Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the good times

As you can see all my typing is still underlined....what is up with that? Thanks to all who responded yesterday to first kiss......ahhh the memories!! And what about your first date? Mine of course was with the X. Im talking about dating in a car. I was not allowed to go on a car date till I was 16. I can remember we went to a hayride and a weiner roast! It was great fun to be able to sit close to him in the car. My Mother stood out in the road and watched us leave as if I was taking a trip to Mars. And I always had to be in by midnight. Do any of you remember Chiller Theater?? I remember Bob was allowed to stay late that night b/c the whole family stayed up and watched Chilly Billy. We had a town dance at the community center every Saturday night for the high school kids. We always went to that and then came home and watched Chiller Theater.

And then they came out with matching shirts and he and I had 2 sets of matching shirts...which we both wore on the same day. And of course I had his class ring and I would change the angora that held it on my finger every day to match my outfit.

Every night I would put my hair up in these great big rollers as big as orange juice cans to make it straight. How did I ever sleep in those things??

The pajama parties were always fun! We all wore our babydoll pjs. We'd call boys all night and make a few prank calls while we were at it. Couldnt get away with that now with caller id. We always got pizza, played records and stayed up all night and the next day you slept all day. Usually there was an argument or 2 between a couple girls. Do girls still have pj parties? Ashley had one when she was 16.

Then we used to try smoking, we would hang out the bedroom window smoking away. Once in a while in the summer we would all sleep outside in someones yard...after the parents were asleep our boyfriends would come...usually sometime in that night we would get scared about something and we all would run in the house and end up sleeping inside.

We all wanted to have big boobs....lol. We would do exercises to make them grow and wear padded bras! The guys were all fascinated with them. I dont think we ever wore low cut tops though....we wore a lot of sweaters. We were quite the fashion queens. I remember one of my friends had a pair of "falsies" and her dog chewed them up.

Those were good times....I dont think kids have good times like that anymore. Its not the same world. And what a shame. Those were the good times!


FreeThinker said...

Wow! Sounds like my teenage years too. Can you believe most people these days have no idea what "playing records" means?

Shelli said...

That sounds like fun. I remember times like that, but you are right. They don't do that stuff anymore. Nowadays, I would be afraid to let my child have a sleepover outside with the crazies in the world.

Dr.John said...

The world has changed but today's kids have their own good times which they will remember fondly when they get to your age. Somehow our past is always better now then when we lived it.

kristi said...

Sounds like your childhood was so cool. I guess things were a lot different for me. My first date, my mom drove, I was 15 he was 14 and my best friend and her date were there too. She took us to the mall to hang out.

Sure we had sleepovers but we did not have the guts to sleep outside, tooo scared. We did our sneaking out too. It was always easiest at my friend Melanies house, her dad had a Hamm Radio tower outside her bedroom window so we learned to climb it well!!!

Chana said...

my first boyfriend actually liked smaller breasts..he had small hands and he said he wanted to completely fit in his hands...one more reason that relationship didn't work.

forgive me for i may be wrong but it sounds like you still have so much care for your ex. again i'll say how said it was that the war changed him. did he ever realize that Catch?

i wasn't allowed to go on a date until i was 18. my father was overly protective and both mom and dad didn't trust me. i think it was one reason i hurried to get married.

it sounds like you have such a fun teen age years. like in the movies. mine were totally different. no sleep overs or parties or anything like that.

it is a different time now too. my kids are allowed to sleep over and they can and do have fun. but i'm sure it's nothing like the fun and freedom that you described and lived.

i'm glad you had so much happiness. that's why the beautiful dimples eh? :)

Crazy Dan said...

You crazy women and your fake boobs. I am not sure about the underlined words it happened to me once and Big D said it had to do with a code problem or something. I would ask him he is smart.

:P fuzzbox said...

Now it is all about the midriff. Either showing off abs or a muffin top.

Green Eyes said...

Thanksj for dredging up the memories! Slumber parties were always an adventure!

Gingers Mom said...

Your childhood sounds like a TV show. I had slumber parties as a kid. Never wore babydoll pjs though. Bet my husband would like it if I did that NOW! :)
Times were simpler even just 10-20 years ago. I don't know if I would let Savannah go to a slumber party. So much scary stuff.
I had my first date with a boy who was 19 and I was 16. My brothers were rude to him. I was nervous because I had braces and he took me to a ribs joint. How does one eat ribs with braces? I ate just a salad. He never called again. Ha ha!

Big Pissy said...

I had times like that growing up....so much fun!

My girls are in their 20's now and were able to have those same kinds of experiences b/c we live in such a small town. If we'd lived in a big city~now way!

I hate this place for many reasons, but it is still a great place to raise kids...

Mimi said...

My 1st date was in 4th grade. My mom took us to the movies to see Scrooged.

First car date was in 9th grade.We went to the movies and he worked all day and fell asleep!

Joe & Karen said...

Dear Catch, How wonderful to read your memories! sure makes me think back... I think kids do have special times, its just each generation is different than the one before. When I was in my early 20's a few girlfriends decided to have a pj party, we rented movies, ate ice cream and did our nails, but mostly we went to the clubs and drank every weekend. The door man knew us all and let us past the line! We could always count on a free drink or 2 from the bar tender too.

Michelle said...

Ah memories!
I had to laugh about doing exercises to make them grow...how about "we must, we must, we must increase our bust!" LOL

Catch said...

Freethinker: nope, these kids have no idea what records were. Thanks for stopping by.

shelli: lots of crazies in this world today, we had a few back then but nothing like it is now.

Dr John: there is so much chaos in this world today, I think its hard on these kids today to grow up unjaded.

kristi: I can see you climbing down that ham radio tower!!!!! lol

Chana: I will always care about my X, he is the Father of my children, and thats as far as its goes....I love him like you would love a brother. He wasnt the kindest person in the world and while I have forgiven him I havent forgotten.

crazy dan: thank you...I will ask big D. I am happy to say I am no longer obsessed with my boobs.....lol

Fuzz: we had hip huggers and shorts tops too...we were hot stuff!

greeneyes: they were the very best!

Kristan:I had to laugh about eating ribs with braces!!! lol..thath ad to be tough, no wonder you only ate a salad!

Pissy: small towns are the greatest for raising kids...I love my small town, its comfortable, I know practically everyone here, its very comfortable.

Mimi: If he fell asleep we know you were behaving at the drive inn. lol

Karen: being a girl is so much fun isnt it?

michelle: and remember the creams they used to advertise???? lol

Betty said...

In highschool I was dating a very shy guy and I am also very shy so our dates would be funny to others. I asked him to a Job's Daughters dance that was at the Masonic Hall. They had a pool table and the boys played pool and the girls danced together. We walked to all of our dates, except the hayride, when my mother drove us there and picked us up.

LauraJ said...

Oh I love your reminiscings. They are just so sweet. I wish I had been in your high school and we had been friends, I bet it would have been wonderful! It sure sounds like so much fun!!
Times sure have changed.

boneman said...

Actually, I'm a "leg" man, m'self.
Just love carressing the foot, slowly rising to the knee and softly massaging the thigh. Kiss the back of the thigh and slowly....
oops,...er....where was I?
Oh yeah. A leg man, m'self.

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