Friday, April 28, 2006

~10 things I love ~

1.~ of course number #1 is going to be my kids, grandkids and family. I dont know what I would do without my family...we are always visiting back and forth , eating dinners together and just spending time with each other. Sometimes its noisy but its always fun!

2.~ I love the feeling I get when I go to Church and I dont go nearly as often as I should. But when I walk in my Church I get a feeling of reverence that makes me feel good all day long. And I have a great Church family ~ they make me feel welcome. Sometimes I get real choked up in Church and could almost cry. Its just a feeling that I get when I am there....its like I am wearing my heart on my sleeve. And when Church is over I love coming home and reading the Sunday newspaper. Sometimes we go to lunch right after Church and thats always nice too. Even I do not understand why I dont go every Sunday like I should when it gives me such a good feeling. I have thought about joining the choir to get more active in my Church....but I can not sing at all!

3.~ I love sweets!!! Anything with sugar in favorite thing is bubblegum......I love to blow bubbles ! Therefore I only chew it at home......can you see a 57 year old lady walking around blowing bubbles?? And I only chew it till the sweetness goes out of it, then I spit it out and am on to another piece. I can finish off a bag of bubblegum in no time.

4.~ I love animals ~ recently I had to put my 14 year old yorkie down. I cried so hard. I have had many pets over the years but my yorkie, Toby, was my baby. He use to smile!!! His lip would go up and you could see his teeth!!! And he had the worse breath I have ever smelled!!! lol But I loved him so much. He is buried in the backyard.....I wanted him to be here, I didnt want to leave him at the Vets. I planted a hydranga ( sp) bush on his grave this week. I feel better knowing he is the backyard.

5.~ I love my friends ~ I have wonderful friends. I have women friends and guy friends and they are all special to me. I couldnt imagine what life would be like without friends. They are there to listen to you when you are troubled, they share your happiness with you. They keep secrets and giggle like teenagers with you.

6.~ I love pick up trucks. Big pickup trucks. Last year I bought a big black pick up truck with a short bed on sounded so good. I loved it...everytime I got in it my kids shuddered. My son said " Mom, you will be running over trees, mailboxes and anything that gets in your way". I kept it for about 6 months and sold it. I knew I'd get into trouble with that truck ~ it liked to go ~ and so did I. I loved to hear the pipes. I miss that truck!

7.~ I love cooking ~ when I lived by myself I hardly cooked at all and I missed it. Now that Mom has moved in I am back to cooking. When my brother Gary eats my gravy he practically drools. I think I am a good cook. Its funny because when I got married I couldnt boil water! I never cooked at home when I was growing up. But now...I am Betty Crocker!

8.~ I love to go out with my friends and party. I rarely drink but when I go out with my friends I drink like a drunken sailor...I get to a certain point and then I stop. Usually that point is 7 or 8 vodka and OJ' puts me right where I wanna be when partying with friends...not so drunk I cant walk but very very jovial! lol. I never drank with my x husband ~ he always got mean. I just like to have fun!

9.~ I love people and hardly ever meet a stranger. I can talk to anyone. When I first got married and moved to Ft Bragg with my husband,( who was in the army) I didnt know anyone there. That sucked! I can remember my first day there, he went to the base to work ~ I had no phone, no friends and was living in a trailer that looked like a camper. No wonder I got pregnant ~ there was nothing else to do! Before I left Ft Bragg 8 months later I had friends!! And was I ever glad to get out of that camper! lol

10.~ I love my job as a caregiver. Getting to know their families is an added bonus. the only bad part about my job is usually when its over it is over because the person I was taking care of passed away ~ and that's hard. But I try to make their last days comfortable and painless. And I always fall a little bit in love with all of them. And when the next job comes I always say to myself " I am not going to get attached" and I always do. But when you see someone in pain and suffering it is easier to let them go. And I always have so many memories of them.

So thats 10 things I love ~ have a great Saturday!!!!!


Mimi said...

I am so sorry about Toby. But you did the right thing. And he is now waiting for you on the other side. I like to think that when you get there your loved ones can't get to you right away cause all your pets are in the way waiting to knock you down and lick your face! I dread when the time comes for my Cubby Bear. I have already cried over it many times. And he has the WORST breath too! Oh it is just awful!

You definatley sound like a good cook!I would have loved to see you in that truck! Got any pictures?

Have a great weekend!

Dr.John said...

What a great list. I am tempted now to make my own list. I'm glad to see church on that list.