Tuesday, July 25, 2006


What were you doing 10 years ago?
just getting divorced and trying to get my independence

What were you doing 1 year ago?
working nights, basically the same thing I am doing now but I am not working as much.

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. candy
2. Ritz sour cream and onion crackers
5.cauliflower with dip

Five songs to wich I know all the lyrics:
1. Its In his kiss'
2. Stop in the name of love
3. And then he kissed me
4.Goin to the Chapel
5. Hanky Panky.......oldies!!!!

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. buy a big house right on the ocean
2. buy my kids all new homes
3.give to my Church
4. Throw a blog party ( at my new house on the beach)
5.help out a few select friends and relatives

Five bad habits:
1. smoking ( I recently quit for 2 months)
2. cussing
3. not watching the speed limit
4. my Mother says I spend money like a drunken sailer so I guess thats a bad habit

Five things I like doing:
1. being with family
5.having lunch with friends

Five things I would never wear again:
1.maternity clothes
2.wide legged jeans
3.short tops
4.mini skirts
5. wedding ring

Five favorite toys:
2.dvd player
5.my ipod


Chana said...

oh what a lists..i love when you let us into your life like that...

life yrs ago, seems like someone elses life. wow...

divorce, broken family, tears, injury, death, sorrow, joys, weight gain, walking, birth, life, new life...that about sums it up for me i guess.


Gingers Mom said...

I wanna come to the blog party! I won't ever wear a mini skirt again either. It would frighten small children.

Catch said...

Chana...yes it does seem like years ago sometimes and it was! lol

Kristin: of course you will be at the party, Ill send my limo after you!

starbender said...

me too, me too....
(ya know, the party)

Luv'd the list, I can relate 2 soo many of the same answers!
My 2 favorites were:
The Blog Party-- of course!
...and the wedding ring! hahahaaa!

R U still not smoking???
I quite 2 months ago, and, I'm doing pretty good, if U ask me. I haven't completely, I have a hit here and there, but I have gone from spending
about $140 a month, 2 less than $5.
S#%T, this is Hard!

Mimi said...

LMAO at the wedding ring! When Durk asked me out I had "Going To The Chapel" in my head for a week! LOL!

Big Pissy said...

Great list!

and I love the 5 things you'll never wear again!

Cute! :)

Joe & Karen said...

What a list Catch, so many wonderful sides to you. Thank you for sharing. I notice a theme with your songs, yet no wedding ring??? you never know what the future may bring! He He He He:)

Catch said...

Starbender: of course your coming to the party...Ill even put you in the no smoking section..lol...

Mimi: my gf and I were going shopping the other day and she had a cd in and going to the chapel came on and we were just a singin along...lol

Pissy: Well I do know for certain I wont be wearing maternity clothes again!!! or short tops!!!! lol.

Karen: this is true ..you never know what it will bring..but he would have to understand I am a princess and treat me as such! lol

Michelle said...

Great list! I had to laugh about the things I'd never wear again: wedding ring!

When you become a millioinaire and throw your blog party at your new house on the beach - I'm there! LOL

Joe & Karen said...

Hi Catch, My tattoo is wonderful. I love it so much. It does sting a little as I can feel it healing. I have cream called Burts Bees hand salve. It is all natural ointment that is working really well.

Catch said...

Michelle: the limo will be picking all of you people up! It will be stocked with sparkling wine and treats.

Karen: I remember mine stung a little too.....I forget what I put on it though!

Shelli said...

Can I come to the blog party on the beach? I want that so bad. Maybe for my birthday next year (the big 40) I can talk my hubby into inviting some of my bloggy friends. Probably they wouldn't come, but it would be so cool if they did.

Can I put you in one of my tag spots on this meme that I did yesterday? It will provide linkage so everyone can come read yours.

Catch said...

Shelli you will be at the beach party, just watch for the limo, but remember I have to win the lottery to buy the beach house before we can do any of this...lol. And yes you may tag me.

Gary said...

Nice list. I hope you don't eat all of those snacks at the same time.

By the way, the cartoon in that last post is hilarious.

PoetX said...

Hi there Catch, just Mark from Big Scary Unknown paying you a visit to say thank you for leaving a comment on my blog today. Hope you back back from time to time.

Smoking is my number one bad habit too but I'm really proud of you for having given up for 2 months now. I keep trying to give up but keep failing miserably but I won't ever quit quitting. One day I'll be smoke free.

Lori's Minute said...

A blog party would be fun!!!!! It would be weird because we would already know stuff about each other!!! I'm with you on the maternity clothes.

Dr.John said...

I wish I had a pool for a toy.

Betty said...

I hope I can make this easier for you since I am late in reading your posts, I will comment only on this one.
I feel for your seat on the airplane that must have been painful.
The praying dog is so cute.
I will never wear maternity clothes again nad I also want to be at that party if you win.

Christine said...

I'd love to see the new house,especailly if it's near the beach! We'd have a blast!
You know my husband tells me my bad habits are,(since he thinks he knows me so well!) I put everything off until tomorrow, my overspending, and I save everything...guess you could call me a pack rat!
My favorite toy is my Pool too! My husband hates the upkeep too. I offerd to get him a pool guy, but he said he'd just do it himself!
It's always great to learn more about you!
Have a great Thursday!

Catch said...

Gary: ya gotta admit...those are some awesome snacks!

Poetx: Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting Mark....I hope to be smoke free one day to....its very hard to do.
Lori: it would be a blast..esp cause we already know so much about each other.

Dr John: well you have a free pool pass to my pool anytime!!!

Betty: You and Doc will be at the party for sure! We will tell stories around the fire on the beach at night!

Christine: Ive been thinkin bout one of those "pool boys" myself ;))

Michelle said...

Oh you're even sending the limo after us too?! Wow this is going to be some blog party LOL

Catch said...

Michelle: nothing is too good for my friends! :))

:P fuzzbox said...

Are you sure you didn't leave out a toy on the list? ;)

Sorry it popped into my head. Maybe foul thoughts are one of my bad habits.

LauraJ said...

I know all the words to those songs too!! I just love them oldies but goodies.
what a great list of things, I'll have to do this too sometime. Thanks for sharing.

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