Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mish mash of pics

This is the new toothbrush holder I bought for my bathroom. Isnt it pretty? My bathroom is done in purple.
I made this for my livingroom wall. I bought the bottom of it at Walmart and filled it with flowers and grapes.
This is my grandson Zack in the swimming pool. Isnt he a doll?
This is my Mom laying on the floor in the TV room after she fell off of Gaiges new
This is Gaige and my Mom on Gaiges new cycle and Mom falling off the back. The thing on her forehead is her Lifeline, which calls the Emergency in case she falls and Im not here. Its a necklace and it flew up.
This is the trunk.....its setting on the couch...its just a small one, isnt it cute?
This is the new grill! I think its so cute!! It works really good too, we had ribs on it last night.

Did everybody participate in Dr Johns marathon? What great fun!!! I should have had a new post up but I was busy. My X husband came yesterday and when he comes he always works in the yard and takes me shopping. I had some pictures to show you but as usual ..blogger is not cooperating so maybe later. Im sure some of you think its very strange that my X comes and stays for a few days, but he is like an old friend. I have known him forever and we have 3 kids together.

He cannot drink while he is here and he doesnt. Actually I think he misses the sense of family and home cooking. So I dont begrudge him that. He gets to visit with the kids and grandkids But a few days are enough. ( for me)

Today the water in the pool was like bathwater. Yesterday I added some cold water too it and should have today. When I got in at 11am the water was a little cool, when I got in at 330pm the water was hot! The temperature of the water was 90 degrees. I'll add cold water tonight.

I dont know if I told any of you but I am diabetic. I always controlled it with my weight. But I have gained 11 pounds and my blood sugar went up to I have been on a strict diet with no coke or candy! I was drinking way too much coke and knew my sugar was going up. So I have been eating lots of fruit and veggies. None of that sugar free pop for me, I drink water instead. My blood sugar is already coming down thankfully. They also gave me a pill to take to bring it down but I know if I watch my diet I can go off the pill. So for now I will take the pill...and watch my diet very close. I love the fruit...grapes, watermelon, fresh pineapple, small amounts. Why is all the good stuff so bad for you????? I miss my coke.


Honey said...

My brother has diabetes...but he needs to take a shot a couple times a day. It has been under control for a few years but these past couple months it has been going hay wire. But, we know the main reason....stress! :) Stress is a booger!! I hope you do continue to have good luck with it and can get off the pill soon. I have hypoglycemia...low blood sugar. I fight with it during the summer but have been fine for awhile now. I may have even grown out of it...knock on wood..don't need anything to happen! Loved the pictures...hilarious.

kristi said...

Catch...I had forgot to Do my Dr. John comment on your page. But Here I am 11pm and I am not forgetting old Catch. From the look of the pictures there was fun to be had at the Casa de Catch.

Get that Sugar under control...I don't want you to end up sick.

Mimi said...

No coke? AHHHH! I am cutting back too though. Why is it the best stuff is the bad stuff? LOL!

That is great you can spend time with the ex and family. Nice of him to take you shopping too.

I did not do the marathon. Did not have time:(

I hope your mom did not get hurt! I am glad she has that Lifeline. Good sport of her to let you take the pics. Not to many kids can say they have pics of their grandma like that! LOL!

Cool new grill! Love ya!

Catch said...

Catch...Im here from Dr John....nice blog you have here.....Catch

Shelli said...

You know I love purple! I think the decorations/toothbrush holder are beautiful. I don't think it is strange. I think it is nice that your x and you are still friends. Take care of yourself. Try Coke Zero. I have a friend who is diabetic and he drinks that and swears it is better than Diet Coke. Just an idea.

Catch said...

HONEY!!!! where did you come from????? lol.. when I seen your name I about flipped!!! good to see you!!! We miss you bunches.....huggs!

kristi: da casa de catch was busy today....swimming, Bible school, grass cutting...and me with no coca cola!!!!

Mimi: I miss my know I do. Water sucks, but I am drinking it big time. Im always happy when the X takes me shopping....heck I am happy when anyone takes me Its about time for him to go home couple days is enough. The pics of Mom are funny...she didnt get hurt, we all laughed. How were the crab legs????

Chana said...

Hello beautiful.
Your toothbrush is very lucky to have a new home that is so pretty.
You are good with crafts, so is my mom, hands like yours are amazing..making beauty out of thin air. Your grandson is precious..can you imagine my kids and your grandkids in your dear, how crazy that would be...your mom is still having fun and i love that. i'm glad that she didn't get hurt when she fell off...that was a good pic to catch (he, he)...
i have a few trunks in my house too...very small..i love boxes..i like yours, it's beautiful.. and the grill, well that is just perfect for any day winter and summer and all in between. i don't cook or barbecue and that sucks because i love to eat barbecue anything, specially ribs and steak..the ribs sounded yummy..

i'm glad you have that friendship with your ex. it's not just good for you and him but for the kids and grandkids too. you are a wonderful heart with awesome dimples..

take care of your sugar.i din't know you were diabetic. i'm glad the numbers are coming down. we don't want you to be ill whatsoever. coke is good and i miss it too when i try to weane of it but you are way better, so take care.

hugs and enjoy that awesome pool...

Nea said...

