Friday, September 29, 2006

My Mother is going away for a week with my brother and sisterinlaw, they are going to the Bar Harbor and see the sites around that area for a week. It will be so good for Mom, she hasnt been away for quite awhile. And you know what????? I will be alone for a week!!!! Not that I mind Mom being here, we get along great and I enjoy having her here...but as they say, when the cats away the mice will play!

I am going to stay up late every night and sleep in everyday. I am going shopping with my friends, I am not going to make my bed all week, Im not cooking, Im eating out everyday. I may go out a couple nights with some friends.

My Mother hates my computer! She says she wishes it would used to be in my bedroom and she said she felt like she lived alone b/c I was always in my room. Last weekend my friend Russell and I moved it out into the tv room. I said..."Does it make you feel better that I am out here with you now?" She said " well all I can see is the back of your head". Some times being a daughter is tough. lol.

I was going to go to Walmart tonight about 10:30pm. She said " its too late for you to go"...just like when I am going to town and it is raining and she says " you are not going in the rain are you?""I say, thats why we have a car with a roof on it, so I dont get wet." When my gf and I got our tattoos and we showed them to her and she was mad! She said " you will never get into heaven with that tattoo ( its only a wolf), I said "well Gary ( my brother) has a tattoo, do you suppose he will get into heaven?" She said " well he only has a little one!" I said " oh...I depends on the size of the tattoo then?"

She will soon be 79 years old. I can see so many changes in her. She is very critical and she never used to be. When we watch tv she will say..."oh that girl has had her lips done, it looks so ugly. And if we are watching a movie and someone is having sex she has a fit...." oh why do they do that on tv???" I say " well Mom believe it or not some people do enjoy sex! You obviously used to, having us 3 kids all in 30 months!" I mean its not like they are showing the actual sex act.

And anything that goes wrong around here, she didnt do it!!! My washer and dryer have doors in front of them that are on a tract, Mom is the only one who washes clothes, she doesnt " allow" me to , she says I dont know how to wash clothes ( I washed clothes for 30 years before she moved in here). So the doors are off tract.....she didnt do it!!!( No one else uses them! )

My hair is naturally curly and a lot of times I just let it go wild....kinda that messed up look. When we get ready to go somewhere she will look at my hair and say " you gonna fix your hair?" I say " I did." She says " well let me get the brush and and straighten it out." I say " No I want it this way"...she says " well its a mess". Thank you very much Mother dear!

And I laugh....I just laugh! Because I love her and I am thankful that I still have her. And even though she would never think of saying some of the things to my brothers that she says to me, I just laugh! And while I was growing up she was always there for me and as I got older she became my best friend. She is different now.....shes getting older, but she is still my Mother and I will always love and respect her. ( but I am gonna enjoy this week alone doing exactly as I please!)


Remiman said...

That's really a nice story.
I like your approach to life.

QUASAR9 said...

Not making your bed for a week
Oh Catch! You naughty rebel, you.

I like getting into crisply ironed fresh smelling sheets every night myself, but that's just me - and I guess it really does depend who is waiting under the sheets - or even on top

You have fun girl, if only I were just a few thousand miles closer. lol!

Shelli said...

I totally understand what you mean. And those things that annoy you, you will probably annoy your kids with them, too. I hope I don't. If I do, I hope someone just shoots me.

Dr.John said...

It's strange how people change when they get old. We had both Betty's and my mother stay with us at times. Betty's mother who had always been pretty even became cranky and critical. My mother who had always been cranky and critical became a puusycat. IT was really like living with people we didn't know. My sister who took my mother every other month said " Who is this woman she sure isn't our mother".She worked so hard just to please us.

Pixie said...


It will be a nice break for you Catch, go wild gal.

My Grandmother brought me up and she used to have an opinion on everything, she used to change the TV channel if people were KISSING on there!

Joe & Karen said...

Good Morning Dear Catch, Your Mom sounds wonderful! It was like reading a letter I would write about my Mom... She used to drive me crazy, wanting to know where I was going who I was with If I'd be home, and number she can call me at, when my brother went out, it was "see you later" It took many years to understand it was done out of love, because there are more things young women have to be conscious of, I was lucky enough that my parents cared. I do hear you though, you enjoy this week!!!

Cindra said...

Yikes, and it's scary that we often turn into our mothers! My mom is the opposite...she fusses over me and has too many opinions, but thinks I'm conservative, and envies my tattoo!

Your week reminds me of my mindset when I divorced me ex---I ate popcorn in the living room and threw it all around, and stayed up so late with the kids, and ate whatever I wanted and wore what I wanted...and let the laundry pile up and left the bed unmade...not forever, but for a good couple of months we just let loose. It was very liberating.

Have fun, Catch...wish I were there to help you hoot n' holler!

Thanks for the vote at Sar's, toots. I added your link to my blog.


Mimi said...

