...

Your a hoot! How was "it"?

Chana said...

lol..i couldn't read fast enough. it was the equivalent of my tripping on my own 2 feet because i was trying to walk/run faster than possible, lol.

it was steamy and very well written but the local power plant line just made me crack up..

you should copyright this before we see it in the stores under some famous romance writter name who happened to be surfing and found her new story..:p

QUASAR9 said...

So, is it true
is it every woman's fantasy?

Or just hot mommas,
that are all woman
and want to feel desired
lusted after & fulfilled.

I'd be a little concerned about the sheriff & two brothers, especially if they have bigger guns ...

but what the heck, as long as they don't shoot any of "my" people
"I reckon you'd be well worth it"

boneman said...


Better'n ol' pussy-arm down there.
What a thinker y'all must be.

'Course, if'n yer close enough, c'mon over fer some ribs here. I cook up a fine mess, complete with taters and corn.
Wine before, diet frosh during, and some mead t'finish off till the chocolate twirl ice cream and coffee.

Well, of course coffee.
Heck, y'didn't wanna just sleep all night, didja?

Dr.John said...

And what name do you write romance novels under?

Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, are you sure you haven't been published? :) That was awesome!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my WFMW post. If you need any help figuring out how to link within comments, just email me and I'll try to walk you through it. You can do it! :)

~Macarena~ said...

There's a sexy scene w/ a getaway horse in Like Water for Chololate.... The woman was showering in an outdoor stall, and she and the horseman smell each other in the distance. They ride off while fucking.

Shelli said...

Very well done. Funny and sexy at the same time! LOL

Betty said...

Like your story

Michelle said...

Oh you are too funny! and quite the imagination there too :)

Phats said...

Hmm got a lot of time on your hands catch?! haha :) Best of luck finding your chief

Gingers Mom said...

Whew...that was hot. Good thing my hubby gets home in a few days. LOL

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Catch, you up early or up late.
We each have different interests, that is what makes for the richness & diversity of life. We all have many interests, we just focus on the ones at hand, whether it be art, raising children, designing cars, medicine, or simply the pursuit of life and happiness!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Catch
Just coming up to 9.oo in the morning here in little old england. Another blazing hot sunshine day, after a night of thunder and rain. I've been up since five. Just checking the last bits of mail before heading out the door for the day. Some lady I've got catch up with and whisk away on my favourite stallion - thunderbolt. lol!

bazza27 said...

You either have a fantastic imagination or you've taken something I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. Nicely written though.

Tina Dray said...

Watch out Danielle Steel here comes Catch!
great story

oldfartswife said...

well written Catch. I have NEVER read a romance novel(besides this one-ha)
We all need dreams, I could go with the ribs....and the all night love making!

Catch said...

Blue: you can say that again

Laura: I never kiss and

Chana: Im glad you liked was funny huh?

Quaser: after 50 your either a hot mama or a cold in betweens there

Boneman: Are you gonna cook all that just for me?

Dr John: haha.....Ill let you know as soon as I get a publisher

OW: awesome huh? well thank you!

Macarena: whatever you say sister!

Shelli: thank you too Sweety

Betty: Im glad you liked it...thank you

Michelle: this old imagination has served me quite well at

Phats: I thought I found him the other day...turned out to be some guy on a 4

Kristin: when he comes imagine hubby with a loincloth and a tent...;0

Bazaa: its just my awesome

Tina: I bet DS is worried about me taking some of her readers!!!! ; ))

OFW: The next time I see the Chief, Im gonna ask about one of those braves for you Sweety!

beadinggalinMS said...

WOW Catch!! After reading this all I can think of is the bbq ribs!! LOL :)

Joe & Karen said...

It's gotten quite warm in here Catch!!! Thats quite a story... Although big muscle men arn't my tast... I'd take the rest of the story anyday.
Thank you for your support.
I did see 3 specialists with my pregnancy with Jack, I guess no matter what, in the end it is only in Gods hands to do and give us what is right for the ultimate good. We may not agree or understand, but one day we will. I have to believe that, its the only way I get through, is knowing I was given Jack so briefly, but let him go for the greater good, and I will know why one day.
much love to you

Lori's Minute said...

Pretty funny stuff...I always like to eat first too.

:P fuzzbox said...

Um, like em big story.

Phats said...

you should have roped him in anyway!! :) haha

QUASAR9 said...

And I can see
you are no cold fish

Hot babe HOT!!!
Like liquid chocolate
Like liquid gold
Like molten lava
ready to blow and flow and glow!!!

QUASAR9 said...

Hot babe HOT!!!
Like liquid chocolate
Like liquid gold
Like molten lava
ready to blow and flow and glow!!!

And then ready for some MORE

mrsbg said...

oooooooh it's so good to dream... my fantasy is Bobby Bobby... mmmmmm

but I also fantasize on London-Love...