I am here via of Dr. John's marathon, what a great idea it is too, I have been to so many interesting places today.

Your Mom didn't get hurt when she fell off the motorcycle did she?
I suppose not, or you wouldn't have posted a pic. haha

Phats said...

Those are great pictures! I can't believe you laughed at your mom!! haha

I am so sorry you can't drink coke :( I will drink a WHOLE bunch with ice for you, I know that doesn't really help sorry

fennymun said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Yes, it's amazing that you could remain in such a good term with your ex.

Jill said...

Thanks for the visit. Loved the pix. You guys must have a lot of fun! Can't say I would allow my x anywhere near my house, tho. I do enjoy the kids and grandkids visits but after about 2-3 days I'm about ready to scream!

:P fuzzbox said...

Thats a cool pic of your mother on the cycle. She has to be very young at heart to do that.

Lori's Minute said...

Purple is my favorite color and I really like your arrangement.

I could not live without Coke. I finallys tarted drinking diet two years ago and now I cannot stand the real Coke!

I have to cut out the cookies asap and get back on track as hard to do in the summer.

The Phoenix said...

That's her lifeline that flew up on her forehead when she fell off the motorcycle????

There's irony there, somewhere.

Joe & Karen said...

Dear Catch, So much to say... I love the pics, thank you for sharing your life with us. Its no fair that most things really good are really bad for our health. I'm glad you are watching yourself, we all love you and want you around forever! I'm with you on the coke... today is day 3 without any for me. I miss it too, but figure my life is worth more than pop. I think it is an inspiration that you and your x have come to where you are. I immagine a part of you will always love him dearly, he is the father of your babies!
have a great day

TC said...

Looks like your mum's a good sport! :D

Chana said...

happy tears, happy tears..oh Catch thank you..i love you too. it's easy for me to love, i have to find a way to love me much make my life and emotions more stable. i don't want to give out my power anymore. i haven't for awhile, that is why i walked away from the marriage. i need to have more strenght and believe in me whether they do or not. i have to for my sake and my kids. i don't want to be so needy of reassurement. i want to hold my own. the i'm good enough days are great but then the what is wrong with me days come, like a wave..they get tiring..i want to just have a healthy outlook of me. blogging is helping me alot. friends love and encouragement like yours, are such a gift. i'm very lucky. i am surrounded by acceptance and kindness, thank you.

Catch said...

Chana: Thank you for your many compliments my friend. Huggs

Nea: no, she didnt get hurt thank Thanks for commenting

Phats: Somehow you drinking coke for me doesnt help my craving! lol

Fennymun: thanks for stopping by!

Jill: thanks for stopping by and there are times I scream

Fuzz: she is young at heart...and usually lots of fun. It runs in the

Lori: thank you....I cannot drink that diet coke....yuck...such an after taste. I just drink H2O

Phoenix: yes there kinda is huh? lol

Karen: Day 3 with no coke??? you must need one as bad as I do! Lets go on a coke binge!

TC: she is, she has to be living with

Chana: As I have told you before, we all love you and support you!

Gingers Mom said...

My brother has diabetes too. I know how hard it is for him. The sweet tooth runs in our family.
I think it is cool that you and your ex are friends. That is so rare. Better than being at each others throats and making the kids miserable (like my in laws).

Your grandson is adorable. I wanna just eat him up!

Christine said...

I love the new toothbrush holder, it's very pretty! We're thinking of painting our bedroom purple.
That's great that you and your X are still friends. Your grandson is a cutie. I try and convince myself that having a son who's diabetic is a good thing, in that he doesn't eat as much sugar as other children his age, but it's still a PITA. He drinks diet soda,he really should drink more water....If I were diabetic I would have a hard time giving up my chocolates. If you already know this, I just wanted to help, but keep an eye on eating fresh fruit, like grapes and pineapple, they may be good for you, but they are high in natural sugars which will raise your blood sugar too! So even good stuff can be a little bad for you. Take care.

Joe & Karen said...

Dear Catch, Thank you for the beautiful letter you left the other day. My heart smiled into the night, and I had a good sleep!
Your friendship is one I will always treasure. I love you dearly. Hope that pool water is just right today.

boneman said...

uh, I ain't sure if I should say this, but, just in case yer x took off before mentioning it to ya...
The grill goes outside.


LauraJ said...

your mom looks like a riot! what a hoot! hehe.
i hope you get that diabetes undercontrol! take care of you!
what a nice arrangement with you r x. it's nice you do that for him, for the kids. i wish me and my x could get along that well-maybe in the future when he's grown up. lol.

Phats said...

Are those your legs at the top of your blog?

I don't like feet :)

Pixie said...

I love that little wodden chest *envy

Catch said...

Kristin: read todays will see I spoke too

Christine: I didnt realize your son was diabetic....I imagine its so hard when they are young and see their friends having all kinds of treats. Thank goodness they make a lot of sugar free stuff now.

Karen: I treasure your friendship too!

Boneman: That must be why my living room is getting all smoked up...ya think??? lol

Laura: well maybe we are not friends after the next

Phats: sure those are my you want me to cut the feet off? lol...we women have nicer feet than you guys, we polish our toenails, wear rings on our toes..and use all kinds of lotions on our feet. ;))

Pixie: thats what I said when I seen it!!!! lol