Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Almost Friday!

Get your party hats on...its almost the weekend! For me everyday is like the weekend since I dont work in the office anymore, but I remember when I did. At 5pm on Friday dont be standing by the office door! You would get mowed down! And Mondays..ugh..I have never been a morning person, so Mondays were not my favorite day. Anyway, the weekend is almost here.

Thanks for all the comments on my new look for my blog. Pixie does a very nice job...and it doesnt take her long either. Thanks again Pixie!

I have a blog I would like you to stop by and read when you get a chance and leave some comments please. It is Letters to Jack. Karen and Joe lost their first born baby Jack , its a very touching blog and there are a lot of days they could use some cheering up. So, please if you get a chance stop in and say hi. Their blog is the first blog I ever read. And I read it all the way through that night and left a comment, we have been friends since then. They are wonderful people.

Yesterday Gaige was eating a fudgesicle...I was on the phone. My Mom held up the fudgesicle so I assumed Gaige didnt want the rest of I took it from my Mother, the whole time still talking on the phone. My Mother came in my room a few minutes later and I said " just what I needed...a fudgesicle so early in the day" Mother started laughing and said " especially since I got it out of the garbage can!!!". She was just showing it to me so I wouldnt give Gaige another one since he didnt finish that one....I thought she was saying he didnt want it and not really paying attention anyway so I ate Gaige had already dumped it~

Anybody got any big plans this weekend? The weather has been beautiful!


Chana said...

the world is small. the world is good of angels. and tonight Catch you are mine. I have been hoping to find Karen for a while. A few months ago she left a message but no link and i and Joe tried to do searches to find their blog but never did. I often felt bad and never forgot her...and now i come to your beautifully done blog and look what you give me...her in a platter..i hope that is her, i left a comment. my heart tells me it's her...i wait and see and Catch are so in my thank you prayers..for your kindness to them and because of your open heart these guys will have some extra support.

ps. love the pic..after breastfeeding 5 kids one after the other, that is exactly what my boobies look like unfortunately...pointing down...:(

this wknd will be full of last minuter prep for our trip...last fight just to get it out of the way (just kidding i hope), packing and hopefully getting my health in order (translation: going to medical something) so i can go to the trip with as much peace as i can..will write about it soon..

hugs and tons of love my sweet.

Chana said...

me again, sorry, remember how Dr. John said if we had any good blogs to tell him for his link..pass Karen's on. It would be great if he could pray for them, etc..

Pixie said...

LOL Catch did you feel a little queasy after eating the garbage can popsicle :\

and thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my design site =)

:P fuzzbox said...

Luv the colorful new look. I believe the five second rule is bumped up on ice cream until it melts.

TC said...

Really, Catch, you shouldn't be grubbing around in garbage cans.

It's not dignified!

Anonymous said...

Oh that pic really made me laugh out loud! Thanks cause I needed it! SIL called and woke us up this morning so we are kinda crabby!:)

Letters TOP Jack is a very special blog:)

Love the fudgesicle story!

This weekend I am eating Maryland Crabs and seeing Honey!!!!!:):):)

kristi said...

Ahhh...Catch, you know that being a mom you have eaten worse than a trash can popsicle!!!

I stopped by Joe & Karens site a long time ago after seeing the link on your page, I read their whole story from start to finish and then I read their letters they were beautiful.

As for the weekend I think I am going to spend it in my still cloudy pool.

Shelli said...

Eww, I cringed when I read that. Did you throw up? Yuck.

I followed you over from Fab's site. That sounds like stalking. Not really what I meant. :)

Michelle said...

Eeewww on the fudgesicle! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the haircut post!

I don't know what your site looked like before but I like this look!

Gingers Mom said...

That is hilarious! Sounds like the chaos that goes on around here. I hated working in an office too. I don't miss the sound of that annoying alarm clock on Monday morning. Ick! Now I wake up to toddler drool on my face or a smelly butt to change! HA!

Betty said...

I like your new look.
Yuk to the popsicle.
We don't go to an office anymore so every day is a weekend also. we will work on the railroad. I want to burst into song singing "I'b been working on the Railroad"

Joe & Karen said...

My Dear Catch, Do you have wings? you are an angel. I don't know what to say, so thank you, from my heart and soul. I read Chana's comment, and Mimi's, and am so grateful. Never mind the news, this world is full of good and beauty, Jack wouldn't want me to miss that, or loose sight of it. I was never one to really stongly believe in a God, and prayer, but I sure do now. You have no idea how much you have helped me, on days when I can't stand up, I know you have my back. I am honoured to call you my friend.
Love you dearly,

Joe & Karen said...

P.s Joe and I are going to take a drive out to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park again and pack a picknick lunch and have a good hike this time, then out for a really nice dinner. I can't wait. Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of shooting stars and rainbows.

Catch said...

Chana: You are too kind. I am glad to give you Karens link..yourpost are always so special...Im sure Karen will love them as I do.

Pixie: Your welcome for the deserved it and believe it or not I wasnt a bit queasy after the

Fuzz: Thank you for the comment on my blog Fuzz....I love the new look to!!!

TC: And ya know I am ALWAYS dignified...haha.

Mimi: you and Honey will have a ball! enjoy yourself!!!!! I bet your Mom is so happy to have you home!

Kristi: Im glad you mentioned the pool! At least yours is just cloudy....mine somehow got all unlevel and I woke up the other morning and the water had run out the side of So now its sitting out there like a giant intertube waiting for my son to come and put it up again

Shelli: Nope...didnt throw up! felt like having another one....out of the freezer though, not the

Michele: Thank You...I enjoyed your blog and your daughter is gorgeous!

Kristin: Ill take toddler drool anyday to a stuffy office!

Betty: Thank you Betty! I would love to hear you burst out into song!!! Happy people sing!

Joe and Karen: What can I say? You are very special people. You have a wonderful blog and I hope everyone checks it out and leaves a comment. God bless You sweety!

Rawad said...

just dropping by to say hello !
you'r blog looks great :=)

Catch said...

Rawad: Thank You and hello to you too! How you doing?

gunngirl said...

Love the new look! love it, love it!

Dr.John said...

In a few days I will make Letters to Jack the Link of the day. I assume I should wait since I am sure that your mention today will get them all kinds of visitors.

Overwhelmed! said...

Catch, I love your new blog look! Did you design this yourself?

I'll go check out Letters to Jack!

Mommy off the Record said...

Eww. Grotty about the fudgesicle!

BTW, where DO you find all your pictures for your blog? They are quite something!