Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today its all about ME.

I AM ..very very sunburned

I WANT be more organized

I HATE..spiders

I MISS yorkie, Toby

I FEAR .. getting stuck in an elevator

I HEAR.. music playing ( i have my stereo on in my bedroom)

I WONDER..what this world is coming to

I REGRET..not getting more education

I 'M NOT: fake..I am very down to earth

I DANCE: when I hear music

I SING: when I am driving and the radio is on.

I CRY: when I get my feelings hurt.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: patient

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: crafty things...usually involving painting

I WRITE: of checks


I NEED: more closet space

.I SHOULD:stop procrastinating

I START: Books, but only finish them if they are exceptionally good

I FINISH: most of the things I start...most of them......some of them......a few of them. lol


Bluepaintred said...

spiders... dont get me started.... me and spiders are NOT friends... i get scared when i see a pic of them on the bugspray in the store, but im a dork so ...

Mimi said...

Oh you are so like me! I feel for you on missing Toby. When you join him on the other side he will knock you down and give you lots of kisses!I don't like spiders either. I kill them but I always feel bad because my dad was terrified of them, he made her kill them, so she says if he comes back it will be as a spider. When I kill one I always say "Sorry dad".Take care of that burn!

Lori said...

No spiders hate them.
Great I list Catch.

:P fuzzbox said...

I like spiders. I guess because I hate flies. An enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of a thing.

Betty said...

We have many things in common. I need more closet space. I need to get organized. I have learned to tolerate bugs. Because if you are out in the garden there they are,Spiders help with the flysMy grandsons are coming and they are afraid of spiders so I will look for something to get rid of them.

Dr.John said...

You are so normal.

beadinggalinMS said...

what a neat me list. :)
Put me down on hating spiders too.
I loved the I finish!! sounds like me sometimes. LOL

Lori said...

Dang Catch them lips are HOT!
Love the candy apple one.

Joe & Karen said...

Lori took my word... I'll use it anyways, those lips are HOT and SEXY... I'd like to think my Jack would be an animal lover like his Momma, so Toby's hopefully found a friend to play with until you join him, which had better not be for a very long time Catch, We all love you dearly.

Chana said...

nice list, i love this list..they let you in to a more personal dimension.
another person i have to thank for her love and compassion. another soul who cares and is kind. thank you for your comment, thank you for caring. thank you for your lucky i'm to have all of you...

have a most wonderful wknd and hope your sunburn gets better soon....

Heather said...

I did this meme a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was fun.

Thanks for coming by my blog the other day.