Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Memorial Day


Dr.John said...

Great cartoon. Have a good memorial day.

Betty said...

The slide show of the cartoons are funny.

Have a great weekend. We have a parade of veterans out to the cemetary and speaches by someone. Dr John in the past has done speeches and sometimes the he gave the closing and staring prayer. My children were all in the band.I may go see the parade it will pass two blocks from here. It is too far for dr John.

:P fuzzbox said...


Honey said...

But, I don't have a skinny ass!!

Take Care!

Mimi said...

Happy Memorial Day to all our men and women who have and are serving our country! THANK YOU!

I love the template with the purple. And I love the comic strip! You are really rocking! I miss the profile pic of you though, I liked seeing you ;)

Catch said...

Thank You Dr John!

Betty: we have a parade tomorrow, it goes right passed my house. They throw candy so the kids all love it.

Fuzz: your so right!

Honey: none of us have a skinny ass

Mimi: you say the sweetest things...Im going to send you an 8x10 glossy to display in your living

Joe & Karen said...

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the parade tomorrow.
Thinking of you

Lori said...

Happy Memorial Day Catch.
Love the slide toons.

Catch said...

Joe and Karen: Have a happy day tomorrow~ get out in the sunshine.

Lori: same to you sweety! thanks...the toons are a little risque..but they were funny! lol