Monday, May 08, 2006

~ can Ya hear me now???? ~

Dont ya just hate it when ya cant hear? When someone is talking to ya a mile a minute and all you can see is their lips moving? I just nod my head 'yes' as though I heard every word. Its not to bad asking 'what?' once....but I refuse to ask it twice.

My X had an uncle Earl and he always had the tv on so loud you couldnt hear yourself think! I could never understand how aunt June could stand it. But ya know...I notice my kids sayin when they come in...'ya think you could get that tv any louder?' I think I am turning into uncle Earl! I never turn my tv on during the day ~ its usually not on till evening.

And what about when you hear something completely different from what the person said?? My gf Barbs husband ask her to get him some she got up and got it and came back into the room and said 'put your head back'..he said 'why?'..she said "I got the visine' he said 'what for?'..she said ' you ask for it'..he said 'I ask for some aleve!!!!' You have to keep your sense of humor about it! I just wonder if it was from all the loud music we listened to....I still like music loud, probably because now I cant hear ~ just play that funky music whiteboy.


Mimi said...

acute angina,LMAO!

That story reminded me of something that happened to my mom. When she got in her 40's or so she started falling apart and finally went to the doctor. She was telling him about her foot problems. He asked her, "Do you have gout?" She said, "No, I don't get out much." We still laugh about that one.

When I was in the hospital last week one nurse drove me crazy cause everyting I said I had to repeat. I thought it was me but my roommate said she had that problem with her too. A deaf nurse is not cool when you feel like your gonna hurl and she makes you keep repeating yourself.

Anyway, I hope my hearing doesn't go on me too soon. That must be frustrating.

Lori said...

Huh? What I cant hear you LOL, sorry I couldnt resist that one, I know I have hearing loss from loud music. Turn that stereo loud babe I want to hear it here in Fl. ;)

Mommy off the Record said...

My dad has a horrible hearing problem. Though I think it has more to do with him not wanting to hear anything my mom has to say.

Anyhow, i'm prety sure i'm gonna end up deaf too. It's inevitable.

Betty said...

Dr. John has to have the TV up loud and I blame him because I can't hear as well as I use to. Couldn't be that I am getting older and my hearing like my eyes is getting worse. I like the word s with the sound.

Catch said...

Mimi ~ I laughed at the story of your Mom...too funny! Hope your feeling much better Sweety! You sound like you are!

Lori ~ I love it loud ~ the louder the better!

Mommy ~ I think a lot of men only hear what they want to hear! LoL

Betty ~ it has nothing to do with getting older....(grin) its Dr John playing the tv so loud!

Chana said...

My dad always had the tv and the music in the car way beyond was painful driving with him :) ..

I liked your joke, pretty funny.

Thank you for your lovely comment. I want you to know how grateful i am of your visits and your kind thoughts.

:P fuzzbox said...

Most people as they lose their hearing become loud talkers; I guess so that they can hear themselves. But I once knew one gentleman that as his hearing went, he talked softer and softer until it was just a whisper. I always figured that he thought that if he had to strain to hear you then he would make everyone else strain to hear him.

Dr.John said...

You can tell from Betty's comment that my hearing is going/ I hear my wife say the strangest things. I had a step grandfather who was hard of hearing. I was trying to fix a lighter for him and had taken the pad out trying to get three in one oil removed. The newspaper boy came and wanted to be paid. I hollared " Tom the boy wants to be paid"
Tom thought I was talking about the pad and said " Put em on the floor and step in em. ? You should have seen the look on the kid;s face.

Catch said...

Chana ~ you are quite welcome ~ you meet the nicest people online :))

Fuzz ~ I think he used perfect reasoning, dont you? ;))

Dr John ~ I am still laughing, you never fail to bring a smile to my face.

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