Monday, August 21, 2006

Yep......and doggy makes 3

and especially this?????

Why you may ask?????

Its because I have this.............

This is Gabby! We just got her today. She is 2 years old, she is already housebroke and she doesnt chew!! She is a puggles, a cross between a pug and a beagle. I think she looks like a miniature boxer. She is very lovable and so far is adapting well. Her former owner passed away so I am hoping we can make her feel secure again. She has been passed back and forth between relatives because they did not want her to go to the pound. I have already taken her for a walk and bathed her. I have to go to work tonight but I am sure Gabby will be sleeping in the bed with Nanna. So what do you think? Isnt she a princess?


Mimi said...

She is so precious! And certainly a princess, just do not tell Sugar I said that! LOL! I am so glad you are taking this sweetie in. A house isn't a home w/o a dog. Congrats on your new family member!

Joe & Karen said...

Oh Catch, She is beautiful! In no time she will be secure and know how loved she is in her forever home with you! How great for everyone. Welcome puppy dog!

Catch said...

Mimi: thank you know..I agree with you.. a house is not a home without a dog. I hate to go to work and leave her tonight but Mom loves her so she will be fine!

Karen: Thank you...I think she likes it here already...she was so good when I gave her a bath! She sit real still. She is trying to make up with Carly ( our cat) but Carly is having nothing to do with of course Carly has always been a little snooty!

Bluepaintred said...


too cute im coming to pup nap ! where do you live again??

:P fuzzbox said...

Cool Pooch!

Big Pissy said...


What a little face!

Too cute!

and that collar is perfection!

Gary said...

Congratulations on your new family member.

Michelle said...

Oh how cute!! Congrats on the newest addition to your family! I'm sure she'll feel secure again in no time!

Chana said...

ahh she is beautiful..congratulations on the new family member.

Phats said...

AWW Congrats!! She is so cute, and I love all the stuff you got her.

I am a sucker for a cute dog.

Phats said...

BTW just read your answers to my ?'s the kevin costner part cracked me up

Lori said...

AAAWWWWW! She is so cute, love the collar.

Tina Dray said...

What a sweetie, we'd all love a dog but have a cat and pets can be so tieing

LauraJ said...

She's a doll!!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a sweety! You`ll enjoy her.
And I like the tequila poster :)


oldfartswife said...

Yes a princess catch, and a lucky dog too!
have a great day

Pendullum said...

What a doll...
We adopted our dog almost 2 years ago...
Best gift I ever gave my family... and the neighbourhood, as a whole list of kids love him... They write stories about him... They send him paintings...
He has a blasted fan club!
He is a cockapoo(shame about the breed name), he is black, he will fall in love with your Princess...
But alas, my dog is a King...
His name...
His name...

Catch said...

blue: its top crime watchdog will be watching for you!

Fuzz: Thank you....she is fitting in real well.

Pissy: Shes gonna be so spoiled!!! we just love her to pieces

gary: thank you!

Michelle: thank you, she is making her self right at home

Chana: thank you !!!

T & M: thank you!!

Phats: I didnt get her all that stuff (yet)....thats was just pics of the web to announce Miss Gabby. And I do love Kevin....ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Lori: thank you!!

Tina: we also have a cat who is not very pleased right now!

Laura: Thank you!

OFW:she is a lucky dog, she stayed home while I went to

Kayla said...

What a cutiepie!
I've never seen a puggle, but I do love beagles.
Hello Snoopy fans ;-)

Christine said...

She'll be one pampered pup for sure! She's a real sweetie! :P

Mr. Fabulous said...

Aw man, I want a dog now. She's adorable...

Give me your dog!

Overwhelmed! said...

Gabby is indeed a princess! We've tossed around the idea of getting a puppy for Snuggle Bug but we just haven't done it yet. :)

Thanks so much for your comment on my Older Parent (revealing my age) post! I love that you have children so spread out in age. Like you, I hope I can leave fun memories of my time spent with my kids and hopefully grandkids! Thanks for sharing your perspective!

Pixie said...

aww por girl.

I bet she will be spoiled rotten too!

She does look a lot like a boxer.

Betty said...

I am happy for you and happy for your puppy. She will be well cared for and you will have lots of love great combination.

starbender said...

what a cutie Gabby is!
I'm sure she will be more than happy living with you!

Lori's Minute said...

Awwwwwww....I am so glad you could give her a home. You will not regret it.

TC said...

Good for you, Catch.

boneman said...

Cute as anything y'de want, but, be fore warned,
The statement about chewing is overstated and wrong.

In fact, you will probably find that as soon as she loves you
something of yours will disappear, be it undies, a glove or a shoe.
And, don't take it personal as in a bad thing fer her t'do.
She'll just be displain' her love fer ya with a tasting chew.

Oh well.

Dr.John said...

Now I wish I had a dog again. No, it will pass.

The Phoenix said...

I can see the beagle in her. What a cute dog.

Crazy Dan said...

I can't wait to hear you talking about cleaning shit out of the carpet.

Bluepaintred said...

hehehehehhehehe , ill bribe him with a steak!

Shelli said...

She looks like she gives good kisses. LOL

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