Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I told you that my good and oldest friend was coming this weekend. I am so looking forward to it. We are going to a wedding reception and the rest of the time we will just hang out. Her and I always have had so much fun together, and we are always laughing...sometimes to the point we cant even talk.

The summer after we graduated her and I were out every night...going to clubs, drinking, just having a blast! She was my maid of honor in my wedding. After I went to Ft Bragg with the hubby, her and my Mom flew down and spent a week with us.

When I had the Texas escapade I flew over to her house in Oklahoma. She made all the arrangements for me. Then the next day she flew home with me b/c she was meeting her sister here to go to Hilton Head for a week. While we were on the plane we had a few beers and was laughing and joking with the guys sitting across from us, the stewardess brought back a boy in his 20's and said to us....Jason is a little nervous about flying and you two are having such a good time I thought maybe he could sit with you....we said he sat between her and I. ( BTW ..her name is Barbara). We were making small talk with Jason and I noticed he had a stick with him.....I said..." Are you flying to a Pool Tornament?" He started laughing and said "no", actually he was blind. I apologized and we just laughed it off. By the time we landed Jason was having a blast too, he thanked us and hugged us for making his flight so enjoyable, When we got to ourselves Barbara looked at me and she said " as soon as I seen his stick I just knew you would ask him if he was a pool player". Well duh, its a natural assumption.( I think I wrote a little about this before.) CRS ya know...Cant remember shit.

One time when we were in high school Barbara, our friend Jessie and I were in Wheeling, W Va...didnt know our way around, but was looking for a particular club we had heard about...we seen these 3 guys and we hollared out the window at them ( they were in their car)...we said " hey! do you know how to get to the Jolly Roger?"...they said yes they were going there too....follow like the dumbasses we were we did. At the next red light one of them ran back and got in our backseat, We started telling him to get out but he said...." hey, my name is Bill and I go to the college of Wheeling"...well, we thought that couldnt be all bad ( as if no rapist or murderers go to college) so, he stayed in our car and we keep following the other 2.

We noticed we were getting in a country in not too many houses...we guys are lieing....get out of this car. he put his hand on his pocket and said..."you are right.. we arent going to the Jolly Roger....we are having a party and we need some girls and you are them....I have a gun in my pocket so keep on driving."...well talk about your life passing in front of your eyes! And poor Barbara was driving! I thought..."well this is it...Im gonna be raped and murdered tonight and never see my family again"...we were crying....I was getting hysterical. Barbara started swerving all over the road and gasping for breath,,,she said " I have a heart condition and Im going to pass out" must have scared the guy b/c he said " Im sorry...we wont hurt you..please stop the car and Ill get out." So Barb pulled over and he hopped out....we took off so fast trying to get away from them. Of course we didnt know where we were but at least we got him out of our car. We eventually found our way home. And when I think of it...I think how lucky we could have turned out so differently. But...nonetheless it is just one of the many stupid things we did. One of those things you hope your kid never does!!!

Her and I got our tatto's together. I am always so glad to see her come home, but anymore I am always glad to see her go home because after she is here a few days we are We still go out and have a few drinks, we still giggle like teenagers, we stay up half the night. She is the best kind of friend to have...I know she will always be there for me. And I will always be there for her. She has family back here but when she comes home she stays with me because we know how to have fun!


Chana said...

how sweet to have such friendships that last through times.

i am beyond grateful that you both survived that horrendous night. my goodness, that was way too close. you both have wonderful guardian angels who do a great job.

i'm glad that you had her company and that you have her love and forever you have each other.


Michelle said...

That was fun reading about all your escapades with Barbara!! You two sound like you have such a blast when you get together!

I need to fly with you guys the next time I have to fly; I feel like I've been flying all my life, but I still hate it and get nervous everytime!

Shelli said...

Good friends like that are hard to find!

Dr.John said...

It is good to have a friend like that. So the blind boys cane looked like a pool stick. Well you came close on that adventure. It just goes to show the value of vad driving. I wonder if those boys waited for the cops to come and get them. Well stay up and have fun. Like you new look better than the last one.

beadinggalinMS said...

You have a blast this weekend. I love the new template!! :)

Gingers Mom said...

Wow. That does sound like a gun friend to have! I have one of those myself. You are so lucky and God was with you that day that those guys messed with you! How scary. At least you guys were together and you weren't alone.
Have a fabulous weekend, giggling like little s and gulping down tails. We all need that a little.
LOVE your template!!

Mimi said...

Love the new look!:)

I am glad you have such a great friendship! I was getting nervous reading that story about the guy getting in your car! does he really have a hreat condition or was she lying? If it was a lie it was a good one!

Phats said...

Wow quite the adventures you guys have had, you should make the female version of Bill and Ted's!

Good friends are great to have it's nice you have kept in touch, a lot of people don't talk to their hs friends

Christine said...

You look marvelous darling! I just love your new look.
LOL on the pool stick!It's great to have friends you can be funny and crazy and stick together like that.
Have a great visit with her, can't wait to hear what adventures you two get into this weekend!

:P fuzzbox said...

Y'all should go out for some new tats.

Joe & Karen said...

I LOVE ALL THE BUBBLES!!!!!!!! How incredible to have such a friendship! I can just immagine all you got up to together... and How lucky you are together. I can feel your excitment! I'm so excited for you.

Catch said...

Chana: That was a scary night for all 3 of us.....even 40 years later...we still remember it!

Michelle: you definitely need to fly with us!!! lol

Shelli: amen to that!

DR John: Im glad you like this new template...its pretty, I like it real well.

Beady: thanks girfriend!

kristin: Im sure we will have a good time...we always

Mimi: she doesnt have a heart condition! lol. Im glad yuo like my blog...thanks

Phats: I keep in touch with a lot of my hs friends

Christine: oneof these days we have to start acting like adults...Im just not sure

Fuzz: new tats have been mentioned....I just dont know if I can stand the

Karen: I knew you would like the bubbles! Arent they neat???

LauraJ said...

I Have one of those friends!!! Oh I hope we are as deliciously silly as you tw o are now. We are quite silly at 33 imagine us at 63!

Anonymous said...

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