Monday, May 01, 2006

Yep, I finally did it ~ for years I have been talking about a pool. So Friday I went out and bought one. It is 18 ft wide and 4 ft deep. My son will put it up for me. I have a nice backyard for it b/c it is all fenced in with a privacy fence. The very first thing I bought with it was lifejackets for Gaige and Zack.

We have to get the yard ready for it which involves a level spot and putting sand down. My son knows how to do all these things and he is so good about helping me.

I think it will be nice to go out and lay on a raft and just float in the pool. (Until someone jumps in and splashes me) It will be good for my Mom too. We always have cookouts on the deck so now we can cookout and swim! The only request I will make is BRING YOUR OWN TOWELS! One of my girlfriends had a pool and we had the best time in it. Some days her and I would just float around and not even talk....just relax. Then she sold her house! lol

Once I get it up I will post pictures of it. Im really excited about it!! I think I may hire a lifeguard....about 40, all muscle, cute as all get out and loves older women. lol

Have a great day!!!!


kristi said... you have a reason to get a dark handsome pool boy!!!!!!!!
I have a pool just like you are talking about, we had a boo boo putting it up this year, make sure the ground is 100% level we filled ours and had to empty it all 4000 gallons. Not looking foward to that water bill

Mimi said...

lol, a pool boy!

Congrats on such a fun new purchase. Its great you have your son to put it up for you. It will make for a great summer! I grew up with a pool at my moms. It is ingound and really big and deep. But it is very old. Basically a big cement hole in the ground. But it serves its purpose. Have a blast!

Joe & Karen said...

What a wonderful present for yourself and family. It sure will be a wonderful summer, can't wait to see pictures

Catch said...

oh wow Kristi...I would hate to pay that water bill too.....I will make sure we get ours level!

thank you Mimi...a pool is a pool is a long as it has water in it and you can cool off in it who cares how old it is?

yes Karen I am trying to find just the right thong to wear! LMAO

Betty said...

I have also wanted a pool in my back yard. Besides the cost the weather has to be considered. A indoor pool would be best. We have such a short time of warm weather. I know that you will enjoy it as well as your family. Can't wait to see it.

Russell said...

Hope you have fun in the pool! What day is the pool party?

Catch said...

I think we will really enjoy it Betty, I have thought about it for a few years now but with working so much really didnt have the time to take care of it. Now that I am not working as much I will have more time.

Russell...the pool party starts when you get here!!!! I have a pass with your name on it!!!!!