Monday, April 10, 2006

~ Sleepy Gal ~

Good morning ~ even though it is almost 5 pm!! I came home this morning at 8am , was gonna do my post but I couldnt stay awake ~ so put that cute little sign on and went to bed! Now I am up trying to figure out what to fix for dinner.

When I went to Les and Audreys last night I hadnt seen Les for a couple weeks b/c he was in the hospital. He has lost more weight and is rapidly deteriorating. I sent Audrey to bed, she looked exhausted and I listened for Les all night because I knew he was not going to let me know when he had to get up!! And he didnt ~ lol ~ and he was a little short tempered, which I totally understand, but I think he had a halfway decent night~ he got up this morning at 6am and ate his breakfast. he always thanks me for everything I do for him ~ which I know he appreciates and I appreciate the thanks..even though if they scream at me or yell at me ~ I understand that they are full of anger and fear. Anger b/c they have no control over this illness and fear b/c they dont know what is ahead. Les was pretty much a mans man, he had control over his domain ( just like my Dad), he and Audrey had a happy marriage, he was a good family man and an excellant Father. I think its very difficult to give up the reins on a situation like that ~ he is used to being the " protecter"..~ he is used to taking care of the family and being the one everyone goes to when they have a problem...but now he knows he is not going to be there much longer ~ sooner or later he will turn it all over to God ~ and then he will get some peace. He has a lot on his mind right now though..but he will deal with it.

When I woke up this afternoon my buddy Gaige was in bed with looked over at him and he was just smiling!!! lol..he said " Come on Grammie ~ get up!" I didnt even hear him get in bed with me.

I am going to go see Pacey Jo and Zack ~ Leslie ( my DIL) told me this morning that Pacey Jo didnt sleep good last night unless you held her!!!! Id say thats one smart little girl!!!!! ( wink)


Betty said...

My little girl learned early that crying on a Saturday night got her mother to hold and rock her because daddy had to get up early and had to get his sleep.

Dr.John said...

I know how Les feels as I have gone from care giver to being cared for. THe fact that you know means you can better help him through this period.I'm glad I found your blog.

Joe & Karen said...

Good Morning Catch- Please give my best to Pacey Jo, Leslie and everyone. Les sounds a lot like my Joe. He is most happy when he can take care of me, and right now it is killing him that he can't make me or himself feel better. We take turns having our good and bad days, sometimes we switch several times a day. I think Joe is doing Ok, he hates to admit something is bigger than him and he needs more help sometimes, so we're working on it.

Catch said...

thank you Betty...those little gals are pretty smart arent they??? lol..they learn early.

Thank you Dr John for the compliments on my blog..I am glad you enjoy it. I really enjoy writing it.

Hey Karen!
You and Joe will help each other ~ it will go back and forth and that is a good will strengthen your marriage. I have never known what that kind of support was wonderful that you and Joe have it.

Joe & Karen said...

What an amazing community you can find on the computer. Joe and I are truly blessed to have eachother. We make up our minds and hearts the night Jack left us that we would hold onto eachother and get through this together- we sometimes remind each other every now and then, sometimes daily. I hope one day Catch, you feel that! You deserve lots of love and respect.

Mimi said...

You are a person with great understanding and patience! Bless you!

What a nice surprise to wake up too!