Tuesday, April 18, 2006

~ Irritating Things ~

If there is one thing that irritates me when I am eating out it's someone blowing their nose anywhere where I can hear them. Why cant they get up and go to the restroom! It just turns my stomach to hear it!

Another thing is belching....once in a while you might belch by accident...usually just a little one, but those belches that come from your toes....ewwwwwwwww. How ignorant.

Another thing is when you see someone driving and they have practically their whole hand up their nose. What are they searching for??? And where are they going to put it once they find it? Thay obviously dont have a tissue. I mean, dont they realize people are looking at them? I would be so embarassed.

I hate to see people disciplining their kids in front of other people to. Take them outside ~ out of earshot ~ and give them a little talkin to.....if you have to smack their butt ~ do it in private. I was at Walmart recently and this woman had 3 small children...she was getting their picture taken, I was picking up pictures....I stood there and listened to this woman yell at her kids b/c the picture didnt turn out and I thought...'if this is what she is like in public ~ what is she like at home with them?' We have no idea what some kids go though.

I hate it when telemarketeers call...especially at dinnertime.....I ask them to hold on and then I just lay the phone down.....and dont go back to it. I am hoping to run their phone bill up so they will quit calling.

I hate it when I get a rude clerk ~ I honestly dont believe you should be working with the public if you are a moody person. We have a store here in town and there is one gal that works there that never smiles or acts like she has time to wait on you. I just feel like smacking her. What a bitch she is ~ I wonder what she is like when she is not working ~ and she has a child...how did she ever stay in a good mood long enough to get pregnant? She always has a frown on her face.

thats all for today....maybe you could tell me some of the things that irk you.....we can compare! lol


Joe & Karen said...

Hi Catch, A friend of mine ended up taking me out today and said "today I give you permission to have a good day" and something clicked. I was out and had a great afternoon. I know my grieving is far from over, but it was so nice to put the weight of it down for just a while.
What irks me... Seeing people who don't appriciate their kids. It takes one second to smile when they show you a new funny face they can make you know?
Anyway, Have a good day!

Mimi said...

Amen on all of that Catch!

I hate loud nose blowing. I don't mind it if its quiet. But some people really have to honk when they blow.

My mom does the same thing to telemarketers. One time we went back to the phone a few min later and the girl was still talking! She was rambling or should I say reading her script for like 5 min before she realized no one was there.

I worked at Sears Portrait Studio about 7 years ago. It was awful what parents do to their kids. And once a kids parents kept making a him retake his pic saying he could smile better than that. The grandma was there and told them to stop because he had a deformed smile. The parents got furious.It was wrong of the grandma to say that, especially in front of the kid. But it was kinda true, he looked like he might be mildly retarded.I felt so bad for the poor boy. I wanted to take him home with me. I saw lots of things like that happen.

Well I will quit rambling here! Have a great day/night Catch!;)

Catch said...

Karen Im so glad you had a good day! You need to go out with that friend more often!!! Theres a lot of idiots out there that dont appreciate their kids...I dont know why they have them.

Mimi I was so mad at the picture place I wanted to tell that Mother she didnt deserve to have those children if she was going to treat them like that. You read so many crazy things in the paper anymore.....has the world gone nuts?

:P fuzzbox said...

Just as irratating as the parents that yell at their kids in public are the ones who do absolutely nothing and let the hell raising little demon spawn run amok.

Overwhelmed! said...

I think what irks me the most is seeing parents mistreating their children. When I hear a child being yelled at in a degrading fashion or being hit by their parents, it makes my stomach queasy! It reminds me of how our parents often treated us.

Children are such gentle souls that need love and encouragement. I can't believe that so many parents out there don't appreciate their children.

Oh, and telemarketers calling my CELL PHONE and eating up my minutes irks me too! Now, if I don't recognize the number, I just don't answer. I figure they can leave a message. :)