Wow! You are a great daughter! I do not know if I could take my mom doing that. We get along great except for when we live under the same roof, if only for a week. Then we fight. Enjoy your week. You deserve it!

Chana said...

oh honey i have laughed the whole story through. you are a good daughter, a good sport too.

you are right, it is her age...she sounds so much like my many of my relatives who are around the same age. she loves you so much and no matter how old you are, you will always be her baby and her girl for that matter, lol..

oh, you are a good girl! ;p

have fun this wk..have lots of fun...

love you, hugs.

bazza27 said...


Lori's Minute said...

I am glad you are able to accept your mother..a lot of people do not. The other day when my mom had to take me and my kids to the doctor, it was driving me nuts because she drives slow and had her blinker on when she did not know it and it was so hot she would not turn on the air.....blah, blah, blah....other than the driving, I love her!

Betty said...

I know how you are feeling been there and have gone through that. She is still with you and you love each other. A time away from each other will be good for you both. Have a great weekend.

Cindra said...

Catch, where are you? You haven't answered the phone all night. Are you out carousing with those ne'r do wells? I knew I couldn't leave you alone for a minute. Did you wear a coat? you're not drinking are you? Well, for gawd's sake, don't drive then. Should I call you a cab? Fer cryin' out loud, please don't tell me you forgot to fix your hair. Do you think any suitable man will approach you with yer hair all askew? Oh, Sheri, it's hard for me to believe that you are my daughter!

I love you, honey.


Just wanted to make you feel at home before you crashed tonight, Catch!

Gingers Mom said...

Enjoy your time to yourself. That feels so good sometimes.
No wild parties now, and no boys over after 9pm! LOL

Catch said...

Gingers Mom ~ no wild parties? heck :((

CindraJo~ hahaha...that was cute! And made me feel like you have talked to my Mom at some point! LoL

betty~ Thank you and yes the time away will do us both good!

Lori~ my Mom doesnt drive anymore, now she just tells me how to drive! lol

Bazaa~ thank you!

Chana~ its kinda hard to think of yourself as a baby at my age :)), but I know she means well.. I also know there are times she would like to clobber

Mimi~ we never did fight until she got older, then she started getting real picky with me. Now that she lives with me, she does a little better...I am very good to her and I dont argue with her. I do not let my self get that upset with her. It wouldnt do any good.....she is not the same Mother she was 20 years ago. And thankfully I have the patience of Jobe with her. After all the people I have taken care of...Im used to this.

CindraJo~ your quite welcome for the vote, I hope it helps.

Karen~ thank you! I find myself doing the same things with Ashley, Im sure it will come full circle.

Pixie~ I wonder what your Grandmother would have thought of some of these movies we see today! Im sure they would have been shocked and disgusted, heck sometimes I am too!!! lol

DR John~ I have heard that whatever you are when your young, you will be the opposite when you get older....and you know, sometimes that is true! I have seen it in my job lots of times, a person who was very stodgy and not real friendly will become the sweetest person ever. And I have seen some of them who were sweet people all their lives get very nasty and bitter. Whatever they become..its not their faults and if you take your time with them and really listen to them they fall in love with you and we gals always fall in love with them.

Shelli~ would be illegal to shoot you, would you settle for heavy meds???? lol

Q~ I love a crisply made bed too, with fancy sheets, but for this 10 day period, Im just gonna chill..even if I want to make my bed, Im not doin are right, Im being a rebel ( with an unmade bed)!!

Rel~ thank you !! I appreciate that!

Mr. Fabulous said...

3 kids in 30 months?


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Catch
Some magic & magical music for the weekend
Inner life of a cell. - Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Enjoy your week all to yourself!

You know, I think it is so great that you can say you just laugh at all the things you mom does or says that can drive you crazy. What a wonderful gift to have - to be able to blow it off and just laugh instead of letting it irritate you and frustrate you and stress you out. It's obvious how much you love your mom and all she's done for you raising you and now you are returning that caring nature by her living with you. That's great!

Nea said...

Catch, I just a lot of new respect for you..... :):) If you can laugh, you have it made......I know what you are going through. My Mother and your Mother sound very similar, although in my Mom's case, I am not sure it is age, she was always very critical. I just didn't learn to laugh, early enough. And it is so funny on the sit coms.......haha

You have earned this week, and I am really happy that you are getting it. I applaud you......

Catch said...

Mr Fab~ yea...can ya beleive that???? I ask her if she knew what was causing it.

Q~ your so thoughtful baby!

Michelle~ you know what they say...laugh to keep from crying!

Nea~ everything is funny on the sitcoms...real life is a tad different! But I do my best and just try to find the humor in it. Thank you for the wishes for a great week, wishing you one too!

Crashtest Comic said...

This blog is too hot!

Phats said...

This post made me laugh good one Catch. Sounds like you have a "cute" relationship with your mom. Have a great time, just watch out for mouse traps!